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Ch 37: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 37: How much do you want to leave my son? (part 3 of 3)

“Mom?” Seeing Mrs. Tang appear, stumped Cheng Jia for words. Fang Huihui who was beside him hurriedly called out a greeting, hence, it was naturally impossible for Gu Wuji to remain seated, so he also stood up to say hello.

However, Mrs. Tang looked at Gu Wuji with a peculiar gaze and immediately sneered. She then spoke words that were riddled with ridicule, “There’s no need to stand up, I can’t bear to receive such a great courtesy.”

She then noticed Cheng Jia eyes look at her with a very gratified expression.

Mrs. Tang: “??”

Cheng Jia felt that his mother was so reliable, Gu dashi was an expert after all! It was not known how many years he cultivated in the mountains, so it really wasn’t ethical to stand up in greeting, maybe his age was double than that of his mother’s.

Gu Wuji on the other hand, was not as apprehensive as Mrs. Tang assumed, so he calmly sat in a straightforward manner. Most of all, he was not a person who had a high EQ. Since the other told him not to stand up, then he will simply sit down, not listening to others wouldn’t be good right?

When Mrs. Tang saw this scene, she became even more infuriated. Not expecting for this little third rate star to have wholeheartedly trained/taught her son so ostentatiously like this! Not only was he so arrogant before her, but he also didn’t put her and the Cheng family in his eyes! If she really allowed Cheng Jia to continue and associate with this person, sooner or later a day will come when he won’t even recognize his mother!

She immediately cast a chilly gaze to Gu Wuji, “This is really an eyeopener. Did you really think that you can easily enter the door of the Cheng family?” After saying so, Mrs. Tang immediately took out a check and slammed it on the table, then sent a condescending look to Gu Wuji, “How much money do you want just to leave my son? This check is worth 5 million, is it enough?”

Gu Wuji looked at the other in confusion: “???”

Huh? Did he just miss something? Why did things suddenly develop to this point?

“Ma? What happened to you? You misunderstood, Gu dashi and I don’t……” Cheng Jia became perplexed himself and anxiously wanted to explain, for fear that Gu dashi will be displeased.

“I haven’t misunderstood, I know you very well.” Mrs. Tang wholeheartedly thought that her son was speaking out for this person, so she disdainfully said: “This kind of person is completely unworthy for you! Don’t be fooled by the beauty of this goods.”

The servants around them seemed to be working diligently, but had in fact placed all their attention to the rich and powerful dog blood drama of gratitude and grudges in this side. Since they got along well with Gu Wuji, they were worried in his behalf.

It was at this moment, when the third laoye together with his wife came by. Mrs. Tang’s expression immediately turned subtle, she wasn’t very willing in getting along well with this couple, after all. But everyone was a part of the family in the end, so a peaceful facade still needed to be maintained.

However, she soon realized, that the third laoye and his wife who had formerly appeared very sharp and obnoxious, actually donned on a kind and friendly smile at this moment.

Mrs. Tang was shocked. What had she recently done, in order to make this couple have a huge change of attitude towards her?  

……Soon after, she stared blankly as the third laoye and his wife directly ignored her, not only did they immediately head towards Gu Wuji, but they also had-…a somewhat flattering expression?

The third laoye and his wife were essentially the main culprits who secretly moved the mirrors which had caused that kind of situation to happen. So after waking up and clearly recalling all the incidents within the instance, cold sweat continuously poured down from their bodies. They realized that if it weren’t for Gu Wuji, they would have long died.

Not only had Gu Wuji resolved such a huge incident, but he was also able to save their lives and even helped the Cheng family too! Moreover, they also hoped that Gu dashi would do well to keep this incident a secret, because if this leaks out then they would certainly be done for.

However, the both of them were still slightly hesitant, as they didn’t know what Gu Wuji thought about them……However, it was at this moment when they saw Mrs. Tang wanting to use a check to humiliate Gu Wuji, wasn’t this a great opportunity for them to show off?

“Gu dashi!” the third laoye enthusiastically spoke, while simultaneously squeezing Fang Huihui to the side, almost as if he had been acquainted with Gu Wuji for such a long time, “Were you* able to sleep well last night?”


Gu Wuji said in reply: “It was fine.”

“That’s great then.” the wife of the third master who was also beside them enthusiastically chimed in, “If there’s anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable, be sure to speak of it right away! Our Cheng family will never make our guest feel uncomfortable, especially you Gu dashi. Our Cheng family will certainly receive you well.”

Mrs. Tang’s eyes were about to pop out, she was very clear how sharp and obnoxious this couple were. The two wouldn’t even give something a glance if it held no benefit for them, but why were their attitudes so pleasing towards this-… this little star?!

