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Ch 37: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 37: How much do you want to leave my son? (part 2 of 3)

It was at this time when he suddenly noticed the mirror hanging on the wall, inevitably making him recall the terrifying memories in the mirror realm, making his body stiffen. He couldn’t help but shrink behind Gu Wuji.

Gu Wuji reached out and touched the mirror before him for some time, after not detecting the slightest trace of anything unusual, he then said in appeasement: “No need to be anxious, this mirror is very normal now. Nothing will also happen in the future. Right, I’ll be ready to head home later.”

“Don’t!! Gu dashi, I believe that I still need you very much!” Cheng Jia said as cold sweats appeared on his forehead. After passing through those kind of experiences, not only did his courage not grow, but had instead gained awareness on how dangerous this world was, in addition to how bad his luck was. If he doesn’t hold onto the big thing of Gu Wuji, he might not be able to get through this year, “Not me…… That’s right, Gu dashi, do you have an agent?”

“This-, not yet.” Gu Wuji had only acted in one online drama before, although there were some people who had contacted him, however a scandal had broken out before the contract could be signed, there was also no way to solve the problematic rumors released by the internet water army*.

*internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content.

By the time it had finally been resolved, because of the various things that Cheng Jia had done, everyone assumed that he was already a member of the company under the Cheng family. Moreover, who or what would dare to snatch a person with xiao Cheng zong, isn’t that just specially seeking trouble for themselves?

This is also the reason why, Gu Wuji was still on his own within the entertainment circle……

“That’s really great!!” Cheng Jia excitedly spoke, then suddenly realizing that his words might contain some other meaning, hurriedly remedied: “No, I didn’t mean to rejoice in this unfortunate thing. I only meant-…… Gu dashi, let me be your agent. Ah, no, I’ll work as your assistant!”

“Ah?” Gu Wuji raise his brow toward him, looking a bit surprised, “Aren’t you a chief executive?”

“That’s only by name! Although it’s nothing but a name and even if I was just nothing but a rich kid before, but I also have a lot of knowledge regarding the entertainment circle.” Cheng Jia then hastily said: “Of course, there’s no need to pay me anything, just let me stay by your side. Yes, our company won’t hold back as well and will certainly give Gu dashi the best treatment available. I will let someone come and draft a contract!”

Being able to stay beside Gu Wuji as an assistant will certainly have a greater sense of security! In addition to this area being his field of expertise, the more Cheng Jia thought about it the more feasible it sounded.

In any case, he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with him, a chief executive of an entertainment company, working as an assistant of a small star at all. This is his privilege!  

Gu Wuji didn’t disapprove of this idea as well. In any case, wouldn’t this save a lot of trouble? A person had excitedly come over and volunteered to help him, besides, Cheng Jia was also an acquaintance, which makes this very advantageous.

The two people came to an agreement. After they had finished taken turns to freshen up, did they head downstairs for breakfast.

The two ran into Fang Huihui as soon as they went out the door. She undoubtedly didn’t retain any memories of what had happened, but for some unknown reason, when she looked at Cheng Jia, Fang Huihui felt that he was very unreliable.

Although she had long been aware of the matters with regards to Cheng Jia’s sexual orientation, but Fang Huihui thought that since the other was a young master of the Cheng family, it would be implausible for him to not look for a marriage partner, so she always believed that it was a stroke of luck. But now, without knowing why, there was not even the slightest fluctuation in her heart.

At the same time, when her line of sight fell upon Gu Wuji, a feeling similar to seeing a big shot actually rose from within Fang Huihui out of the blue, letting her attitude have a 180 degree of change. Revealing a gentle and good-natured smile, with some kind of glitter in both her eyes, “Gu dashi, it’s you! Good morning, you look really good today.”

Gu Wuji gave a slight nod while simultaneously showing her a polite smile. Fang Huihui face had suddenly flushed red, the thoughts regarding Cheng Jia has long been thrown somewhere far away.

The other servants passing by were shocked and simply doubted whether the young miss Fang had eaten the wrong medicine today. However, this was also understandable, after all, the guest that Chen Jia brought over was indeed very stunning, making people subconsciously have a good impression of him. However, by the time Cheng Jia’s mother returns, it is estimated……

By the time the three people had reached the living room, the diligent and responsible steward who was standing there for quite a while looked at Gu Wuji and spontaneously felt a sense of admiration emerge in his heart. He didn’t know why he truly feels like this, but subconsciously felt that he must never offend this person before him.

“Gu xiansheng, you’re here. Come over quickly, breakfast has already been set.”

“Okay, thanks a lot.” Gu Wuji expressed his appreciation.

For some unknown reason, the steward also felt like he received some kind of overwhelming favor from a superior, even when he obviously never felt anything during those times when he would be praised by the third laoye and those people.

In just this fashion, during the time several people were eating their meals, they would be vaguely lead by Gu Wuji in the table and would eat while considering Gu Wuji.

If someone unfamiliar were to pass by, they would probably assume that Gu Wuji is really one of the Cheng family, while the other people were the guests.

It was under this situation that Mrs. Tang, Cheng Jia’s mother came upon when she finally returned to the Cheng’s home.

She had originally been traveling overseas, but received a report. After having heard that her son had actually brought home a little third rate male star, she immediately boarded a plane back home out of agitation.

Mrs. Tang would never allow her son to bring such an uncouth boyfriend home! Cheng Jia was still the young master of the Cheng family. There’s no issue when he habitually spends the day to play with men outside, but his partner must not be someone uncouth, this matter was directly related to the reputation of the Cheng family.

When the servant trimming the flowers outside caught a glimpse of the luxury car of Mrs. Tang, a feeling of sympathy towards Gu Wuji suddenly cropped up…… The parents of young master Cheng Jia were not people that were easy to get along with, ah!

Mrs. Tang was that type who typically spoils her son to the extremes. The type that if something goes wrong, all the problems would be blamed to the other person. She will certainly turn the sky and earth upside down now, she may even directly obstruct that Gu xiansheng, when that time comes, even the young master Cheng Jia will not be able to keep him.

In the face of Mrs. Tang’s gloomy expression, the bodyguard beside her immediately pushed the door open. Her cold gaze swept pass the opened door, to see which shameless person was able to deceive Cheng Jia to this extent. Did the third rate star really think he could climb up through the Cheng family? He had even deceived Cheng Jia this simple child.

The next moment, Mrs. Tang witnessed Gu Wuji receiving all types of incomparable attention……from her niece Fang Huihui and Cheng Jia.

Gu Wuji was sitting at the side while looking at the posts in the system’s forum, on the other side was Cheng Jia and Fang Huihui who were vying to bring him tea.  

For the first time in his life, Cheng Jia felt that the presence of this distant younger female cousin of his was really irksome. Could it be that she still wanted to grab his position as Gu dashi’s number one male fan! ? Don’t dream, he must be that person who can make Gu dashi be assured of the most!

When Fang Huhuhi remembered the issue of Cheng Jia being a gay guy*, her expression became very subtle. She feels that Gu dashi was such an amazing person, so how could he regard this older male cousin of hers!

*internet slang 

Because of the lack of explanation from Cheng Jia, coupled with the loss of memories of the other people, as a consequence, the other people still assumed that Gu Wuji was in a relationship with Cheng Jia.

Mrs. Tang: “……” What was going on! This was completely different with the scenes she imagined of this small star being bullied, ah!

Forget it, even if she doesn’t know how this little star was also able to deceive Fang Huihui, but she will never be fooled by this person’s appearance.

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