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Ch 33: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 33: Realistic instance (part 3 of 3)

Gu Wuji turned around to look, appearing inside the mirror, was actually the shadow ghost he had sent out before. The other was pressing against the mirror and seemed to have no way of getting out. He could only tap the mirror with his hand, like indicating something.

“Before coming into this space, I had seen the shadow of this ghost last night, it is certainly a malicious spirit!” The stewards voice contained a deep seated fear.

Cheng Jia: “……”

Gu Wuji: “……”

Gu Wuji took a step forward looking for something to smash the mirror while speaking to the steward in a consoling manner: “I think, this may not be that malicious spirit……he can’t come out from the mirror after all, so it’s alright!”

The steward only felt at ease after he looked at the mirror that was being shattered.

Thanks to the shadow ghost inside the mirror, Gu Wuji’s efficiency had been greatly increased. Every time he rushes inside another room, as long as a trace of the shadow ghost was seen, he would immediately go forward to smash that mirror.

The three people proceeded like this, with a high efficiency that was enough to infuriate the ghosts within this instance.

Upon encountering a locked door, because the door lock of this place was opposite of than reality, the keys the steward had with him were also of no use.

“I know where the spare keys are, we can head there——”

Not waiting for the steward to finish his words, a loud collision sound of the door suddenly interrupted his words.

Both the steward and Cheng Jia dazedly stared at the door that was forcefully broken open by Gu Wuji.

Even though Cheng Jia was already aware that since Gu Wuji had been able to handle his bodyguard previously, so it was only natural for him to handle these doors with ease. But he still couldn’t help being shaken when he had suddenly witnessed this shocking scene, in addition to swearing he no longer had any other words to express his frame of mind in this present situation.  

While being shocked, the steward also ponder whether it would be better to start replacing the doors of the Cheng’s house, as this door seemed to specially look so substandard, while also rejoicing that he had not ridiculed Gu Wuji too much before……Otherwise if Gu Wuji fought with him, he might have still been lying in the hospital until now.

The steward was naturally over thinking things. How could Gu Wuji who had this 3 moral values and was also a good-natured citizen do that kind of thing?

The moment the door was opened, the three people immediately saw something that appeared to be crawling out the mirror, at the moment that the steward and Cheng Jia were frightened, Gu Wuji had already rushed over to break the mirror.

Ghost inside the mirror: “……” Who said that some time was needed to open the door? !

The ghost was not reconciled as it disappeared before it had the chance to emerge.

In just this fashion, the group of people swept through the place shattering several mirrors along the way.

As all the mirrors were being shattered, the area around the villa grew increasingly darker, there was almost no light outside that can be seen through the mirror, only the distorted figure that looked horrifying could be seen constantly moving around the garden.

The few people who saw these felt uneasy, it was fortunate that they did not need to escape outside this villa, otherwise this would have turned into a great survival scene.

At the same time as this, the interior decoration of the villa also started to become more and more dilapidated, which was completely different from when everyone had just entered. The villa had already became completely dilapidated like it had been existing for more than a decade, the walls were also stained with blood everywhere.

Perhaps this was the real appearance of this realm and the former appearance was nothing more than an illusion based on the scenes they saw in reality.

Coming across this kind of situation, the steward and Cheng Jia felt a tremendous pressure within, as they did not know if what they had done were actually correct and if they could really leave this place in the end. But the only thing they could do at this moment was to trust in Gu Wuji.

Having just turned a corner, Gu Wuji’s steps came to a sudden halt.

The two other people looked ahead with vigilance, and saw that not to far from them, was the maid’s ghost that Gu Wuji and Cheng Jia met earlier this morning. The maid was now sweeping the floor with a dilapidated broom.

When they had just woken up before, that maid was only stiffly holding that broom to the floor without doing anything, although she was now sweeping, but some flesh and internal organs were disturbingly scattered on the floor.

If a closer inspection was taken, the maid’s chest and abdomen were actually vacant, making it possible to imagine where those pieces of fleshy parts came from……

She looked over frigidly when she saw a few people coming over, the path behind her was pitch-black.

Now it seems, that there are two types of ghosts in this villa, one of which had an appearance of a servant, which still continued to carry out the duties they had before death, the only way to pass through was to help them complete their tasks.

The other one was those ghosts hidden inside the mirrors, their sole purpose was to kill and replace those humans who were alive.

“What should we do? The path ahead can only be passed through this place.” Cheng Jia’s face were dripping with cold sweats, “But this female ghost……”

Gu Wuji went over, he looked at the maid’s ghost before him and queried in a polite manner: “May I ask, what we can do to get through?”

