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Ch 34: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 34: Realistic instance (part 1 of 4)

After the maid had completely spoken her piece, she hurriedly closed her mouth and no longer had any intention of speaking again. For fear that Gu Wuji would enthusiastically offer to lend her a hand once more.

The dark fog behind her had also dispersed, revealing the passage at the back.

Gu Wuji took the proffered key and noticed that this was not intended for any door, but was rather like a small key that could be used in drawers.

“Where could this be used?” He puzzled over, while keeping the key. The steward and Cheng Jia who were behind him also rushed over.

Looking at the blood-stained kitchen knife in Gu Wuji’s hand, made the steward’s forehead drip a bit of cold sweat. The other person clearly look so kind, but he always feels that Gu Wuji who stood before him, gave him a more terrible feeling than the ghosts, this kind of scene actually made him feel that Gu Wuji could directly act as a villain in some kind of horror film!

However, this may also be a good thing, as it at least gave him an increase sense of security.

The three people continued to proceed forward, doing the same thing as before. After breaking another mirror, the surrounding atmosphere became even more heavier, that even the lighting within the house had been completely extinguished, becoming pitch-black.

If it were not for the mobile phone displaying the current time, Gu Wuji would think that it was already nighttime.

Because of the issue with the lights, they were left with no choice but to use the flashlight function of their mobile phones to illuminate the way in order to progress.

Cheng Jia held his breath, in this kind of darkness, no one would be able to guess when a monster might suddenly appear in their surroundings, that he couldn’t help but want to go a bit closer to the two people ahead of him.

Almost immediately after he had just thought of this, several mirrors that were way behind had suddenly shattered. The sound of something crawling on the floor could also be heard, as well as the sound of breaking bones that caused people’s teeth to tingle.

“Damn!” Cheng Jia hurriedly took several steps forward in fright and immediately collided into a solid back, “G-Gu-dashi——”

Cheng suddenly felt something off, why would Gu-dashi’s body suddenly become this hard? It was just like colliding with a boulder.

He subconsciously lifted his mobile phone up, with the illumination of the mobile phone’s flashlight, a deathly pale face had suddenly appeared before Cheng Jia. It turns out that the body only had bones left, aside from a few lumps of flesh remaining on the dead body’s face. It even revealed a malicious sneer under the eerie blue lighting.

“Cheng Jia, what are you doing so far behind?” Gu Wuji’s voice that was filled with confusion sounded from far ahead.

“A a a a a a ah! ! !”

Cheng Jia was so frightened that his knees gave in making him fall to the floor, as he also gave a resounding scream. He will never get used to this, no matter how many time he encounters this kind of thing!

In the next moment, the skeleton before him was suddenly hit by a strong force and fell to the floor. The sound of the bones breaking rang out, falling right next to Cheng Jia’s body, that a hand almost came in contact with Cheng Jia’s hand.  

“Damn!” Cheng Jia was so frightened that he immediately withdrew his hand and quickly moved a bit farther.

“Are you alright?” Gu Wuji appeared before him while wiping the sweat on his forehead, as he nervously looked at Cheng Jia and that skeleton. The eyes revealed a touch of anxiety, “That really frightened me……your situation doesn’t seem to look so good.”

Seeing the anxiety in Gu Wuji’s eyes, Cheng Jia was so touched that his nose soured and the tears which welled up in his eyes threatened to drop, “G-Gu-dashi……you would actually get this worried for me……”

While Gu Wuji said this, he also held up that dead body from the floor and pulled out the kitchen knife that had just been accidentally stabbed into the bone of the other side. He then nervously looked at him, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to do it. I apologize, but after all…… You standing in the way was a bit of an issue.”  

The tears that Cheng Jia was about to shed suddenly froze, “……” He should have known that things wouldn’t be that simple.

That bones which had clearly received serious damage from that collision just a moment ago, immediately sent a resentful look to Gu Wuji wanting to retaliate against Gu Wuji right away.

