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Ch 36: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 36: Realistic Instance (end) (part 2 of 4)

The first thing Cheng Jia wanted to do was to pounce on him while crying his heart out, but he then suddenly thought of something as cold sweat started to trickle from his forehead, “Are you really Gu dashi? Not some kind of ghost that came out from inside the mirror?”

“Of course he won’t be.” The shadow ghost came out from the back. After having witnessed the magnificent scene of how Gu Wuji dealt with those monsters, his admiration towards Gu Wuji had already reached the peak. To become this person’s little brother* is simply his honor!!


After laying his eyes on the shadow ghost he was familiar with, only then did Cheng Jia let out a sigh of relief. This was certainly something impossible to be mistaken for, so feeling reassured, he then pounced over and burst into tears in Gu Wuji’s arms. The once orthodox hedonistic son of rich parents, had now practically turned into a dog* by fright. Gu Wuji even had to pat Cheng Jia’s shoulder to comfort him.

*probably similar to the English term scaredy cat.

The steward at the side: “???”

Before the atmosphere could completely turn awkward, the figure of the shadow ghost began to tactfully dissipate, dissipating in the middle of the hallway.

Even though the steward couldn’t understand what this shadow ghost wanted to do, but this place was certainly very dangerous, so he immediately spoke up, “It’s too dangerous here, we have to quickly move!”   

“Right, we should move as we talk.” Gu Wuji said as he glanced toward the steward, “Steward, I still want to ask you something. Do you know what I want to ask?”

The cold sweat on the steward’s face was about to trickle. He had intentionally concealed it at the beginning, but upon looking at Gu Wuji who now appeared to have a crazed fierceness, in addition to the knife in his hand, that even the monsters could be frightened by him!

On top of that, it was now clear that the three of them would not be able to escape from this place, was it still necessary to continue keeping this secret? The steward let out a huge sigh, and spoke up at once: “You are already aware of something. I can only affirm, that those things you know are true.”

“What?” Cheng Jia had a puzzled expression. He definitely feels like he was always involved in things, but why does he feel like someone who had only been thrust into it when it was halfway through?

“During the time when the expert sealed the malicious spirit with the use of the mirror, it also happened to be the moment when Cheng Jia shaoye was born.” The steward appeared to be very distraught as he divulged: “The expert required Cheng Jia shaoye to be given a name that can be pronounced the same way, in order to complete the last part of the seal. The second laoye did not want to agree at first, but since he was also involved in the incident at that time, so he still reluctantly agreed with it in the end.”

“What else? Such a huge incident have happened, yet you still firmly insist on not leaving this place, there must also be a reason, ah.” Gu Wuji brought forth.

Those people in the family of Cheng also doesn’t seem like people who are not afraid of death when looking in the memory.

“That’s right. Even though several of the laoye also wanted to move away. But it will only be alright for a brief moment, if more time is spent outside, there will be repeated nightmares at night, only returning to this place will it return to normal.” The steward’s face became more and more gloomy, “Cheng Jia shaoye too, if he leaves the residence too long, he will have a sudden illness, which had also almost resulted to his death quite several times…… After that last incident of having encountered a ghost outside, only then was it decided to let Cheng Jia shaoye stay in the hospital first and to not return for the time being.”

That is to say, both the third laoye and his wife had been completely uninvolved with the original incident at that time, this was the reason why they dared to tamper the things within the house.

But who could have known that Cheng Jia would also come across ghosts inside the hospital. Nevertheless he also became acquainted with Gu Wuji, this person who had been completely disregarded by them and who they also believed to be some sort of swindler……

After all, with such circumstances in the Cheng home, a lot of experts had naturally been invited these few years, there were also innumerable swindlers among them. Gu Wuji, with a single look was very much like a third rate celebrity with just a pretty face in the entertainment circle, even more so when the 2 words not reliable were written on his face.

Cheng Jia’s face changed, he did not expect that he and this haunted ancestral house would be so deeply intertwined.

“So that’s how it is.” After Gu Wuji heard the words of the steward, he became more aware of something, “Steward, Cheng Jia’s room must certainly be not that simple. If what I’m thinking is not wrong, then that place is the most crucial point within this instance.”

From the information acquired it now seems that Cheng Jia’s involvement with this malicious spirit boss was not that simple, so much that it even began to advance around Cheng Jia.

The steward must have also known something, otherwise, why would the steward immediately prevent them from looking at the surveillance footage within the room of Cheng Jia before? It seemed as if he was terribly afraid of something…… Although it can also be due to how close it is to the location of that boss. However, thinking about it now it seemed to have some irregularity.

“How can that be?” Cheng Jia was so frightened that his entire body was already covered with cold sweats. What there something wrong with the room he sleeps in everyday? !

“That’s right.” The steward let out a long sigh, “Cheng Jia shaoye’s room, is right next……to that sealed off room.”

If the hallway had not been so dark, they should have discovered this fact in a much earlier time.

Having heard the words of the steward, Cheng Jia had nearly keeled over. It turned out that he had been living right next to that kind of terrible room for so many years before? ! No wonder he could hear strange sounds when he was younger, it turns out to be because of the room next door was haunted.  

“Everyone wasn’t in favor of that in the beginning, but the expert reasoned that this was the only choice…… Furthermore, nothing had also happened for more than two decades. Thus, everyone thought that there was nothing to worry about anymore, who knew……”

Who knew things would suddenly blow up all at once. Breaking out so fiercely and involving all the people inside the villa at that time.  

[Instance’s mainline task: The investigation of the hidden truth within the Cheng’s home has been completed.]

[New mainline task: Get out alive.]

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