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Ch 36: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 36: Realistic instance (end) (part 1 of 4)

Just as Gu Wuji took a step, a spine-tingling creeping noise coming from up ahead was immediately heard, then from within the surrounding mirrors, drilled out a number of dark bodied monsters.

They were not the usual ghosts anymore but were just monsters produced within this realm. The appearances were just like the shadow of animals, but were extremely grotesque, subconsciously crawling towards anyone.

The slightly terrified shadow ghost slightly retreated a bit. Because even if he was already dead, but this kind of scene was truly terrible, making him filled with fear.

“Don’t be afraid.” Gu Wuji voice suddenly sounded at this time, imbued with a sense of calmness that can put people’s mind at ease.

The shadow ghost turned his head and saw Gu Wuji’s gentle gaze directed towards himself, he even patted his shoulder, “It’s alright, I won’t allow anything to happen to you.”

This was obviously such a dangerous situation, but this living person had actually been able to give this ghost a strong sense of security. The fearful feeling of the shadow ghost seemed to have dissipated a lot, he then saw Gu Wuji raise the kitchen knife.

“Since these are just ordinary mindless monsters, then there won’t be any problem at all.”

Shadow Ghost: “……”

He didn’t know why he suddenly began to feel some sympathy for these monsters!


After both Cheng Jia and the steward huddled in the shadowy back of the cabinet, the two people’s nervousness had reached the extremes. That they didn’t even dare to look out from their hiding place for even a bit.

After Gu Wuji had suddenly been pulled in by the mirror, the entire area suddenly underwent changes. The room immediately became stained with fresh blood just like some kind of murder scene, on top of that several floating ghosts have swiftly emerged from the corner…… Almost as if they wanted to take advantage of Gu Wuji’s absence to make a move. There was not enough time even if they wanted to break the mirrors, so they could only rush out through the door in haste.

Not knowing whether it was because of luck, they did not run into a lot of ghosts along the way. After doing all kinds of twist and turns to escape, the two people had finally found a place that seemed safe to stay at. But the despair in their hearts had already reached the highest point.

After all, Gu Wuji who was the most reliable person had already disappeared, so how could they still have the possibility to escape alive?

As for the third Laoye and his wife, this was something they did not dare to speculate on. However, in this kind of dangerous place it can be estimated that they had long been out for the count.

“It’s going to be dark soon.” Cheng Jia gingerly looked at his cellphone that had the dark mode switched on before quickly closing it again. Then said with a deathly pale complexion: “Continuing like this, the most terrible moment is really approaching. How will we actually……”

Gu dashi was no longer here. Cheng Jia who simply seemed to have lost his pillar for support, materialized a resentment towards his own incompetence. If it were not for protecting him, why would Gu dashi specifically come to the Cheng home!

However, they eventually encountered this kind of incident in the Cheng home, so much that……Gu dashi even had to sacrifice himself, that Cheng Jia couldn’t help but want to personally give himself several slaps on the face.

The steward did not have anything to say. As a matter of fact, he no longer held any hope in being able to escape. Moreover, he also couldn’t help but reflect, whether it was because of his own concealment that things ended up this way now. If no one was able to get away, maybe he would not need to bury those secrets forever.

Although it looks safe right now, but the two of them were feeling more and more uneasy. Not knowing when something would suddenly emerge from their surroundings, which was simply more agitating than when being pursued by the ghosts.

“Cheng Jia shaoye……” Just when the steward had finally wanted to set thing right, a sound that chilled people to the spine was heard coming from the corner.

The sounds were simply very terrifying. The sound was a mix of scraping sounds and a monster’s blood-curdling cry, as well as the combination of the sounds of an approaching footsteps.

The two people were scared witless, knowing that they might not be able hide this time. The steward sprang up at this brief moment, then held Cheng Jia’s shoulder, “Cheng Jia shaoye, I will keep guard here!”

“Steward.” Cheng Jia looked at the steward with shock and hastily said: “I can’t leave you by yourself, isn’t this just like sending you to your death?”

“But Cheng Jia shaoye, you must escape this place alive.” Some cold sweat have already trickled from the steward’s face, “If you stay in this realm, something extremely terrible will happen. At that time something with an unimaginable magnitude of graveness more than our lives being lost will happen……”

“Steward?” Cheng Jia was simply unable to comprehend what the other person was saying at all, “Us dying in this place is already a very terrible thing. What kind of much terrible thing is going to happen?”

“Cheng Jia shaoye……”

Just when the two people were so tangled, the monster had already appeared from the corner and was swiftly rushing to their side, frightening the steward and Cheng Jia stiff, that they didn’t know what to do for a while.

So fast that after a few short breaths, the monster was already very close to them and was absolutely already impossible to dodge. Cheng Jia and the steward could only close their eyes in despair and wait for everything to end……

After which, they felt the monster briefly brush past their body and quickly leave, but also gave a some feeling similar to running away.

Cheng Jia: “???”

Steward: “???”

What was going on with this monster, ah? It didn’t follow the usual routine at all…… Wait a minute, that monster seemed to look a little frightened. Could it be that there was a much more terrifying monster behind it?

As the two people came to this assumption, the hearts wariness was increased, as they vigilantly looked over towards the pitch-black hallway. Various kinds of terrible scenes went through their minds.

After that, coming into their field of vision, was a hand with a kitchen knife, a body covered with fresh blood from who knows where. In addition to that, with an appearance similar to an upright and most hardworking citizen in society was Gu Wuji wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Cheng Jia, steward, you were actually alright?” Gu Wuji looked over with a bit of shock, in addition to a somewhat joyful expression.

Cheng Jia: “……”

Steward: “……”

The much more terrible thing that was following behind was actually Gu Wuji. For what reason do they feel that this was unexpected but was also very reasonable, ah!

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