Ch 34: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 34: Realistic instance (part 4 of 4)

“You have already seen everything, right?”

With that sound, Gu Wuji opened his eyes once again and found himself sitting on a sofa, a good cup of tea had even been placed before him.

Sitting opposite of Gu Wuji was an absolutely handsome young man. Without question, the other side was definitely the boss of this instance.

However, he did not kill Gu Wuji at once, but had still shown a smile to Gu Wuji instead.

“It’s you.” Gu Wuji who had just seen the memories of the other man, still felt a bit complicated. He did not understand why this malicious spirit boss had let him live and even showed him those incident with regards to the past.

But no matter how he thought about it, this young man was the victim, the other people within the Cheng family were the one who had killed him. From this perspective, the things he had done to the those people were really not that excessive, but the other people like Cheng Jia were also very innocent.

“It seems that you had already understood those things that had happened in the past.” The young man casually said, as if those things in the past were not worth mentioning to him, “Of course, that was also my fault. As I had believed in people who shouldn’t have been trusted. Those kind of things, will never happen again in the future.”

“It would be good if you can get over it.” Gu Wuji said. However, he knew deep down that he was just talking nonsense, because if this this young man was able to come and accept those things, how could he have turned into the boss of this instance, ah? He would have certainly entered the reincarnation cycle since long ago.

“Of course, after that, they also received the ending they deserved.” The young man said, he then gently sipped his tea and calmly said: “Staying in this realm for eternity while doing the things they should do for a lifetime to compensate for their crimes, isn’t this the best?”

“En, I think what you’re saying isn’t wrong.” Gu Wuji said. He finally understood, that it was probably due to this, why those ghosts with consciousness in this instance had stayed in this realm.

After all, they did those kind of maddening things, yet were still unable to receive any payment until the present and still needed to work everyday without a choice.

“That’s right. I knew, that you were different from the other people. Even if you came in with those sinners, but you have nothing to do with them. You would definitely understand and support me.” The young man said revealing a smile to Gu Wuji, the relationship between the two of them seemed to draw a bit closer, “However, there are still some people who had not yet received the punishment they deserve…… Don’t you think that this isn’t fair?”

“What you’re saying are really correct!” Gu Wuji immediately nodded and said with resentment: “These people actually did illegal things in order to gain authority in the family, how can I just sit back and watch.”

“So, I hope you can help me.” The young man said, there was a bit of persuasiveness amidst those words, “You only need to……”

“Rest assured! The moment I get out of here, I will definitely report this to the police immediately.” Gu Wuji confidently spoke.

The young man: “……”

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