Ch 34: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 34: Realistic instance (part 3 of 4)

Just as Gu Wuji opened his eyes, he suddenly found himself in the same room as he had just seen before, other than being the other way around, the rest was exactly the same. However, the room was much newer.

In addition to this, he also noted that his own body was translucent.

“Where is this place in the end? Is this still within the mirror’s realm?” Gu Wuji tried to touch his body and was able to touch it without any problem, but touching the surrounding area was like coming in contact with nothingness, “Could I have died?”

But it was also not like he died in this room right?

Looking around again, Gu Wuji became aware of a youth sitting on the bed. He appeared to be around 15 or 16 years old, having a very pale face, the body doesn’t seem to be too healthy as he was reading the book in his hand.

From the elegant face of the other person, Gu Wuji could make out that this was the appearance of the young master of the Cheng family that was shown to have committed suicide in the information.

“Is this place within the memories of the malicious spirit boss in this instance?” Gu Wuji went over calmly, wanting to touch the other side. But just like all the other things, he could not come in contact with him at all.

Just at this moment, the door had been pushed open and a maid bringing food had walked in.

When Gu Wuji looked over, he noticed that the other person’s appearance looked very familiar. Her looks were exactly like that maid he had just seen sweeping outside the toolroom, it seems like she had indeed been a person from the real world at the beginning.

The maid looked slightly upset and said with a sigh: “Young master, the kitchen staff said that the time was already too late and were unwilling to prepare food, so there are only some leftovers for today.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The young master said with indifference, just like he had already been long accustomed to this kind of treatment or this kind of matter were of no importance in his eyes.

The maid on the other hand placed the food on the side table, as she said through gritted teeth, “Young master is obviously very smart with excellent record of performances. If it were not for the incident when saving that guy before, how could you be left with no other choice besides being confined in bed…… As a result of that, they no longer placed the young master in their eyes and would even secretly sneer at young master.”

Gu Wuji secretly though over this. This was not the same as what the steward had reported about the young master being sickly from the start, ah…… It seems like the steward also concealed some things from the beginning, but for what reason? Does this have anything to do with the reputation of the Cheng family?

After that, the scene fell into darkness, when the brightness had returned once more, the scene suddenly changed to the grand hall of the Cheng’s family.  

Quite a few years should have already passed, as that youth at the beginning, had already grown up to a young man, his handsome appearance was also full of noble atmosphere. He smiled to the small group of people around him.

Those people around him were a bit familiar and were obviously the people of the Cheng family, only the third master was not present. At this moment, they all had a complicated but shocked expression, mixed in with a bit of envy.

Amidst these people, Gu Wuji also noticed the presence of the young butler standing at the back of a person.

“You can’t do this! Even if father left a will before his death, you would simply be unable to manage such a big company!” A man voiced out without warning.

“Oh? But the others don’t think like that, do they?” The young man said with indifference, “Since the matters has already been discussed, I will then take my leave first. Everyone can do as you please.”

The maid came over and pushed the wheelchair of the young man away, with a heartfelt joy on her face, “Young master, this is really great. I never expected the board members of the family’s company to support you like this.”

“Some of them are smart people after all.” the young man had a trace of smile on his face at this moment, “They know who is the person best suited for this position.”

Gu Wuji thought pondered over this again, after turning his head, he saw a man who stood behind that person who had just spoken smile and wave his hand towards the maid behind the young man, the maid’s face immediately turned red.

This scene suddenly made people somewhat perturbed.

Gu Wuji inevitably fell into silence, it seems that the information concealed by the steward was not just a few…… Now it seems, that this young man didn’t become mentally unstable person due to his frailness as they had claimed him to be, on the contrary, he, not only strived hard to improve himself despite his frailness, but his temperament never had any problems as well.

Soon after, the scene had changed once again, it was still inside that room. The young man was sitting by the window and seemed to be holding onto some sort of documents in his hand.  

A knock came from the door, he then placed those documents away, placing it within the box with the lock, then said: “Come in.”

Gu Wuji looked at the box for a while, then looking at the key in his hand once more, before a thought had suddenly emerged.

The once who came in was that maid, she seemed to be in quite a hurry, as she immediately brought over the food she held before the young man, “Young master, quickly have a meal.”

“Why did you come so late today?” The young man seemed to inadvertently inquire.

“Ah, it was because of some minor incident that happened inside the kitchen.” the maid quickly replied.

“Ok.” The young man nodded, then placed some food into his mouth, after swallowing it, his expression immediately changed, “What did you put in it?”

The maid took several steps back and immediately knelt on the floor, tears flowed down from her face as her face filled with agitation, “Young master, forgive me……I didn’t want to do it! It’s the eldest master, he took Ah Xuan. If I didn’t do this, he would kill……”

“Is that right?” However, the youth only gave a sneer, as he realized that his body was already unable to exert even a bit of force, he then looked at the eyes of the maid with disappointment, “How could he lay a hand on his own people? They had probably given you some considerable benefits. This action you had just taken towards me, means that you still can’t believe, that a waste like me can actually reach up to this point.”

“I, no……” The maid’s expression became complicated, but she was unable to give an explanation in this point of time, so in the end she could only say: “Young master, your body isn’t healthy and will not be suitable for that position.”

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open and two to three person came in.

Gu Wuji noticed that their faces were also very familiar, among them was that skeleton he had just seen with a few lumps of flesh hanging upon his face, the other was the hanging corpse he encountered when he stepped into the room……

These people placed the young man on the ground, the other man held a small knife in his hand with a sinister look on his face, “Your insistence in living will only cause trouble for everyone, it would be much better for you to die!”

The maid at the side turned her head to look away, as if looking at the following scenes would be too much for her to bear.

After hearing what was said, the young man only gave these people a cold look, just like he was looking at some dead people.

Being looked at by this chilling gaze, immediately made them distraught with anxiety, “What are you hesitating for, hurry up and do it!”

In the next moment, the other person brought down the small knife, directly stabbing it onto the young man’s chest.

The last thing that the young man saw with his eyes……was his reflection on the mirror.

The color of the entire memory instantly turned blood red.

“So that’s it.” Having seen up to this point, Gu Wuji already had a clear understanding, “So it was originally like this……”

So that was the reason why the steward was unable to divulge the truth of the incident, after all even when that person had been a member of the Cheng family, the eldest master still hired killers to kill that person.

After that, several scenes also appeared before Gu Wuji. The scenes were exactly the moments when several people fell into madness while facing the mirrors. There was obviously nothing around them, but they still looked extremely terrified. They were constantly apologizing while madly harming themselves against their will.

When their badly mutilated body had finally been found by others, the people in the entire Cheng family had fallen into panic.

It was quite obvious, that the young man’s resentment during his death had made him into a malicious spirit, attaching himself to the mirrors in this house. Almost all those people who had harmed him were not spared, falling into an illusion, until finally dying in the most terrible ways.



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