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Ch 38: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 38: 4th Instance (part 1 of 3)

Afterwards, it took more than half a day before Cheng Jia was finally able to clearly explain this matter to everyone. In addition, to firmly explaining that he and Gu Wuji were definitely not in that gay guy kind of relationship.

Everyone appeared to believe this, but some were in fact still skeptical about this, after all Gu Wuji to their view was truly very devoted towards Cheng Jia!

Mrs. Tang even grab pulled her son to the side, telling him to tie Gu dashi’s heart down and must never let Gu Wuji’s corner be pried over by some other person. Cheng Jia heart was suffering with these words and could only manage to get past this through hemming and hawing.

In Cheng Jia mind, Gu dashi was a god that descended from heavens. Where could he have any qualifications to have those kind of feelings towards such a god, ah! Even if there were feelings involved, that feeling would at most be something like a father has towards his son.

Because the third laoye was worried that something might still happen, he immediately invited Gu Wuji as an honored guest and made him stay for several more days. Gu Wuji as expected had agreed, as he had nothing to refuse.

Gu Wuji was still thinking about the matter regarding bringing those few members of the Cheng family to justice, as he still remembered the words he had said to Cheng Jia before.

Even though he received money for expelling the ghost from the Cheng family and had a good relationship with Cheng Jia, but the weight of this two matters were different, it was impossible for Gu Wuji to mix them up.

But when all was said and done, the things discovered within the instance were too vague, there were no definite evidences as well. It would certainly be impossible for the forces of the Cheng family to let him easily report these to the authorities, even if they were arrested they would also be easily released through the means of their connections, this kind of matters was something Gu Wuji was still very clear about.

If something was really to be done, at the very least, a bit of evidences would still be needed to keep them from overturning their fate for a while.

Gu Wuji immediately went over to look for the third laoye to inquire about the matters regarding the young master Cheng Jia, the person was already present, not asking any questions would be a waste.

Although the third laoye did not have a part of the original incident during that time, but whether it was fortunate or not he was also at the Cheng home at that time, even more so when he never considered that Gu Wuji actually wanted to report to the authorities for the sake of that malicious spirit inside the instance. He only assumed that it was regarding the incident of the haunting in the villa, so he immediately told him everything he knew.

In that year, the main culprit responsible was the eldest laoye, who is the current master of the Cheng family. This person’s methods were quite cold-blooded, any person who blocks his path, will naturally be eliminated through either fair or foul means.

As for Cheng Jia’s father the second laoye, he also wasn’t much of a good person in the words of the third laoye. Even though he’s reported to be honest, but was in fact only quite terrified with the big matters. It was reportedly said that after marrying his wife, he would indulge in pleasures outside everyday, so much that he was even suspected of having illegitimate children outside…… There was no direct involvement with the murder, but the help lent would certainly not be nonexistent.

Without a doubt, the third laoye certainly did not have any good feelings towards those two older brother of his, so the words that were spoken were also extremely negative. The words mentioned on top were information that Gu Wuji was able to extract from his mouth with great difficulty.

“So it was actually like this.” Gu Wuji was sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee at this time, while thinking about those words that the third laoye had said, “But so many years had already passed, so the evidences would certainly be gone. If only there was some suitable item available.”  

Gu Wuji immediately opened the system’s mall, this mall almost had everything a person may need. As long as there was enough points at hand, anything can be purchased, even the internet water army can be bought with the use of points……

“A truth serum potion, will make the person who consumes it go to a place of important occasion and crowded places, then the person will uncontrollably start to confess all his wrong doings. The duration is permanent…… The person must drink the entire bottle for it to work, a bottle only requires 500 points.” Gu Wuji’s eyes brightened when he quickly noticed this certain thing.

Isn’t this the item he needs? Not only during this time, as this potion can also be very useful even during other times.

The only problem is, how he should approach the involved person.

This problem, was of course something Gu Wuji directly asked Cheng Jia about. Since he also didn’t have anything to hide, so he revealed everything he knew.

In any case, Cheng Jia was an experienced man as well, so what else could he still not accept?

Cheng Jia was originally not very clear about the truths regarding the matters, learning about what actually happened now made him shocked…… In any case, the most important thing was that he also knew that he had previously been a sacrifice offered by people to the malicious spirit, which unexpectedly made him gain a much greater psychological endurance.

“Gu dashi, that slag dad of mine, you can just do whatever you want! Don’t mind me.” Cheng Jia did not have a high favorable impression towards his father from the beginning. As for that very imposing eldest uncle* of his, he was only afraid of him before, but was only full of disgust now. As the things they had done were very abominable.

*refers to the eldest laoye

In reality, seeing Cheng Jia makes the blood of the second laoye run cold because he caused him to remember the previous incident, thus, he was not very close with this son of his, but he still continued to make illegitimate children outside. In fact, while Cheng Jia was being taken care of by Mrs. Tang, there was no father and son relationship as well.

Even though he has a father, but that father still sentenced him to death. Had it not been for Gu dashi, he would now be lying inside the morgue.

“But he never stays in this city and has always been seeking for pleasure outside, the eldest uncle too.” Cheng Jia thoughtfully pondered, “They only come back once every few months. I originally thought, it was normal for that slag and assumed that uncle was only handling some business matters outside. But now that I think about it, perhaps, they too, did not want to stay in this terrible place where a murder had occurred.”

“So it turns out to be like this. You don’t need to worry, I can just continue to wait.” Gu Wuji nodded.

Anyway, so much years had already passed, there was also no need to rush this matter.

Furthermore…… Gu Wuji felt that it was impossible for this matter to be settled that easily.

“Speaking of which, Gu dashi, this is a pastry specially made for you by the head chef of the kitchen. Quickly try how it tastes……”

Even though they had just been talking about a serious matter a moment ago, but Cheng Jia didn’t feel that these had a higher importance compared to him serving Gu dashi, that he didn’t even ask him how he was going to handle this matter, but just quickly shifted the topic.  


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