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Ch 34: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 34: Realistic instance (part 2 of 4)

Several people walked forward, then after taking a right turn, a door of a room suddenly appeared before them, Gu Wuji subconsciously wanted to open the door at that moment, but suddenly came to a stop, as he became aware something: “This door, this door is more worn out compared to the other doors.”

The door’s handle was on the verge of decay, which made people feel uneasy.

Although the steward and Cheng Jia lived here for such a long time, but since the terrain in this place had been reflected to the opposite direction, in addition to the dramatic changes in the terrain due to the passage of time. The steward still had to use the flashlight he held in his hand to illuminate the surroundings for a while and thought for a second before figuring it out, his complexion immediately turned somber, “This door did not exist in reality.”

“What?” Cheng Jia said while filled with dread, “Steward, maybe you might have been mistaken?”

“This is that closed off room.” The steward’s voice had a slight tremble, when all of this had visibly appeared before him, he couldn’t help but recall the fear he felt during that time.

He then swept a fleeting glance towards Gu Wuji’s side, with a bit of unspeakable uncertainty in his eyes, but in the end, he still continued to speak after a pause.

“We actually reached here so soon?” Cheng Jia couldn’t help but stay completely quiet for a second, as all kinds of terrible thoughts emerged from his mind, “Haven’t we heard, that the death of grandfather’s brother was very horrifying, that it made the people who witnessed it suffer from a mental trauma after……can we really just waltz in like this?”

Just at this moment, the sounds of the mirrors constantly shattering into pieces were suddenly heard coming from behind them, it was conceivable how many monsters would be appearing inside this house.

“It seems like there is no other way, as the physical strength of the two of you will not be able to persist any longer.” Gu Wuji no longer thought of anything else and immediately pushed the door open while also using the mobile phone’s flashlight to illuminate the interior.

A corpse hanging upside down suddenly appeared before Gu Wuji, a smiling face that was covered with fresh blood made people full of fear.

Which made Cheng Jia so frightened that he took several steps back, the steward beside him was already numb to this, as a matter of fact, he actually the young master Cheng Jia who was able to persist until now even when he lacked a lot of courage.

Gu Wuji gave this corpse a lukewarm gaze, “I’m sorry but we are in a hurry, can you let us through?”

That corpse had a face-off with Gu Wuji for quite a while, before realizing that the human being before him didn’t feel a bit of fear at all. He resolutely looked at him again, but just as he was about to take action, his line of sight happened to suddenly fall upon the blood-stained kitchen knife in Gu Wuji’s hand.

This kitchen knife already looked very much like a murder weapon from the start, coupled with Gu Wuji using it to hack all kinds of monsters the entire journey before, which had made it appear even more terrible right now……that even the corpse’s body suddenly disappeared in the ceiling.

After stepping into the room, the steward and Cheng Jia had immediately let out a breath of relief upon seeing the scene before them.

As the scene was completely different from the images of blood and flesh splatters with the rotting body in their imagination, besides the old decorations inside this room, the rest of the things appeared quite normal, that not even a speck of dust existed. It was so clean that it actually made people quite surprised.

But after thinking about it, this kind of thing would actually make people feel even creepier, it was as if someone had just been living in this place.

The thing that made people feel better was that there was only one mirror inside this room, which was right in the middle of the room, that they would be reflected on the mirror the moment they entered the room, seeing this made chills run down their spine.

It was very obvious, that this mirror would without a doubt really have some sort of problem.

Gu Wuji looked around the interior of the room and quickly found a box with a lock placed on top of the desk, the size of the keyhole was approximately the same with the key the maid gave him before. But after attempting it, he was still unable to open this box.

“It isn’t for this box? Where else could this be used for then?” he couldn’t help but wonder.

“Gu-dashi, be concerned over that box first, there’s no time left. More importantly, we should hurry up and break this mirror!” Cheng Jia hurriedly spoke up.

“En.” Gu Wuji thought that what Cheng Jia had said made sense, so he stepped forward with the kitchen knife in his hand and took a deep breath. Looking at the mirror before him, feeling the intense yin energy inside it, if he really breaks it, he can——  

But wasn’t the entire course of the events until now going too smoothly?

In this critical juncture, Gu Wuji suddenly thought of the words written on that piece of paper, making the the action of his hand with the kitchen knife suddenly freeze.

That’s right, didn’t they believe too much in the things revealed in the information from the beginning? But were the things revealed in the information really true? If that expert was really that powerful, then the things shouldn’t have been this dangerous from the start, could it be that he was unaware that the mirrors were this dangerous?

Instead of helping the Cheng family, the thing that the other person was actually doing, was more like bringing something harmful in the Cheng family…… Furthermore, that person who called the third master to stealthily move the mirrors, how could he have also known of the matters regarding the mirrors?  

Or could it be said that, the two people had been in cahoots from the beginning and everything had been calculated from the start, just like that female ghost they encountered in the restaurant in the suburbs?

If he had really shattered this mirror right now, would they really still be able to get out of this realm? Or would he……have also released the ghosts in this realm?

“Gu-dashi, what wrong? Is something the matter?” Cheng Jia looked at Gu Wuji who had been looking at the mirror in a daze, the voice was suddenly tinged with anxiousness.

“No……” Gu Wuji looked at the mirror before him then suddenly froze. He suddenly noticed that there was another person aside from the two people standing behind him being reflected on the mirror. A handsome young man had suddenly emerged sitting at the side of Cheng Jia, directly looking at him with a slight smile.

Cheng Jia and the steward who was with him did not notice that person beside them at all and were still worriedly looking at himself.

“There’s certainly something wrong with the situation.” Gu Wuji instinctively realized that there was something wrong with the current matters and that he must not break this mirror no matter what happens.

Just as Gu Wuji planned to put the kitchen knife away, but a slender hand suddenly protruded from within the mirror and tightly held onto his wrist in the next moment.


In the midst of Cheng Jia’s frightened call, Gu Wuji felt a huge irresistible force appear. His body became completely powerless in an instant, that he toppled over falling into the mirror.

However, Gu Wuji did not feel the pain of hitting something solid, but the feeling of just like being submerged in the water instead and was momentarily unable to breathe, without waiting for him to see anything, everything before him darkened.



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