In the next moment, the third laoye actually took out a piece of check and without knowing whether it was intentional or not, firmly positioned it on top of the check that Mrs. Tang had previously set down, “Gu dashi, we are truly very grateful. This is a blank check, you can fill it in with as much as you want, this is the sincerity of our Cheng family.”

It was at this moment, when Mrs. Tang had finally come to realization, that Gu Wuji who stood before her was definitely not someone so simple! Looking at that kind of enthusiastic attitudes of both the third laoye and his wife, as if they almost couldn’t wait to kneel down and curry favor towards Gu Wuji, was by no means something a small third rate star could have done.

Cold sweats suddenly emerged on her face, as she wondered whether she had been too impulsive.

Gu Wuji wasn’t too gallant as well, a lot of energy had really been expanded to solve this instance after all, so he directly accepted the check. He also took Mrs. Tang’s check in passing, then looked at the other party, “Since this is Mrs. Tang’s request, as I’m also not such a person who will force something, so after this day…… I will never interact with Cheng Jia again.”

Cheng Jia almost knelt to the ground, as tears immediately burst out. What was happening here, ah? How could his own mother actually do something like this!

Cheng Jia hurriedly rushed forward, wanting to stop Gu Wuji from leaving, “Gu dashi! I beg you, don’t go, if you want to go then take me with you!”

Fang Huihui immediately rushed forward upon seeing this situation and whispered in Mrs. Tang’s ears, “This Gu Wuji is allegedly a great master in the field of exorcism, being a star is nothing more but a cover of his. This time, he seemed to have solved some troubles of the third laoye, that even the steward was very in favor with him. Brother Cheng Jia had also claimed that if hadn’t been for Gu dashi before, he might have already been……”

“What?” Mrs. Tang only knew how serious the incident was when she had heard of this.

As a part of the Cheng family, she was also aware about those things regarding the Cheng’s home, but also because Cheng Jia had to bear those problems, not knowing when it would become life threatening. This made her feel so guilty, that she spoiled her son to an unprincipled level.

It was also because of this that the other members of the Cheng family, carried such a compensatory attitude towards Cheng Jia and would be very indulgent no matter what he does. If it weren’t for Cheng Jia’s inherent quality…… perhaps he would have become a tyrannical rich second generation spurned by other people.

At this moment, Ms. Tang suddenly came to a realization that this person before her may very well have been the saviour of her son’s life. Even Cheng Jia’s life in the future might need his assistance to be preserved, which simply made her extremely regretful.

Why did she immediately presume that the other was certainly a very dubious person! She had actually said those kind of words to Gu dashi, what should she do if the other will really give up on Cheng Jia?

“Cheng Jia, sorry.” Gu Wuji on the other side looked towards Cheng Jia and heaved a sigh, he was an understanding person after all, so how could he bear to disrupt other people’s home? “I also don’t want this, but since your mother doesn’t want us to have any interaction, I don’t want to make things difficult too……”

“No, that wrong! Why won’t I allow the both of you to interact?” Mrs. Tang immediately butted in the conversation. The originally contemptuous attitude underwent a sudden change, becoming extremely enthusiastic, that was almost like a change of individual, “Gu dashi, everything had just been a misunderstanding, don’t pay any heed to it! My mind had just been muddleheaded for a moment……”

The servants around them had already been in a state of shock, they had never thought that things will turn like this right now. That even the attitude of Mrs. Tang had changed!

“So that’s it.” Gu Wuji nodded, he didn’t mind it too much, in any case, the other person had given him money. What else could he still be unsatisfied about? “Then thank you so much.”

Cheng Jia immediately felt relieved and emotionally looked at his mother. Rejoicing that Mrs. Tang had been able to change her decision in time. If he were to really leave Gu dashi side, that was practically just like sentencing him to death, ah!

“As for this check, um-……just think of it as Cheng Jia’s dowry!” Mrs. Tang enthusiastically held Gu Wuji’s hand, the more she looked the more pleasing to the eyes he appeared. With this kind of reliable partner, there wouldn’t be any problem even if Cheng Jia’s future was entrusted to him, “This child will bother you in the future……”

That’s right, because no one had given any sort of explanation at all, so Mrs. Tang had also mistakenly assumed that Gu Wuji was in a relationship with Cheng Jia. After all why would he be this good if they weren’t in a relationship?

Cheng Jia who was originally feeling so touched almost fainted when he heard his mother’s words.

Gu Wuji: “? ? ?”

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The author has something to say: I always love such vulgar dog blood plots and finally wrote this mysterious line.

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