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Ch 38: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 38: 4th Instance (part 3 of 3)

Gu Wuji arrived at the appointed place wearing a hood and black glasses, he then alighted from the Cheng family’s car.

The restaurant before him had quite a high class, with an an extraordinarily magnificent atmosphere. Gu Wuji was led to the restaurant’s private room and saw Peng Hao Cang sitting inside as soon as the door was opened.

Peng Hao Cang had a slightly different appearance within the instance, but was still sufficient enough to determine that he was that person.

This should have probably been achieved through the use of some kind of face concealing item. Gu Wuji then started contemplating whether he should also buy a similar item.

“You’ve finally arrived.” Peng Hao Cang’s expression didn’t look very well. But he was a person who had passed through a lot of trials and hardships in the end, so he didn’t immediately rush to talk about the matters, “Take a seat first, we’ll speak after eating a bit.”

“Alright.” Gu Wuji sat right in front of him. In fact, as soon as he entered the door he immediately became very interested in the culinary delicacies set on the table, so much that he remembered how he did not have the time to continue practicing his cooking skills…… Maybe he should find some spare time to practice.

“Actually, some people in our organization are already keeping their eye on you.” Peng Hao Cang ate a bit to calm down, before quickly speaking.

“Oh?” Gu Wuji looked past, “What do they actually want to achieve?”

The present Gu Wuji wasn’t like before who only had superficial knowledge. He also found some information regarding the organizations in the forum.

The system encourages the players to from teams, this also opens extra features. As long as the application was passed, the members of that organization will not be allowed to kill each other in the instances (Of course, if they let their teammates be killed by ghosts through schemes, the other people won’t mind as well), moreover some special points and items can also be shared.   

The most important thing was, the members of these organizations will share their knowledge with regards to the different instances, this was what attracts people the most.

It was also due to this reason, that there were countless organizations spread throughout the instance and it was basically improbable to communicate with every level of the organization, there was a huge disparity in strength after all, and not much benefit would be gained as well.   

Just like Zheng ge in the previous instance, who had been fooled by a person in an intermediate instance. Generally speaking, the people in the intermediate instance would already be very vicious, a person with good skills would actually deceive them who entered the lowest instances and were considered to have the lowest of the low strengths.

Ordinary organization had a lot of member signing up and can casually bring in people in the system’s forum. However, many trials needed to be passed to become a member of those powerful organization. As for the top ranking organizations, that is an existence that ordinary people will never be able to reach.

Peng Hao Cang was actually a member of an of an organization in the intermediate level. The people who they previously sent to enter the low level instance had unexpectedly died and was simply an extraordinary shame and humiliation to the people in their organization…… But they were considered to have more interest towards the thing that the person who survived had obtained.

“They hadn’t given up yet, thinking that you certainly have a good item in your possession…… Moreover, you have only passed through a few instances, so your strength would certainly be very weak, so it would be a great opportunity.” Peng Hao Cang said with great worry and concern: “I also can’t do anything to stop the leader’s decision, but I nevertheless still want to give you a heads up.”

Even though Gu Wuji was powerful and can cheerily talk with ghosts…… But his opponents were real people this time. Furthermore, the people in their organization have some items and capabilities, and were sometimes more difficult to deal with than the ghosts.

This kind of matters was originally something Peng Hao Cang wouldn’t care about, as he couldn’t even protect his own life, so how on earth could he still have the leisure time to warn other people. But Gu Wuji……really garnered a lot of good impression from him during the instance. Whatever the case, he didn’t want a good person like Gu Wuji to encounter any unfortunate events.  

“I am very grateful to you.” Gu Wuji gave him a look of gratitude. As expected, his first impression of Peng Hao Cang being a good person from the start was correct.

“You don’t have to be grateful. I already feel very shameful of being unable to protect you.” Peng Hao Cang sighed, “But I will enter the next instance as well. If possible, I will do my best to be of help to you. Of course, this is only during situations that won’t affect you, as I also don’t want to conceal this point from you.”

