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Ch 39: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 39: 4th Instance (part 2 of 3)

Everyone was passing through a large part of the forest, when a miserably harrowing scream suddenly came from the side, causing the several people walking in front to stop on their tracks.

The next moment, a man dressed in white uniform, suddenly rushed out from the midst of the forest on the side. His clothes were already stained with blood, the exposed skin were also full of scars, but this person didn’t seem to give these things the slightest bit of concern as he continued to run frantically.

“Who is this?” “Is he a living person? He still looks quite normal.” This were the inner qualms of all the players.

After seeing some people here, a glimmer flashed in the desperate eyes of the man in white. He immediately ran over using the last bit of his strength, then simply knelt down in front of Gu Wuji and the other people, as he spoke in between gasps, “Help me, help……”

Gu Wuji subconsciously reached out to the person before him, intending to pull the other side up. But just as he extended the fingers on his hand, a sharp bang cut through the atmosphere at once——

In an instant, the man’s head had been penetrated by a bullet. He fell to the ground with his eyes opened, the blood splattered on the ground.

After all of this happened, that person who fired the bullet never even showed up…… No, whether or not he was a person was not even clear.

All of this happened in a twinkle of an eye, that everyone only managed to react after quite some time had passed.

All the players felt a chill in their hearts, as countless possibilities flashed through their minds. The complexion of a lot of people turned pale at the thought that such a thing might happen to them later.

As for the attendant who led them, when he saw this scene, he lent forward, then indifferently but elegantly turned over the head of the deceased.

He acted, as if he was turning over a potted plant rather than a human’s life. The attendant finally pulled the soul out from the top of the person’s head and placed it in a container. He gave a slight smile towards the peak of the mountain, then spoke to the empty space: “Congratulations to the higher-up in hunting down the 24th young soul, you have won the hunting competition.”

The other people were already frightened over the scene just now. What kind of people were actually staying at the mansion located halfway to the mountain’s peak? Looking at this situation now, were they hunting down people just for amusement? Even the person’s soul could be extracted, what could be the use for this extraction?

Gu Wuji was also puzzled over this. It seems that, these so-called nobles, were very likely to not be a living person at all. After all, even this seemingly ordinary attendant had such astonishing means.

After that sentence was said, the attendant turned around, the moment his gaze landed on Gu Wuji and the other people, his expression was completely different from before, with ice-like indifference. After all, no one would be willing to waste any of their emotions on livestock, “Alright. Let’s go.”

But because Gu Wuji had originally reached a hand out, the attendant’s sight stayed on him for a moment, with a cold expression and an indescribable kind of emotion.

The other people had keenly noticed this bit and gave Gu Wuji a sympathetic gaze. Secretly thinking that the action of Gu Wuji extending his hand to help the person before had certainly provoked the attendant’s ire. Not running one’s mouth off and not being nosy about others were after all the most basic rules in the instances, ah!

They didn’t expect for Gu Wuji to not even know this bit, everyone could clearly see that this person would be a hindrance. Being able to offend such a npc that didn’t look too simple, was also some kind of remarkable luck.  

Everyone thought of this, while being glad of their own wit.

Gu Wuji on the contrary did not feel anything at all and looked at the other side with doubt, seemingly curious why he was enthusiastic towards him, so he revealed a slightly amiable smile to him.

The attendant seemed to have seen some kind of fool and immediately shifted his sight away.

Everyone soon arrived at the building on the foot of the mountain, a pure white room could be seen after passing through the door.

There was no other people in the room aside from the attendant and their group. There was no other existence, however, everyone could perceive the uncomfortable feeling of countless sights scrutinizing them.

Those powerful gazes of the higher existences were incomparably cold, making people feel as if they were not humans, but some kind of domestic animal goods.  

This sights made everyone’s heart feel numb.

The attendant respectfully asked towards the empty space: “Masters, are these preys acceptable?”

This time, an enchanting voice gave a reply, with a bit of interest, “Can be.”

These were just two words, but caused people to fall into boundless kinds of reveries, that people couldn’t help but wonder how majestic and good-looking the owner of this voice could be.

Gu Wuji clearly saw that after the attendant received an approval, he seemed to finally let out a breath of relief. He then turned to look at everyone and indifferently said: “Be glad, ah. It seems that the higher-ups don’t want to personally do the hunt, but wants to try something a bit more novel. Otherwise you won’t be able to last for even half a day.”

Everyone instantly remembered the person they recently saw that suddenly died, making a lot of cold sweat trickle down from their foreheads.

Indeed, if such powerful inhuman beings were made into their enemies, then this instance would no longer be an intermediate instance, but a high level instance!

“These are the rules for the upcoming hunt, each of you will get a number. You can pair up or be in a group with up to 4 people. the hunting site is the entire island, but as time goes on, the accessible site would be reduced.” The attendant stated: “There are a total of 50 people here. Only a single person will survive in the end.”

Everyone felt a chill run down their spine, the instance this time actually wants players to kill each other? So this was the reason why 50 players were set, but wasn’t this too difficult?!

“That remaining person who survives in this game, can obtain one wish or receive an item.” The attendant disclosed: “This is a reward that the higher-up had set for the winner.”

This was most likely the doing of this instance, so even though everyone was shocked, but the majority of them were also able to accept this. After all, it’s not as if the previous instances weren’t even more unfavorable as this.

Everyone was afraid to even say a single word, but Gu Wuji raised his question at this time: “The last person alive, isn’t that like letting the teammates kill each other?”

The attendant looked at Gu Wuji with a frown, but had yet to speak, when the voice of that higher-up echoed in the room: “Of course, if all members in that team survives. The treasure I’ll reward you can be equally divided, which can also be converted to the currency in your world.”

“Wanting to ask for an item or treasures, will all depend upon your choice.”

“Thank you very much for the clarification.” Gu Wuji also nodded courteously.

The attendant slightly froze in shock, as he did not expect to hear that higher-up to give a clarification.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing this. This means that as long as they can be the last to survive, they will certainly receive an item…… and may even be able to get a chance to receive an ability!

Although ordinary players may not be fully aware, but those veteran players were very clear that abilities and items obtained in an instance, were a lot better than those bought in the mall. There were a lot of hidden abilities, not to mention that there was no need to spend a lot of points.

The first low-level instance Gu Wuji participated in before had this kind of similar reward, drawing the people in the intermediate level of organization to assign a person and was obligated to get the boss’ reward…… Even though that person had unfortunately perished in the low level instance.

They were actually able to hit this kind of heavenly fortune when casually entering a plot’s instance. The fire in the eyes of many people were immediately ignited, the atmosphere that was already very tense was practically in a state of having their daggers drawn now.

On the other side, Gu Wuji was secretly shocked as well, mulling over what was the reward of this instance’s boss, could it be something that was difficult to acquire…… He seemed to have easily and casually obtained it during the first instance.

Even though he had almost been forced to stay in that world by the bent boss of that instance, up to the extent that Gu Wuji did not dare to go to that mental hospital instance.

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