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Ch 37: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 37: How much do you want to leave my son? (part 1 of 3)

When Gu Wuji opened his eyes once again, he instantly realized that he was lying on the bed in the guestroom, picking up the mobile phone he saw that it was the following day after he went to sleep.

Cheng Jia was still fast asleep similar to yesterday night, sleeping on a nearby sofa. He seemed to be having a nightmare, as his brows were frowned.

Everything that happened before was just like a dream course, leaving Gu Wuji feeling somewhat dazed.

Furthermore, this instance was so closely related with reality that no one knew what changes would happen after clearing the instance.

[To congratulate the player for successfully passing the realistic instance, a guaranteed minimum 100 points is earned. Because this instance is special it will not be included in the list of instances.

Because of the excellent performance of the player inside the instance, in addition to having obtained the key information, sealing the malicious spirit and having rescued several passers-by in the instance, 900 points will be awarded.] 

Gu Wuji nodded upon hearing these words. He supposed that obtaining this kind of points could still be considered as something very normal, as compared to the astounding 4 thousands points he obtained in one fall swoop before. Could this 900 points be mainly related to lending a hand to the other people?

[This instance dropped the item: Blood-stained rope.

Note: To the items that were originally owned by a player, in the event that no other person was able to obtain it at the end of the instance, then it will return to the hand of the original owner. If the original owner has already died, then it will be randomly handed over to one of the other players.]

To be honest, after being able to use it so easily, Gu Wuji felt like something was really missing without this rope.

However, while in the midst of joy he also noticed that the rule of this system seemed to be somewhat tricky. If someone wanted to obtain an item of another person……maybe something drastic will be done because of this.

[Item obtained from this instance: Stainless steel kitchen knife stained with unknown liquids and blood.

Item introduction: It was just nothing but a very common kitchen knife. However, due to staying in a place filled with yin energy and also due to being used to cut into a lot of strange things later. Somehow, it unintentionally gained some slight extra attribute?

Hidden attribute needs to be triggered to be revealed.]

Gu Wuji: “……” Why does the this kitchen knife sound like some sort of dish, ah?

But because it was easy to use, Gu Wuji liked it very much, so there was no problem at all. He also wanted to continue using it in the next world.

“System, How was the realm inside the mirror after that? Are all those people who went inside there really alright?” Gu Wuji inquired with the system.

[Although, there were other people who had been involved in the realistic instance, but they were not players in the final analysis, so the experiences inside the instance will be forgotten after leaving. They will only think of it as some kind of vague memories from a nightmare.]

Unless, someone very special was involved with the instance, only then might the memories in the instance be recalled.

Moreover, only by having the highest degree of clearance, can make an instance be completely sealed off. Because the host did not have the highest clearance rate for this instance this time, the malicious spirit boss may still continue to appear.

But rest assured, the connection of that realm with the Cheng family’s ancestral home has already been severed.]

The system responded to Gu Wuji in a reliable and diligent manner.

Gu Wuji nodded, at least the problems besetting Cheng Jia had been resolved now.

Though to speak, he still had no idea who that expert was. Moreover, it seems like someone from the Ning family in the capital city was involved, which seems to turn things more and more complicated……

Forget it, this matter was also not any of his business anyway. He was just nothing more but an enthusiastic passerby, so he mustn’t be too deeply involved, he will just give a reminder to the people in the Cheng family.

Moreover, he also wanted to live the life of an ordinary actor.

Gu Wuji still remembers his profession as an actor.

“Gu-Gu dashi……” Cheng Jia who was at the side suddenly woke up with anxiety all over his face as he immediately jumped off the sofa. But let out a sigh of relief after taking notice of the surroundings, he then wiped the cold sweat from the lingering fears off his face, “Have we gotten away successfully?”

His memory was only up to the moment when he had been imprisoned by that malicious spirit, the part when the other side wanted to directly finish him off, but also during the time when that malicious ghost said some gay words containing gay feelings towards Gu Wuji, it really very terrifying.

“That’s right. That malicious spirit was ultimately sealed by me.” Gu Wuji nodded, “Everyone should have returned safe and sound.”

“That’s great.” Cheng Jia felt so relieved, that he almost couldn’t help but want to pay homage to Gu Wuji. Gu dashi really lived up to his greatness, when facing those kind of extremely dangerous situations, he was able to get away unscathed! He was even able to rescue and let everyone return.

“However, they may not have their memories of that realm, so you also mustn’t specifically talk about those.” Gu Wuji additionally said: “You should just probably keep it from your family members.”

“Okay, I understand!” Cheng Jia on the contrary felt somewhat proud after hearing this. That is to say, aside from Gu dashi, this perilous incident will only be remembered by him! Where else could other people have this honor.

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