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Ch 36: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 36: Realistic instance (end) (part 3 of 4)

Gu Wuji breathed a sigh of relief, the next part should not be so difficult…… He then thought of the young man he previously encountered. Um…… maybe the problem would be quite difficult.

During their exchange of words, they were already getting closer and closer to their destination.

Gu Wuji stopped in front of the door in Cheng Jia’s room. There was obviously no signs of wind, but a vague creaking sound could clearly be heard coming from within the room next door, leaving people with a creepy feeling.

“If I’m not mistaken. The malicious spirit of this place wants to use Cheng Jia’s body to return to the real world once more.” Gu Wuji revealed his speculations: “Moreover, perhaps the expert at that time, did not have the intention to help you as well…… But may have even planned everything for the things to turn like this now.”

Without a doubt, that expert was certainly not some kind of benevolent person at all and should be estimated to have made a deal with that malicious ghost. On the day the malicious ghost had possessed Cheng Jia’s body and returned to reality, it is reckoned that the Cheng’s family would have almost been completely retaliated by those people on the outside.

Cheng Jia’s face turned extremely despondent. His three outlook in life had been instantly refreshed. Not only was the place he resided in always been haunted, but he had also been living right next to a ghost. Now, he even learned that he was a sacrificial offering specially prepared for the ghost.

If it were not for the presence of his male god, Gu dashi in this place, Cheng Jia would have already broken down because of this huge blow.

“In this case……” The steward was also not a fool and vaguely realized this point during the course of events. He then immediately look towards Gu Wuji with a pleading expression, “Gu dashi, you must save Cheng Jia shaoye ah. He’s innocent and should have never been involved in all of this! ”

“I am certainly aware of that.” Gu Wuji turned his head and seriously looked at them, “But I also can’t be sure of what will happen in the end, but I will do my best.”

With that being said, Gu Wuji swiftly opened the door of the room before him.

This room had no whatsoever difference from the one in reality, besides everything being in the reverse direction compared to the one the real world.

“It looks like we still have time to look at the surveillance’s video.”

The surveillance in front the mirror was also here. Cheng Jia summoned his courage as he went forward, when the surveillance device was connected to the nearby TV, the recording instantly appeared.

When doing this thing, everyone consciously kept a certain distance with the mirror, for fear that something might show up.

Without knowing whether it was their misconception, the instant the TV brightened, the entire room turned much darker. There was even a constant beating noise coming from outside the window, even when they convinced themselves that it was nothing more but a mere branch, they were still stricken with fear.

The surveillance content showed a very normal mirror at the beginning, that Cheng Jia couldn’t help but use the fast forward. After all, they didn’t have enough time to slowly examine this video recording.

Soon after as if the video recording had been affected by something, static appeared from the screen several times…… Moreover, these parts happen to occur only around the mirror, after this, a strange thing suddenly emerged from within the mirror, soon after, a person’s figure slowly appeared.

In that instant, the TV screen immediately darkened and all the scenes disappeared.

Cheng Jia took several steps back in fright, then turned his head to look for Gu Wuji’s figure, but realized that he seemed to be carefully observing that mirror over there, not giving the video the slightest attention, “Gu-Gu dash? Did you discover something?”

“Maybe, I think I noticed something.” Gu Wuji gave a casual reply. He realized that this mirror was certainly different from the rest of the mirrors in this place…… That’s right, Cheng Jia had once said, that because the mirror in this room had broken before, so this mirror was specially purchased and placed here later, thus, it hadn’t been too long when it was placed here.

If this was the case, then this mirror should not have been affected by the resentment in this realm, right?

“Wait a minute, isn’t that place……” Cheng Jia stood up without warning and seemed to be entranced by something. He subconsciously walked towards the mirror’s direction, but before he could come in contact with the mirror, the body had already been restrained in this dark mist that had unknowingly gathered.

Gu Wuji turned around and instantly saw this scene. He immediately wanted to go forward to help. However, the steward standing at the side suddenly fainted in front of Gu Wuji at this time, blocking his steps.

“Steward?” Gu Wuji looked down. The dark mist gathered around the steward’s body was clearly the main cause, but at least the steward’s life was not in danger. 

However, Cheng Jia……

Gu Wuji looked over with a foreboding expression.

Looking at the middle of the mist surrounding Cheng Jia, a vague figure of a young man had emerged. Without a doubt, that is the ultimate boss of this instance and was also the young master who had been killed in the Cheng’s home, Cheng Jia.

“We meet again.” The handsome young man looked towards Gu Wuji, then the eyes also revealed a bit of happiness, as if seeing an old acquaintance.

“Yes, it’s truly a coincidence.” Gu Wuji gave a meaningful reply.

“I really didn’t expect that you can escape into this place…… Of course, that was because I had underestimated you. Those wastes simply can’t stop you at all, you are really not the same with ordinary people.” The young man thoughtfully said as he looked at Gu Wuji.

“Thank you!” Gu Wuji treated it as if he was praising him.

“Since you are so clever. Then you should be aware what I want to do now right?” The young man asked, then looked towards Cheng Jia’s direction, as if assessing some goods, “Even though all the aspects are poor. But as my body back to reality, it is still barely qualified. You should also feel honored, ah.”

“E-everyone is a member of the family, d-don’t do something like this.” Cheng Jia said with fear and trepidation.

The young man kept his silence and only glanced at Cheng Jia with a contemptuous gaze.  

Cheng Jia was feeling very wronged, ah! Even when he will be killed by this ghost, why must this ghost also treat him with contempt? !

“Your desire to leave this realm, can only be achieved by possessing another person’s body.” Gu Wuji took a deep breath and suddenly said: “But, must you chose him?”

“Oh? What do you want to say?” The young man faced Gu Wuji with a smile, as if intrigued of what he still wanted to say, “Could it be that I have another candidate?”

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