“I can see that your body is a bit messed up, it shouldn’t be a problem.” As Gu Wuji said this, he also began working on the body before him, this body which only had bones left immediately issued sounds similar to bones breaking.

Cheng Jia who was watching at the side had cold sweat dripping from his face and couldn’t help but immediately rejoice that the person Gu-dashi cared about was not himself…… No way, how could he think like this! This should be a honour, ah. This ghost must certainly be filled with much gratitude.

“It looks like this should be fine.” Gu Wuji wiped the sweat off his forehead while looking at the skeleton that he placed together before him with satisfaction.

That skeleton finally found the opportunity and took advantage of Gu Wuji’s inattentiveness at this time. Reaching out a hand to grab his shoulder, the action was a bit swifter, as if fearing that Gu Wuji would continue to do so something to it.

The complexion of Cheng Jia who had just got on his feet immediately changed, “Gu-dashi——”

Gu Wuji had unexpectedly noticed that something was off too, “Wait a moment, the waist is not in alignment here……” Just as he was about to make an adjustment, he also noticed the skeleton’s hand which was just about to come in contact with him.

The skeleton’s movement had momentarily frozen, not knowing why it suddenly felt like it had been caught in the act.

“Your already injured, so you mustn’t mess around.” Gu Wuji seized the skeleton’s hand and immediately placed it back. Then another round of tampering came about, the friction of bones rubbing against each other, generated a constant sound of grating screeches, that the face of the skeleton with a few lumps of flesh revealed a painful expression as if suffering from some sort of terrible torture.

Cheng Jia: “……” Was this really not intentional?!

“Finally done.” Gu Wuji let out a sigh of relief, looking at what he had done with satisfaction.

The skeleton facing Gu Wuji at this time did not harbour any ulterior motives anymore. The moment Gu Wuji let go of it’s body, it immediately fled and ran away to the opposite end of the hallway. It did not have an intention of turning back, even when a piece of paper fell from it’s body.  

“It looks like it’s recovering pretty well.” Gu Wuji said as he looked at the back of the skeleton’s pitiful figure with a face of relief. Picking up the piece of paper on the floor, he suddenly saw the words written on it.

—— Is everything that you know right now really the truth?

“What is this?” Cheng Jia’s face was filled with confusion, “This is too poetic.”

“I’m not so sure either.” Gu Wuji said this, but feeling that this piece of paper must certainly be a very important clue, he then decided to keep it.

The steward who had been left alone to hung dry over there had called them over, so they immediately ran over.

Just at this moment, what was revealed behind the surrounding mirrors which had all shattered was not the wall, but a pitch-black bottomless field. No one knew where the space behind was connected, but black strands of hair started to spread from it.

“It’s her……” Cheng Jia seeing this black hair developed a psychological shadow and recalled the previous incident, “Let’s run !”

Gu Wuji didn’t say anything as well, after all, the pocket watch he had with him could not be used at the moment.

The pair quickly fled to the steward’s location, the steward who saw the situation also had a change of complexion and immediately led them to their original destination ——Cheng Jia’s room.

But at this moment, the terrain within the villa started to have all kind of changes, various kind of forks in the road appeared all around them, making it look like some kind of maze, even if they wanted to find the place they were headed to from the beginning, it would also be impossible.

Gu Wuji completely relied on his instinct throughout the entire way, forcefully breaking through if they encountered monsters…… Speaking of this, the kitchen knife was really very useful, as it can cause some injuries to the ghosts, letting Gu Wuji entertain the thought of whether he could bring it out with him.

Gu Wuji headed to the path that had fewer mirrors, just in this fashion, he with the two people rushed through this seemingly peaceful hallway.

“That really frightened me to death.” Cheng Jia said as he constantly gasped for breath. Not having eaten the whole day, as well as the excessive physical consumption made him not have a bit of strength left, “Where could a safe area be in this place?”

“If we don’t hurry, there won’t be enough time anymore.” Gu Wuji actually did not have any problem concerning the aspect of his physical strength at all, but looking at the time being displayed on the mobile phone made his brows furrow.

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