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Ch 35: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 35: Realistic instance (part 1 of 4)

“It seems that, you don’t have the same thoughts as me.” The young man stood up. The smile on his face had completely disappeared as he gave him a profound look, “But it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re able to experience my feelings during that time……I’m sure you’ll definitely change your thoughts right away.”

Gu Wuji: “? ?” Did he say something wrong? ! Why did it seem to unfold just like having selected the wrong option in a raiders game.

“Of course, whether you will still be able to survive in that time, is something I don’t know.”

As the lighthearted voice of the young man descended, the scene before Gu Wuji’s eyes fell into darkness.


When Gu Wuji opened his eyes again, he noticed that he was sitting by the window. From the reflection being reflected from the window before him, he was still himself.

Gu Wuji’s gaze traveled downwards, the clothes he wore was still as the same as before, the key was also inside his pocket, even the kitchen knife was still held in his hand, which immediately pleased him, “That’s great, I really like this kitchen knife.”

After thinking back to the words that the boss had just said, it would seem like he wanted to let him personally experience the incident in his memory.

Be he was not placed under control, as the body can still be moved freely, even the kitchen knife was left with him……So why? If it was like this, wouldn’t he still be able to resist? Then wouldn’t this be inconsistent with the words the other side had claimed?

But more than anything else, the thing inside this box on top of the table was what mattered to him the most right now.

Gu Wuji took out the key he had with him and inserted|stuck it in the keyhole of the box before him. This time, the two had the perfect fit and easily opened after a few moments.

“As expected, the key can only be used with this box in reality.” Gu Wuji thought so. Seeing several sheets of paper in the box, he then took it out and leafed through it, after which his face showed a look of surprise. He then kept the papers and closed the box soon after.

A Rustling noise suddenly sounded from the side.

Gu Wuji immediately turned to take a look and instantly noticed the dark shadow around the table which brought forth a faintly familiar feeling. He was immediately stunned for a brief moment, “You were actually inside this place too?”

The black shadow nodded and was very likely affirming the words of Gu Wuji, but did not dare to come out for fear of attracting any attention.

Gu Wuji didn’t expect for the shadow ghost to actually be hiding in this place, if he could get it out at this time, then him entering this place would not be for nothing.

A knocking sound came from the door at this moment. A maid pushed the door open and came in while she held a plate of food.  

From this angle, Gu Wuji was able to clearly see the somewhat tangled expression from the other’s face.

“Young master, it’s time to eat.” The maid said, while placing a hand on Gu Wuji’s shoulder.

Gu Wuji did not have the time to recall that this kind of thing did not take place in the original scene and only noticed that the hand the maid placed on his shoulder had a faintly tremendous pressure, the eyes of the other party also had an unfathomable darkness.

He suddenly came to a realization, that the maid before him was not the original person within the memory, but had already turned into the female ghost.

No wonder the boss villain had complacently placed him in here so directly, as all the characters he would be facing next……would most probably be the ghosts he had encountered in this instance before.

Rather than reliving all those memories, it would be much better to enact the chain of events with the participation of all these ghosts. Moreover, wanting to go against the ghosts, would absolutely be an impossible feat for an ordinary person, that even if they were able to realize this point, they would not have any other choice but to despairingly wait for everything to unfold.

Gu Wuji: “……”

Gu Wuji raised his head to look at the maid, “What a wonderful coincidence, I didn’t expect us to be able to meet in this place again.”

The maid’s face underwent an immediate change, as she immediately realized that the person in front of her was that human being who had almost given her a psychological shadow before. However, the orders given could not be opposed, so she gathered her courage and said, “Young master, not eating will be bad for your health, your body won’t be able to support it.”

Heaven knows how excellent the body of this human before her had, making her feel how unconvincing her words really were.

Gu Wuji could clearly see how well made the food on the plate was, in addition to this it also looked and smelled great. However, without a single doubt, according to events in the memories, the contents had already been laced with medicine. Eating it was estimated to incapacitate him.

Moreover, what was more important than this medicine, was that no one knew whether the thing the ghost had eaten would be fit for (human) consumption……

It was at this instant when something suddenly touch Gu Wuji’s knee, which immediately gave him an idea. So he said to the maid with knitted brows: “I don’t like someone watching me while eating, so could you please turn around?”

“Young master……must you really do this? But if this is the case, I wouldn’t be able to know whether you have actually eaten it or not.” The maid’s expression took on a disapproving look.

“I assure you, I will never waste food.” Gu Wuji sincerely vowed while stroking the kitchen knife in his hand.

“Okay. Then I will believe in young master, so young master mustn’t let me down.” The maid expression immediately turned subtle as she laid her eyes on that kitchen knife. Her tone instantly changed and she turned around without hesitation.

In any case, the restriction in this area is that the food must be eaten, throwing it away is also an impossible thing to do here. She also believed that this fellow wouldn’t be able to think of other method.

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