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Ch 38: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 38: 4th Instance (part 2 of 3)

At the same moment as this, inside a luxurious villa at a deserted countryside, a person abruptly opened his eyes.

“Strange, how can I not feel the breath of that ghost inside the Cheng’s residence.” The expression of this person turned extremely dark.

This was exactly the bureau that they had been operating for decades, a malicious spirit with an overflowing resentment would soon be attained, so how could something wrong suddenly happen?

Moreover, it was not only this single matter, the other malicious spirits within the city, more or less also had some problems……

“Unexpectedly, not a single person in the Cheng’s residence had died. This shouldn’t have been the case, could it be……they have someone who can thwart it?”

The sounds of knocks suddenly came from the door, followed by an anxious voice which came from outside the door, “Ning dashi! Are you alright?”

“Come in.” the person called Ning dashi spoke, the tone already contained a bit of impatience.

The person who came in from outside, was a middle aged man with an astonishing amount of cold sweat all over his face, in addition to having a terrified appearance, “Ning dashi, the talisman paper you gave me to affix to the mirror tore by itself. What happened……”

Master Cheng*, didn’t I say that it was alright?” Ning dashi coldly looked over, “This is just a normal phenomenon. Because this talisman paper had blocked an attack of that malicious ghost intended for you, so it would naturally be torn. Otherwise you would have already died yesterday.”

*master Cheng: is the head of the Cheng household and the eldest brother of Cheng Jia’s father but is not the Cheng patriarch.

Yesterday evening, was precisely the moment when the yin energy of that Cheng’s residence was the strongest. The situation that was initially expected, was that malicious spirit killing all the people within the villa, the resentment accumulated would be enough to turn him into the most powerful malicious spirit…… At the same time, the array they had previously set up in the Cheng’s residence will place this malicious spirit under their control.

But who would have thought, nothing actually happened to the people in the Cheng’s residence the entire evening, on the contrary, the traces of the malicious spirit had disappeared!

“But having blocked this attack once, what should be done afterwards!” Master Cheng anxiously said, “Won’t this malicious spirit come looking for me again!?”

“How would I know, this was an evil you created.” Because of the fact that Ning dashi was unable to detect the ghost’s breath, made his expression look extremely ominous, that he was not even in the mood to take care of the master Cheng, so it was even more impossible for him to do any sort of appeasement.  

“Ning dashi, you have to help me, ah! That malicious spirit will never let me off!” Master Cheng hurriedly asserted: “No matter what conditions, you just need to say it! ”

In a short time, Ning dashi had nevertheless thought of something, so he turned around and looked over, “Master Cheng, during the time of your absence this time, were there any new guest that visited the Cheng’s residence?”

“This, there would naturally be a lot of guests who came over to visit.” cold sweats trickled from the head of master Cheng, their Cheng family had a lot of huge businesses, so having a lot of guests was extremely normal, “You are asking this……”

“What nonsense, of course it’s related to your life. If you don’t want to die, then collate the information of these people and send it to me.” Ning dashi coldly said, in a tone full of urgency, “What are you still standing still for? Go!”

“Y-yes.” Master Cheng attitude did not have the slightest trace of discontentment towards this person at all, Ning dashi was ultimately the only person who can save his life now. That damned Cheng Jia was already dead yet still continues to linger on! Not allowing him to have a good night’s sleep for more than two decades, for fear of waking up in a strange place. He recently had recurrent nightmares, then the most dangerous mishap had almost happened in front the mirror……

If it were not for the protection provided by Ning dashi, he would let that little bastard have his way for now.  

Not long after, master Cheng had already instructed someone to gather the information and respectfully sent it to Ning dashi.

On top of this stack of information, was surprisingly a photo of Gu Wuji. After all, he just spent time in the Cheng’s residence yesterday and was present when the incident had transpired, no matter what, he was the most suspicious.

However, not knowing what the person who gathered the information was thinking, an unexpectedly good quality of photo was chosen, that made Gu Wuji look even more attractive……

Moreover, the information related to him touched upon a little star called Xu Mingjun, as well as Cheng Jia, the second young master of the Cheng family who were suspected to be involved in a love triangle. In the end, he was able to successfully capture the heart of the second young master of the Cheng family, that he was even brought to the Cheng’s residence by the other and the next day was when the chaotic event happened.

In the eyes of outsiders, this Gu Wuji was just a pretty face whose selling point was his beauty. The kind that can take a person’s breath away with the first encounter, how could this possibly have any connection with the incident?…… The disaster that happened in the Cheng’s residence, could only be claimed as this person’s misfortune.

Ning dashi did not want to read this kind of worthless things anymore, so he immediately flipped over to the next page.

But he didn’t harbor great expectations. After all, if that person was really so powerful and was able to handle the malicious spirit in the Cheng’s residence…… Then that person would surely be able to conceal his information as well, how could it be exposed so easily like this?


“Gu dashi, here are a couple of scripts that I had just selected, which one do you want to pick? If you don’t want to take part in a movie, then we can also look at promotions or some other programs.”

Cheng Jia diligently handed over the couple of scripts to Gu Wuji. These couple of scripts were huge resources that outsiders cannot acquire, their eyes would probably go red if they saw this. But this were nothing in Cheng Jia’s perspective, who wouldn’t exchange this to give xiao Cheng zong a bit of face?

In any case, he wants to support Gu dashi’s acting career, what’s more, he is an assistant of Gu dashi. How could he possibly let Gu dashi continue to act in those online drama before? That’s also all he could do to seek favor as a man, so Gu dashi’s treatment must be a lot more higher.

After going through the event in the Cheng’s residence, Cheng Jia’s fanboy level had increased to some extent again, that even if Gu Wuji says that he wants to have an idol’s debut, Cheng Jia would not have the slightest hesitation to find someone to quickly make it happen.

Gu Wuji took a look at the couple of scripts, his intuition was also very useful in this aspect, otherwise, how could he earn a bit of fame with just a single internet drama he had chosen before? In addition to having a good face value, it was also due to the excellent quality of that internet drama as well.

Among these couple of scripts, Gu Wuji immediately took fancy to one of them, this is the script of a supernatural movie. The director also had a lot of experience in this area and will cause a huge wave in the box office every single time. This new movie had already garnered lot of attention with just the publication of it’s title.

“In that case, I choose this one.” Gu Wuji really relied on his intuition.

Besides, his inherent capability will naturally shine in the supernatural field.

“Okay!” Cheng Jia said at once, “I’ll let someone go contact them now.”

The thought of being of use to Gu dashi, simply gave him an incomparable happiness.

On the other side, Cheng Jia was energetically preparing about the matters of the new script, Gu Wuji on the other hand was surprised to receive a message coming form an unknown sender.

“Who could it be?” Gu Wuji was somewhat surprised. He first thought that it was something like a spam message, but still opened it to take a look. He couldn’t help narrow his eyes the moment he read the contents of the message.

This anonymous person was actually Peng Hao Cang, whom he encountered during the second instance. The content he wrote was also very short, just an invitation to Gu Wuji to meet in a restaurant while expressing that he had important matters to discuss.

Gu Wuji was not curious how he had obtained his contact details at all. Peng Hao Cang had essentially been able to acquire his information through some means before and had even directly entered an instance with him. So how could there also be any difficulties in sending a message now?

It’s just, what purpose does Peng Hao Cang have to really look for him for?


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