If Peng Hao Cang knew about the heroic performance of Gu Wuji during his previous instance, he most probably wouldn’t utter these kind of words.

Gu Wuji nodded: “This is already good enough. If I can’t even keep my life, then it would be much better for me to die early.”

He was quite open about this part.

Peng Hao Cang took several gulps of hot water once more, before finally looking at Gu Wuji again, “I recommend that you enter an instance in advance. You can gain some information from the system this way, it will also help advance the mainline task in the instance a bit.”

“That was what I was thinking too.”

Both of them ate while chatting afterwards. Gu Wuji learned a lot of unspoken rules in the world of instances from the conversation with Peng Hao Cang.

“I want to ask one thing.” Gu Wuji though of something, “Can anyone do anything despicable in reality from those abilities gained in the system’s mall?”

“This can’t be.” Peng Hao Cang imparted, “The abilities given by the system are restricted to some extent, there’s nothing wrong with relying on it to make a fortune. But doing this too much will not be permitted by the system. Otherwise won’t those people in the high leveled instances already done whatever they wanted in reality?”

“So it turns out to be like this.” Gu Wuji nodded.

He was still uncertain whether or not the person who wanted to do something to the Cheng’s family was a person connected to the system, but this kind of thing……will be revealed sooner or later.

“Furthermore, does all the people in your organization have an ability gained in an instance?” Gu Wuji inquired.

“This is naturally not possible.” Peng Hao Cang shook his head, “You’ve seen the system’s mall, in addition to the people talking big in the forum, who assumes that this kind of thing is very common…… But as far as I know, there are only very few people who were able to acquire abilities in an instance, getting a hold of this item can already be considered to be very extraordinary as everyone is already expending their utmost effort just to keep their lives.”

“Okay.” Gu Wuji said.

“But even if it’s not inside the instances, the people in our organization had also bought some powerful and dangerous abilities from the mall, so you must take care.” Although Peng Hao Cang said this, but his thoughts still remained very pessimistic.

Both of them casually talked about a few embarrassing things once more, before Peng Hao Cang conveyed that he still had matters to attend to and hurriedly left.

When Gu Wuji returned to the Cheng’s residence, he then took Cheng Jia to play several games with him, only then was he able to have a absolute mental relaxation. He then had a good night’s sleep after having eaten a midnight snack.

The next day, Gu Wuji felt that he had rested enough and was ready to enter a new instance.

[Because of an advantage of entering an instance in advance, the player can choose from the following 3 instances.

1, Abandoned Hospital: As a reporter, you still haven’t given up in getting a hold of a huge scoop even after your last adventure in the abandoned villa. So you have once again set out to a strange place ——an abandoned mental hospital, this place was rumored to have monsters showing up during the very late night.

2, Deserted Island Escape: You were caught in a uninhabited island with other people, to become preys of wealthy people who have special hobbies. In this place, the hunters don’t seem to be just humans, as there was still a much more terrible existence. Deal with the hunt, while simultaneously facing the betrayal that may come from your companions——

3, Vampire’s Banquet: You have inadvertently intruded in a banquet of people in the upper class and shockingly discovered, that this is the banquet of the vampires of noble birth, and you are sacrificial offering presented to him. If you don’t leave quickly……]

[Because of the increase in the player’s personal strength, the difficulty of the instances has been upgraded to the difficulty of the intermediate instances. The details of the contents has also been slightly adjusted. May the player be well prepared.]

Similar to last time, Gu Wuji was still not prepared to pick the abandoned hospital that was related with the first instance, but the content details were indeed more detailed this time, it also pointed out that this was set in a mental hospital……

As for the Vampire’s Banquet, Gu Wuji instinctively felt that he must not enter it now.

In other words, without any other choices left, Gu Wuji selected the second instance. This sounded like a story plot where there would be an infighting between players against other players, making it more convenient for him to act. Gu Wuji doesn’t feel like he will lose if he faces off against those people.

Raw word count: 6250

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