The maid stopped her movement, giving a bleak look towards Gu Wuji, while also indicating to the broom in her hand, “As you can see, I am currently unable to finish this task, if you can……”

Gu Wuji nodded, “I got it, I should help you clean this area, right?”

This was the first time the maid had seen this kind of proactive living person as she became at a loss for words for a moment, before going on to say: “……that’s right, if you can find the suitable implement inside the room.”

Gu Wuji then turned to look at the door beside him. This was evidently the stockroom which also had different kinds of implements inside, so he immediately pushed the door open.

“Gu-dashi wait! Those implements seemed to be moving by themselves……” Cheng Jia said with an anxious tone.

There was obviously no person to be seen inside the stockroom, but the things inside were actually moving by themselves, even the blood-stained cleaning rag, was wiping clean the table by itself, but the table didn’t become clean, as mottled bloodstains were instead left behind in it’s path.  

Cheng Jia: : “……” At this time, why did he suddenly think that the incident which happened when visiting Gu-dashi’s house and this scene seemed to be very familiar, ah!  

“Of course, it is very dangerous inside. As you can see, this is the reason why I had not dared to enter until now.” The maid said, “It would also be reasonable if you don’t want to go in……”

The maid had not finished talking yet, when Gu Wuji had immediately headed straight inside, with an attitude, as if he was genuinely entering his own house. He even picked up a kitchen knife with great interest.

“The ghost in here is really diligent.” Gu Wuji still seemed to be comparing something with this place, “In contrast, it seemed that my house seemed to be a bit lacking……”

The ferocious spirit attached to that kitchen knife which made it an extremely dangerous thing from the start, immediately wanted to strike at Gu Wuji’s face. But under Gu Wuji’s strength, it was actually unable to move the slightest bit and could only tremble constantly.

Steward: “……” Where the hell did young master Cheng Jia actually find this kind of friend, ah!

The maid seemed to feel that she was being underestimated and immediately stated: “There was a person who once committed suicide inside the toolroom, his grievances had remained in this room since that time. As long as people will enter, the grievance that had been originally left behind will……”

The shelf at the side suddenly shook, as it directly fell towards Gu Wuji.

Falling over with a crashing sound, the shelf fell to pieces while Gu Wuji stood still in place without the slightest injury. He only managed to react after quite some time, knitting his brows, but he clearly didn’t have any injuries.

Along with the movement of the person before her, the voice of the maid grew more and more faint, until she finally swallowed down the words she wanted to say.

“So there was actually a ghost inside here as well, thank you very much.” Having heard the words of the maid, suddenly made Gu Wuji appear enlightened, as he immediately headed to the only mirror within this room.  

The mirror was efficiently shattered by Gu Wuji with a crisp sound.

The room that had implements moving by itself from the beginning suddenly fell into silence, as everything meekly lied in place.

Cheng Jia and the steward already had cold sweats dripping from their head, as they seemed to sense the feeling of fear from within these implements.

Whoever will be in their position will definitely be scared, alright!

Gu Wuji came out holding a broom that was in good condition with a wide smile on his face and handed it to the maid. His other hand was still holding on to the kitchen knife.

A shiver had had inexplicably been sent down the maid’s spine upon seeing a smile which could be considered as warm and amiable on Gu Wuji. Her eyes inadvertently fell on the kitchen knife in Gu Wuji’s hand, “This……”

“I think that it is very useful so I took it out.” Gu Wuji said, “If it’s not allowed, I can put it back?”

“No, there’s no need, you can take it if you want.” The maid reflexively replied.

“Right, if miss maid is willing, I can help you with these things on the floor.” Gu Wuji said in a very considerate way as he looked at the fleshy parts on the floor.

Without knowing why, Cheng Jia and the steward was actually able to perceive his strong desire to give it a try.

Cheng Jia suddenly felt that his understanding towards Gu Wuji was really very insufficient! He really is a very incompetent fan boy!

“No, there’s no need.”

The steward and Cheng Jia could swear, that when the maid’s ghost shook her head she also seemed to look a bit frightened. Those things on the floor were her own internal organs after all……

Having heard this, seemed to have made Gu Wuji slightly disappointed, “Oh, then forget about what I said.”

“Thank you for your help. This thing will be given to you.” The maid quickly took the proffered broom and took out the delicate key she carried with her other hand, the rate of speaking were several times faster than before, as if she was hoping that Gu Wuji would quickly go away, “Perhaps this can help your progress be more quick.”

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