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Ch 35: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 35: Realistic instance (part 2 of 4)

In Gu Wuji’s side, as soon as the maid turned around, he immediately called out to the shadow ghost amidst the table’s shadow.

The latter immediately emerged and had practically been swayed by the food placed before Gu Wuji. Despite the fact that a human will be partially immobilized after eating this food. However, this was actually a delicious treat to a ghost’s perspective, as it could even cause their strength to increase.

The shadow ghost hastily devoured everything on the plate, then quickly retracted in place without anyone noticing.

“I have finished eating.” After seeing that enough time had passed, Gu Wuji then spoke up.

The maid turned around with a bit of doubt, after assessing Gu Wuji several times and realized that he did not appear to be lying at all. The face did not reveal any embarrassment nor did his heart skip a beat, then to complete the look as if he had eaten his fill, he also took hold of a napkin on the side and dabbed it on his chin. The beautiful pair of eyes looked over and was paired with a gentle smile, “Many thanks for the warm reception.”

The face value’s lethality was a bit strong, that the maid had been momentarily dazzled and had long thrown out the thought of whether she should check if Gu Wuji had eaten the food or not. In any case, it was impossible for the thrown food to just disappear into thin air.

She did not dare to send Gu Wuji several glances anymore. She hurriedly took the empty plate and irresistibly turned her head away.

After all, the maid was very aware, on what very terrible things were about to happen next.

Gu Wuji also sat in place as he gave a curious look towards the door’s direction, but was really more or less aware who would actually come in from the outside.

The next moment, the skeleton who had a few lumps of flesh remaining in his face, in addition to the hanged man, as well as a man with an unfamiliar appearance appeared. Judging from the object that this man in the end held, he was most likely the ghost hiding within the mirror inside the toolroom, who had been unable to do anything at that time, as it had already been quickly shattered by Gu Wuji with the kitchen knife.

Gu Wuji couldn’t resist nodding: “……it seems to be a few old acquaintances.”

These three ghosts looked over the other side with vicious and cold gazes, upon seeing that the person waiting was Gu Wuji, they immediately felt a bit of trepidation and actually thought of the idea of running away.

But soon after, the three ghosts suddenly remembered that the person before them was nothing more than a human being, even more so when he had already been drugged and won’t be able to muster a bit of strength for resistance. Moreover, their side had three ghosts, so how would he be able to deal with them?

A sinister smile which can make horrify people immediately appeared on the faces of these three ghosts as they slowly moved towards Gu Wuji.

“It’s such a pity, ah. It seems that you are destined to die today.”

“Even if you are much stronger than the master, you are just a human being after all.”

The skeleton mocked, but just as he was about to make a move, Gu Wuji suddenly spoke up: “I don’t think it’s good to inconvenience you so much. Everyone must have already used a lot of energy outside, right? Why don’t you let me do it myself?”

Saying so, Gu Wuji naturally got up and laid on the ground. This position was precisely right next to the mirror and is exactly the place where the boss of this instance was positioned before he died. He suddenly felt that he was becoming a more and more considerate person.

“It seems that you can still be quite understanding.” That hanged man immediately let out a cold sneer, “Rest assured, we will also make the pain of your death pass a bit swifter.”

“Thank you.” Gu Wuji still had a very touched appearance, “But since I’m already about to die anyway, I want to ask one final question. What would happen if someone died here?”

“Of course, they will become just like us, forever bound in this place.” The hanged man coldly replied.

“That’s too miserable, ah.” Gu Wuji sighed, “Of course, I don’t think turning into your companion is repulsive, but always staying in this kind of place without wage is too terrible.”

“This is just a temporary matter!” The hanged man responded as if feeling he had been scorned at and immediately said: “As long as the master’s plan has been implemented, all of us will be able to leave this place! When that time comes, who knows how happy the days will be after possessing a human body outside!”

“Oh?” Gu Wuji suddenly noticed something, “You’re still able to possess a human body?”

“Of course……the same is true for the master, this things had long been……”

“We’re almost there, ah. Why is there a need to say this much nonsense!”

The skeleton and the other ghost beside him had already suffered much grievances because of Gu Wuji. Looking at the harmonious image and very well-behaved appearance of Gu Wuji before them, always gave them an uneasy feeling, so it was much better to do it quickly.

“But I still remember the previous things very well.”

When the skeleton ghost had said this, the hand holding the small knife was then raised as a sardonic smile was shown to Gu Wuji, after which the knife was directly thrust towards the arteries of his neck.

Gu Wuji closed his eyes as if he had already resigned his fate…… Especially under his acting skills, that the ghosts around him were unable to spot any problem.

But in the next moment, he suddenly raised a knee, then fiercely struck the abdomen of the skeleton ghost.

However, this was not just any usual strike, this skeleton ghost had originally been stabbed in that area by Gu Wuji’s kitchen knife before. So the crisp ringing sounds of it breaking apart instantly resounded, as the parts of the skeleton scattered all over the floor.

His head looked at Gu Wuji in horror, as if he could not believe of what had just occurred.

“Such a coincidence, ah. I also have a very clear recollection of the things that had happened before.” Gu Wuji said.

“This fellow!” The expression of the ghost beside him changed as he abruptly rushed towards Gu Wuji. Gu Wuji did not even need to use the kitchen knife in his hand, as he held the body of this ghost still.

The ghost who had been held still by such a great strength had been thoroughly shocked. Is this strength really still of a human being? !

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