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Ch 35: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 35: Realistic instance (part 3 of 4)

Afterwards, Gu Wuji gave him a good beating, while constantly lamenting, “I obviously didn’t want to solve this problem using violence, but you guys seemed to really like forcing me ……”

The ghost that had been seized by Gu Wuji: “……” Can you hits be a bit lighter when saying something like that? !

How could the hanged man just watch his companions suffer? However, the shadow ghost hiding in the corner realized that this was the time to show his diligence, so he abruptly sprang out and entangled with this ghost.

The strength of this ghost was not that great from the start, otherwise he wouldn’t have been easily intimidated by just Gu Wuji holding the kitchen knife, so after the entanglement was soon over, his face even became pale.

Witnessing the scene which should have originally been horrifying had now become an action scene, made the maid stupefied.

Gu Wuji finally took out the blood-stained rope, then tied these three ghosts together within a few moves. The shadow ghost stood beside him, with a proud look on his face while his eyes looked at these three ghosts with contempt.

“Could it be that you guys thought you could do anything to my boss? Don’t jest!”

Even though they were incessantly vexed, but the three ghosts whose strength were restrained were really unable to temporarily struggle. They couldn’t help but rain curses to the shadow ghost in their mind, thinking that he is simply a scum of a ghost, to actually collaborate with a human being!

Regarding Gu Wuji…… they have already developed a psychological shadow towards this human being.

As for Gu Wuji, he was currently walking towards the maid’s direction.

“W-what do you plan to do?” The maid took several steps back in fright, she had long noticed that Gu Wuji was not like an ordinary person. However, she never expected him to actually be so formidable! Now that the three other ghosts had been captured, wouldn’t it be her turn next?

“I don’t plan on doing anything.” Gu Wuji leisurely walked over with his gaze fixed on the maid. He then spoke gently, “I just have something to tell you.”

Gu Wuji’s words had certainly appeased the maid, as she looked over in wonder.

He then took out those several sheets of letter paper and explained himself: “These were found inside the box. It is a letter written by the young master and is addressed to you…… But it’s a pity, that those kind of things had suddenly happened before it could be given to you.”

The maid had been surprised for a brief moment. Although she had given the key to Gu Wuji, but she herself did not have any idea what the contents were at all, “It’s for me?”

“He had long noticed that something was going on between you and the eldest laoye trusted aide. Although he felt that the other party was not very reliable, but he still wanted to give you his blessings……After all you were ultimately just like his closest relative.” Gu Wuji uttered, while increasingly feeling that the malicious spirit boss of this instance was very bitter, “It also has a cheque inside, written inside is a huge sum of money during that time.”  

“What? How can this be……” The maid took the proffered letter papers and hurriedly leafed through it. Her face immediately revealed her shock, then she almost broke down as she covered her face. Only now, had she just suddenly realized, what kind of mistake she had actually made.

The other ghosts looked around and always felt that this kind of development and this moving scene was not very appropriate. Of course, what was more out of place was the kitchen knife that Gu Wuji was still holding. Did you really have to like this kitchen knife this much?!

Gu Wuji looked at her seriously and said: “Even though a long time has already passed. If it’s you, you might still be able to persuade him……”

“No, it’s impossible for me to do.” The maid shook her head and spoke through clenched teeth: “The young master will never forgive any person who had betrayed him. Even more so now, when he has already undergone a complete change from his past……”

Gu Wuji also understood the maid’s apprehension. After all, when the other party had already become the boss malicious spirit he would have certainly become very terrible. In addition to the fact that he was already ruthless even when he was still alive, so how on Earth could he still be easily moved?

“But I know how you can leave this place.” The maid sighed, she then gave Gu Wuji a glance and personally revealed all the things she had no intention of saying at all. Of course, even if she didn’t say anything, Gu Wuji also had the means to let them spit it all out.

“As a matter of fact, even though we as ghosts are forever bound to this place. However, it also serves as a restriction to the young master at the same time.” The maid said, “It is the same to all the ghost within the mirror in this place, breaking the mirrors will only make his strength increase. In regards to that most important mirror, breaking it will certainly enable you to return to reality, but at the same time, we……will also be able to leave this realm as well.”

“So it was like that.”

“When that time come, whether the people you see around you would still be that same person, will be something no one would know. ”

Having heard up to this point made Gu Wuji knit his brow as he said: “If the usual way of going out of this realm cannot be done, then what must we do?”

“Sealing him once more, as long as he falls asleep, then all the other ghosts will become unable to leave.” The maid anxiously looked at Gu Wuji, as the speed of her speech suddenly hastened, as if she also realized that there was not enough time, “Although it is very wretched……but this is also the only method. If it’s you, it can certainly be completed.”

“I’ll tell you know. The method is……”

The maid hadn’t finished talking yet, when the surrounding space had darkened once more, in addition to the faint mist that began to spread in the surroundings.

The maid’s face became extremely pale, the chest that was originally intact and undamaged suddenly gave way, as she incessantly pulled the internal organs from her body. She already looked very crazy and was no longer able to utter even a single word.   

Gu Wuji expression remained extremely calm, as he knew that things will never be so simple. In the storyline, it was common for the people who wanted to tell the truth to always end up like this before they are able to say it, but he never expected for this kind of tasteless thing to happen to him as well.

The other three ghosts who were on the ground were no better, as the atmosphere within the entire room became extremely terrible.

“Boss, this isn’t good, that malicious spirit is coming! We have to leave!”

Gu Wuji had also instinctively felt a strong sense of crisis and knew that he also couldn’t do anything. So while grabbing a hold of the shadow ghost beside him, he quickly fled through the mirror in front of him. A little while before his body had completely passed through the mirror, he felt an ice-cold thing sweeping through his ankle.   

A bone-chilling coldness could be sensed coming from his ankle, but he just gritted his teeth as he forced his entire body out.

The room inside the mirror had been completely enveloped by the dark mist which was exactly the thing that had come in contact with Gu Wuji’s ankle.

The consciousness of several ghosts within had been cleared once more, but still had a deep-rooted fear in their faces and were fearfully looking in a specific direction.

“I never expected you to be able to mess up such simple thing.”

Following the voice’s sound, was an extremely handsome young man that came out from within the mist, he then glanced over several ghosts with a chilling expression.

“W-we also did not expect this. That living person is really too……too formidable.”

“That’s right! He isn’t like an ordinary person!”

A couple of ghosts quickly voiced out.

“There’s no need for you to say anything. I was able to have a clear look on the previous situation…… It’s just a waste after all. It’s obvious that I can’t drag him down…… However, this instead makes me want to him even more.”

After the young man said this, he then picked up the letter papers from the floor that should have originally been inside the box, then looked at the back of Gu Wuji who had escaped through the mirror with interest.

“It really made me surprised. I wonder how much more will you still be able to do?”


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