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Ch 33: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 33: Realistic instance (part 1 of 3)

Without knowing why, everyone could vaguely guess what ‘Fang Huihui’ was thinking from her expression.

They suddenly became more speechless. It looks like this female ghost had not received a huge part of Fang Huihui’s memory, after all……Cheng Jia had been a homosexual right from the start.

After the female ghost realized that she was unable to hypnotize the other people, she no longer needed to continue her disguise as well. Her expression darkened, as her figure lengthened inch by inch, the black hair wriggled around the ground like living things and her entire being distorted turning into a monster.

“Not good. Gu-dashi, we should quickly run away!” Cheng Jia was already trembling with fear. Especially when he recalled how he almost came in close contact with this female ghost just a moment ago, which gave him a burst of lingering fear.

The steward on the other hand had already hurried to the door’s side and twisted the door knob to open, but his complexion changed, “The door won’t open.”

“What? How can this be……” Cheng Jia also took several steps back out of fright.

“It seems that we need to have a proper talk with this miss female ghost before us.” Gu Wuji said as he thoughtfully looked at the female ghost before him.

“How is that even possible?” Cheng Jia said, but after thinking that these were the words Gu-dashi said, a kind of expectation suddenly emerged from him. If Gu-dashi said so……

“Hello? I think it’s possible for us to talk about this.” Gu Wuji tested the water by calling out a greeting, but the long hair of the female ghost suddenly elongated in the next second, if Gu Wuji hadn’t evaded it in time, he would have already been entangled by those wriggling black hair.

There were traces of blood in those black hairs, that if it were contacted, something bad would most probably happen.

“Isn’t she too enthusiastic?” Gu Wuji said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had also realized that he couldn’t use the blood-stained rope at this time, because the hair of the other party had already spread out in such a short amount of time, so he was simply unable to get close to the other’s side at all, let alone have the time to use the rope.

After Gu Wuji’s evasion, the female ghost did not continue to go after him, but had ferociously headed towards Cheng Jia’s direction instead. As if the hatred value it had towards Cheng Jia were in the extremes, the black hair continuously scattered throughout the floor and attacked him with an extreme speed.

While in the midst of shock, Cheng Jia constantly took cover through the book shelves at the side. Fortunately, this room had a wide space, so there were quite a lot of bookshelves, otherwise a face to face encounter with the female ghost will directly kill him in seconds.

“It seems like there is no possibility for communication.” Gu Wuji discerned while looking at the scene before him. But according to the strength of this female ghost, she should have an easy time to finish Cheng Jia off, so for what reason did she still have to hold back her strength?

Could it be assumed that there is something in this private study that is restricting the female ghost’s movements?

Gu Wuji observed Cheng Jia for a while, then glanced at the information in his hand and immediately formed a resolution in his heart, he then gave a part of information to the steward beside him while he quickly turned to face the mirror……he believes that Cheng Jia should still be able to stick it out for a while.

Cheng Jia was already scared half to death, breathing heavily as he hid behind a bookshelf, watching the surroundings while trembling with fear, extremely terrified that the hair of the female ghost would suddenly pop out at any moment in time.

“Why is this female ghost just chasing me! What did I do wrong?” Cheng Jia was filled with grief and indignation, isn’t he just a homosexual? What was wrong with being born with this sexual orientation?

“I hope Gu-dashi and the others would quickly think of something, I won’t be able to hold out for too long, ah.”

Just at this moment, a faint rustling sound could be heard from the back, Cheng Jia was immediately frightened and hurriedly turned around. Strands of black hair could be seen emerging from the other side of the bookshelf, which had immediately rushed towards him.


The bookshelf collapsed with a loud bang, revealing the female ghost who was looking at Cheng Jia with a sinister look from afar.

Cheng Jia’s complexion paled from fright and immediately retreated several steps back, when he stumbled on the books that were messily scattered on the floor, making him lose his balance and fall to the floor.  

At the other side, Gu Wuji was quickly scanning through the information that were facing the mirror, skipping through large portions and was soon able to see the most important section.

Written on it, was that every ghost was supported by the mirror, just shattering that mirror, will break the support of the ghost in this realm.

But most mirrors inside this house were parts of an array that restricts the most powerful ghost. If a normal mirror was shattered, it will increase the strength of these ghosts or will set free a new ghost instead.

Furthermore, when a ghost has just manifested, it would not have it’s full strength yet, which was the reason why it needed to disguise as a human being to secretly develop it’s strength…… So that was the reason why the female ghost was staying in place, while the other reason was to delay for time.

“So that’s why. I got it, I only need to find and break that mirror to quickly resolve this current situation.” Gu Wuji securely held on to the information. His eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, sweeping through those mirrors hanging on the wall, then slightly wrinkled his brows, “But where could that mirror be……”

No matter how much the mirrors were observed, it looked exactly the same, there was nothing distinctive at all.

He suddenly felt a familiar atmosphere, which made him think of something.

“Help! !” Cheng Jia’s voice which contained some fear suddenly sounded at this moment, “Gu-dashi, help me! The female ghost is coming!”

Gu Wuji’s expression changed, as he quickly headed towards the location of the voice. He immediately saw Cheng Jia who had fallen on the ground and was constantly moving backwards. A large amount of hair strands had already spread out in the surroundings which were headed towards Cheng Jia’s direction and was simply very horrifying. The black hair had already coiled around his legs, that if the pants Cheng Jia wore was not thick enough, his legs might have already been frozen stiff.

Seeing this scene was enough to make people’s scalp go numb, not to mention Cheng Jia who was in the middle of this scene, who couldn’t wait to just faint through this current situation.

Gu Wuji sensed a strong sense of discomfort from this hair, which made him look ahead and immediately notice the mirror behind Cheng Jia. The reflection of the female ghost, was actually of a very normal young girl……which looked exactly like Fang Huihui, she did not appear to have died yet and only seemed to have fallen into a coma.

“So it turned out to be this mirror, I just now need to think of a way to go over.”

Having thought of something, Gu Wuji took out that blood-stained pocket watch from his pocket.

This was a protective prop Gu Wuji received from the last instance after he had completed the task of protecting his employer. It is capable of withstanding an attack from a malicious spirit for a while.

“Just in time.” The moment the pocket watch was opened, Gu Wuji rushed forward breaking through the midst of those hair without the slightest hesitation.

After opening the pocket watch, a picture of a blonde haired youth was instantly revealed.

“It’s Auston……” Surprising Gu Wuji for a moment.

At the same time as this, a vague figure suddenly appeared beside him, it can be seen that the figure seemed to be of a young man, at the moment of his appearance, the hairs around the floor froze, as if it had been suppressed by something.

Gu Wuji himself had been given a moment of surprise by the effectiveness of this prop, but now was not the time for him to be surprised, as he immediately took the opportunity to quickly yell at Cheng Jia, “Break the mirror behind you!”

All of this things happened in a blink of an eye, as the light of the pocket watch fades, the hair also had the tendency to continue it’s movement.

Cheng Jia who had originally been so frightened that his body went weak, did not think too much when he heard Gu Wuji’s words as he quickly grabbed a thick book beside him and smashed it onto the mirror’s surface.

After a loud bang, the mirror shattered to pieces with a crisp sound.

The female ghost behind him immediately sent out a mournful cry, filled with unwillingness and resentment, her figure slowly dissipated, as well as all the black hair on the floor. The whole room regained it’s calmness, only the messy bookshelf that fell on the floor reminded the other people of the incident that had just taken place.

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