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Ch 39: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 39: 4th Instance (part 1 of 3)

The instant Gu Wuji was able to open his eyes again, that swaying sensation from being on a boat had been immediately felt. In a single glance, this place he was tied up in seems to be an interior of some cabin.

The light source of this entire cabin, were only some light rays that poured in from the only window located at the topmost area at a side. A huge crowd of people could also be vaguely seen around him.

[You are captured slaves being sent to a deserted island. As everyone is well aware of, certain death with no return will occur once you set foot on that place. Furthermore, the waters in the surrounding area are turbulent and densely packed with coral reefs. What’s more, it is inaccessible except for the specially designed water vessels……]

Could all these people be players? This was also quite an astonishing number. Gu Wuji couldn’t help but think of this while looking around.

The other people equally kept their silence, looking at each another, while vigilantly seizing up the people around them. Most importantly, this was an intermediate instance, having a lot of participants was also rare occurrence, inevitably causing an unsettling feeling.

The boat went through an astonishingly strong and turbulent shaking once more. The huge waves constantly smashed against the boat’s hull violently, causing players to feel a strong sense of discomfort.

Before anyone could have doubts whether or not this ship would fall apart, the group had finally reached their destination.

Everyone was driven out the cabin, with both their hands tied behind them. Even though they were intermediate level players, who could easily undo this kind of binding with just using a bit of their strength. But since the mainline task had yet to be given out at this point of time, they also did not dare to do any reckless actions, to avoid causing a much greater trouble.

After Gu Wuji was driven off the ship, he staggeringly set foot on the land. He then raised his head to observe the environment of this deserted island.

This island didn’t look small at all. From this vantage point, a dense forest could be made out. The mansion located halfway to the top of the island’s mountain peak was the most conspicuous, an overview of the entire island can be seen from that place.

Without the need to think about it, that place must certainly be where the boss in this instance was located.

Furthermore, that mountain was very steep, in addition to the several cliffs on the sides, only a single path can be used to climb up the mountain……it’s practically impossible for someone to climb up without being seen by anyone.

Because of entering the instance in advance, Gu Wuji was able to know that the theme of this instance was a battle royal. So he did his best to observe all the things on the surrounding area at this moment, as it might be of some use later.

“Everyone is here. We should move, we don’t want to let the higher-ups wait too long.”

Everyone looked over to the direction of the voice, and suddenly felt a chill in their hearts.

The person who spoke was a delicate and pretty young man, dressed in an attendant’s clothes with an apathetic expression. The gaze he used to look at them was just like seeing some livestock.

Standing beside him were two sturdy men, with masks on their face and didn’t appear to be like some ordinary person at all. They stood still while constantly breathing heavily, they held barbed whips in their hands, a few pieces of flesh would most likely be removed if it was whipped on a human body.

“You’d better give me the best behavior, otherwise, they will not show you a bit of mercy.”

These players had ample experiences, it can be easily seen that these two beings were not easy deal with and they might not even be people at all! Other than being a last resort, they didn’t want to offend such beings as well, so each and every one immediately became more well-behaved.

The crowd of people was practically herded towards the island this way. Gu Wuji was also very active and took the foremost position. He didn’t care whether this move was extremely eye-catching, in any case, it so happens that the surroundings can be observed more carefully at this position.


The other players looked at Gu Wuji, some of them had already been able to recognize Gu Wuji’s identity in reality. But even like this, their hearts did not produce the slightest fluctuation as well. After all, there was a saying that, it’s impossible for a ghost not to kill you just because you have good looks.

Only Peng Hao Can who was splendidly hiding in the crowd, recalled the matter of Gu Wuji cheerfully talking with the malicious spirit in the instance once again…… Look at the ability of Gu Wuji in making that malicious spirit like him! His three views had simply been refreshed, who said that ghosts don’t look at faces, ah!

As for those teammates of Peng Hao Cang, they inwardly sneered upon seeing this scene, thinking that Gu Wuji had still wanted to be in the limelight, in spite of being in such a dangerous instance. They might not even need to do anything themselves for him to die.

The attendant swept a glance at everyone, the moment his sight fell on Gu Wuji, the latter gave him a faint smile and a bit of nod, without the slightest hint of tension.

What’s the matter with this guy? ……this laid-back attitude was simply like going on a trip. The attendant slightly narrowed his eyes and simply turned away.

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