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Ch 35: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 35: Realistic instance (part 4 of 4)

Immediately after Gu Wuji broke free from the restraints, he rushed several steps towards the hallway, wheezing and gasping for air.

The mirror behind him shattered the moment he had passed through and revealed the wall behind.

“It seems that my guess was correct, that mirror was the way out of that place……”

The shadow ghost behind him who had also been scared witless, uttered in delight, “That’s great, if we had stayed in that place for just a moment more, we might have been completely done for.”

“But, where is this place?” Gu Wuji looked around for a moment. This was a pitch-black hallway, with several mirrors hanged on the walls and was able to make a person fall in utter confusion as to where they really were.

“I was pulled in by a mirror in the hallway.” The voice of the shadow ghost still contained a bit of lingering fear, “It really scared me to death. That day, I was only passing through the hallway and was oddly attracted to this mirror, before finally entering it…… I almost had to serve that malicious spirit for a lifetime.”

“It was also my fault in letting you out without careful consideration at that time.” Gu Wuji sighed, he had been too careless during that time and should be more cautious in the future.

“This isn’t important. But Gu-dashi, your rope which had been left inside. Is really something that is unfortunate.” The shadow ghost still had a powerful impression with that item of Gu Wuji, such a useful item had actually been left behind would really make people feel regretful.

Moreover, the more surprising part was actually that kitchen knife which had actually been safely taken out by Gu Wuji.

“There is always another way.” Gu Wuji was not very concerned, even though the blood-stained rope was very useful, but a substitute can always be found. The things that can’t be lost, were items like the pocket watch which Auston had given him.  

“Speaking of which, do you have a method to find the way to Cheng Jia’s room?” Gu Wuji questioned.

“I can narrowly locate that place.” The shadow ghost attentively said at once, “I have been to that place before, so a bit of yin energy had been left inside, which I can sense until now. Even though that place is very dangerous. But without a doubt, you, the boss heading to that place would have no problem at all!”

“Then let’s go.” Gu Wuji’s face became a bit serious. He immediately tightened his grip on the kitchen knife, as he followed the shadow ghost forward.

In discovering those letter papers inside the box, the most shocking information he obtained is the real name of the boss in this instance.

The real name of this young master of the Cheng family who had been killed and had turned into a malicious spirit because of grievances was actually Cheng Jia*.

* and : pronounced the same way but have different characters. So to differentiate I will make the ghost Jia in bold letters.

If only the pronunciation was listened to, it is basically the same with Cheng Jia…… How could they give their son such an unlucky name? Had no one even put forward the issue of changing his name?

Thinking back to the suspicious practices of that expert, the erasure of the name on the information, in addition to the possession mentioned by the ghosts before, made a spine-chilling idea emerge in Gu Wuji’s mind.

Was Cheng Jia actually a sacrifice prepared by these people for the malicious spirit right from the start?

If that was really the case……

“Then it would seem like, the mirror inside Cheng Jia’s room may really be the source of everything……” Gu Wuji muttered to himself: “We must quickly get there.”

If they could see the contents of the monitor, maybe he would also be able to completely the main task of this instance.

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This instance is estimated to be solved in the next chapter……!

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