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Ch 33: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 33: Realistic instance (part 2 of 3)

[The player has activated the prop: There is an addition information on the blood-stained pocket watch.]

Gu Wuji had initially thought that this was just an ordinary prop, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple now. He touched the pocket watch with a slight trace of nostalgia, then looked over the information provide by the system.

[Blood-stained pocket watch: A pocket watch that bears an obsession of a certain soul, it was the last item the other party touched before dying.

It is able to withstand a ghost’s attack for a while and can only be used once a day.

Hidden attributes: The higher the favorable impression of the spirit has to the user, the stronger the effect. If the degree of goodwill is 0, then only the lowest ability of the props can be manifested.

Background information: I will always be by your side.]

So it was because of Auston having a very good impression towards him, that the pocket watch had only been able to use that ability a moment ago, which was actually able to stop the attack of the female ghost temporarily.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but feel quite complicated, as he closed the watch and properly kept it.

He had also read about it from the forum before, it was mentioned that the props obtained from the instances were much better than those purchased in the mall, as some hidden attributes might still be activated.

But he never expected to come across hidden attributes like this.

“How, how did that happen? Gu-dashi, just then……could that be some kind of celestial instrument……” Cheng Jia was stunned upon seeing this scene, but subconsciously shifted away from it, “Gu-dashi, why did that female ghost disappear? Why break this mirror? Didn’t the steward say that we shouldn’t do it?”

“Indeed, the other mirrors must not be broken.” Gu Wuji said: “We only needed to find the mirror she is attached to.”

“That’s right.” The steward also relayed the information in his hands, “I also read the details regarding this matter. I didn’t expect that expert to have thought of this incident so much ahead of time……”

“With all these incidents happening, we should have already left this place a long time ago!” Cheng Jia voiced out, as he didn’t have any special feeling towards this place.

Gu Wuji also felt that it was very suspicious, even if this is an ancestral home, it was also impossible to risk their lives to continue staying here.

“This place is the Cheng family’s ancestral home, which has been passed down from generations to generations, so the master and the others will not be willing.” The steward had a complicated expression and quickly skipped over this topic, as if he did not want them to know the inside story, “But how did Gu-dashi realize that the ghost was attached to that mirror?”

“The appearance of that female ghost inside the mirror is Fang Huihui.” Gu Wuji said, “Does anyone know when Fang Huihui was replaced?”

“I didn’t notice at all.” Cheng Jia clenched his teeth and began to regret why he didn’t care a bit of attention to the people around him, even when he himself had been very frightened and on edge. “But I noticed that she still seemed normal before entering the door……we separated after entering, who would imagine?……could she still be alive?”

Cheng Jia couldn’t help but feel some sadness after he had spoken this much. He had still treated Fang Huihui as his little sister, if the other person had really lost her life……

“She still hasn’t died and is still inside the mirror. She might have been trapped inside the space of the other side.” Gu Wuji said: “But if we don’t continue and resolve this current situation, not only her, but even we might only be trapped inside this place.”

“What you said makes sense.” Cheng Jia immediately cheered up, now was not the time for him to be depressed.

The three immediately began to read the information in their hands and was soon able to understand the past incident more clearly.

It turns out that at that time, this expert was also unable to thoroughly drive away that malicious spirit and had realized that the obsession of the malicious spirit had already affected the other parts of this villa, that’s right……it was exactly those mirrors inside this house.

The few people who committed suicide because of mental problems, also died while facing the mirrors. They had acted very strange before their deaths, exactly as if their mind had been controlled.

The expert noticed that their souls had already been attached to these mirrors, and had even formed a separate space within the mirror due to the grievances of the ghosts.

The people in the Cheng family for some reason, were unwilling to give up their ancestral home no matter what was happening.

Without any better option, the expert was ultimately forced to use these mirrors, to completely seal the malicious spirit and other spirits within that strange space that was formed inside the mirror. But he also realized that someone might break it in the future, so some information were specially left behind, which also said that he will personally return here in the future. Of course, no one knew the reason why he was unable to return.

The only way to leave this terrifying place, was to break the mirror that the malicious spirit was residing in.

As for the other ordinary mirrors, breaking it would only increase the strength of the malicious spirit, which will make it more difficult for them to leave. As for breaking the mirrors that the malicious spirit were attached to, it will weaken the strength of the malicious spirit up to some degree.

“So it turned out to be like this.” Gu Wuji then said: “The place the mirror is located, should probably be the room where the young master of the Cheng family committed suicide. If we can’t leave, perhaps in the eyes of the people outside, we have only became mentally ill and committed suicide in front a mirror.”

He examined the information before him again and noticed that the last page actually contained the photo of the Cheng family’s young master that had committed suicide and had even contained a bit of information about the other party.

The young man above, appeared to have a pale complexion, a gloomy expression and a pair of pitch black eyes that seemed unfathomable. But the noble temperament exuding from his body, can perfectly reveal that this person is very cultured.

As for the appearance, he was of course very handsome. It can easily be seen that he is a relative of Cheng Jia, as the two of them had a very similar appearance.

Cheng Jia became even more depressed after seeing it. He believes that everyone was a relative, was it necessary to have this degree of madness?

Gu Wuji noticed, that the name written on the information had been crossed out along with a few other things in the information that seemed to be superficial.

“Steward, do you still remember the name of that person?” Gu Wuji couldn’t help but think that this might have been some kind of important clue.

“Of course, wait a minute……” The steward who was originally about to speak of the name of the other person, had changed his expression soon after and frowned while shaking his head, “I should have certainly known it, but I don’t know why……I’m actually unable to remember it now, just like I didn’t know it at all.”

“It seems that his name is also another very important clue, so it was deliberately concealed from us.” Gu Wuji said: “If we can search more here……”

At this moment, a shattering sound suddenly sounded, the people turned their heads and suddenly saw a few slight cracks starting to emerge from the surface of an ordinary mirror.

Gu Wuji took a look at his mobile phone and realized that it was already in the afternoon.

Thinking back of the words that the servant previously said downstairs, Gu Wuji immediately surmised: “These ordinary mirrors will break apart with the passage of time, when all of them are broken, we will completely lose our chance to escape!”

Fortunately, they had also bear in mind the words of the steward previously, otherwise if they had already smashed these mirrors before, who knew what might have happened.

The complexion of Cheng Jia and the steward became very somber, as they realized how urgent their circumstances was today.

“Forget it, we already don’t have the time to read anymore information. Let’s do it now, even if we don’t know how much we can shatter, but a little more weakening will increase a bit of our chances to escape.” Gu Wuji said as he pushed the door open and immediately headed outside.

To find the mirror’s that the ghosts were attached to, the safest method was to personally witness the ghost emerge from it. But that would really take too much time.

After Gu Wuji came out from the room, he swept over the countless mirrors before him with knitted brows, when the startled voice of the steward suddenly sounded.

“Th-there’s a ghost inside this mirror! !”

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