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Ch 39: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 39: 4th Instance (part 3 of 3)

[Mainline task activated: Leave this island alive.]

[The present situation is already very clear. The requirement in this instance, is for only a single team of players to survive in the end.

But due to the special circumstance in the instance, there are 10 slots of clearance quota. When the time comes that there are only 10 people remaining, the player can choose to abstain to be able to leave this world. A copy of his body will be generated in the instance, to make an appearance of false death.]

Killing so many players directly was basically too much, so the system still left 10 slots for players in the end.

When the system’s had finished speaking, some people wanted to make their moves right away, as they were very confident with their own strengths and did not think that they were below compared to the other people present at all.

The attendant who noticed this scene, had a streak of dark light flashed across his eyes as he coldly said at once: “This is not the time to start yet, someone will direct you to have a change of clothes and receive supplies, in addition to allotting you sufficient time to head into the island. When the alarm sounds, only then will the hunting officially begin.”

Everyone nodded one after another, and were already contemplating who to find as teammates. After all, in this kind of situation, having teammates were naturally more advantageous than being alone.

Just like some people who teamed up to come here, there was no need for them to worry over this kind of issue and were secretly feeling very glad of bringing in their teammates from the start.

Among the people in the crowd, there were also several people who were keeping a close eye on Gu Wuji’s figure. One of these people was Peng Hao Cang, his eyes was layered with a bit of concern, inwardly thinking that the instance this time was clearly not very amicable to Gu Wuji, so how did he chose in the end?

But because of the other people around him, he also couldn’t take the initiative to approach Gu Wuji. He could only hope for the other party to notice him here and run far away the moment the instance have officially started.

“I never expected this Gu Wuji would actually chose this instance. This is simply a dead end, does he really have sufficient understanding of his own strength?” A person sneeringly said.

“I never expected this too. Just wait for the right opportunity, we will cleanly finish him off when that time comes. We can’t let others get ahead of us!”

This was currently the most concerning issue of the people in their organization. If Gu Wuji was killed by other people, then the item would fall into their hands, which would surely be a big loss to them!

Even though Peng Hao Cang got along well with Gu Wuji, but because of the scheming of the people in the organization, his heart had been chilled from the organization for a long time now. So he intentionally concealed Gu Wuji’s strength during the time he gave his report. Gu Wuji was only portrayed as a person with good luck, the other point was a very incapable pretty face.

The other people didn’t dwell too much over this as well. So what if Gu Wuji obtained the reward from the malicious spirit in the first instance? This pretty faced person must not have made use of it for several times, so the strength must also be very negligible.

“This time, his good fortune will come to an end with us!”


In the mansion located halfway up the mountain peak, a holographic image of an island was displayed in the middle of the living room. This projection was closely related to reality and was able to accurately show the current situation of the island, clearly exposing all the hiding places of everyone.

The screen above was needed if someone wanted to have a closer look. The comprehensive cameras can show almost all the happenings in the island, to guarantee that the VIPs in the living room would never miss out the wonderful scenes.

The VIPs that were seated all around, had their appearances hidden in the darkness, only the exposed scarlet colored eyes revealed their unearthly identity.

“This is really more entertaining than doing it ourselves. These preys are basically too weak for us. Who among them do you believe can persevere in the end?”

“I can see a lot of good seedlings this time. I guess, they should be able to show us some delightful scenes. I have already been bored for far too long.”

“Speaking of which, that human is actually quite interesting…… Can a person whose conscience had not yet died out, really be able to survive in this place?”

Following the end of this sound, a close-up of Gu Wuji immediately appeared in the screen, right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Truth be told, Gu Wuji was really a very conspicuous person right from the start. His behaviour and appearance stood out from the rest after all, which made it difficult for people not to notice.

“Who knows? But I don’t think he can last that long.” The voice of a middle-aged man brimming with majesty sounded.

“I actually think, he might just be the one who can give us the best surprise.” A female voice sounded at once, “This kind of lovely child, is something people can very much look forward to.”

“There’s no need to surmise.” the chilly voice of the mansion’s owner sounded. The others immediately shut their mouths, as they dared not offend such a great existence.

“Such a naive person, will never survive in this place.”


“The hunt will last for a total of five days. During these 5 days, the hunting range will also shrink randomly, until only a single person would be left behind, only then will the site stop shrinking.” The attendant disclosed the other rules.

At this point, each player had already changed into a numbered white uniform under the leadership of the attendant. Not only would this allow the VIP guests to know who was who, but such color was much more noticeable, which also adds an excitement to this hunting scene.

Gu Wuji was practically someone who stands out from the rest in this crowd of people. Such ordinary white clothes in his body ultimately looks like a specially tailored kind of stylish outfit, as if he was going to walk in a runway later. That several people couldn’t help but look a little more than necessary, and couldn’t help but secretly feel very regretful that this kind of pretty and handsome guy was going to die.

Everyone were soon given backpacks, quite a lot of people immediately opened it, and immediately noticed that it only contained a single bottle of water and a piece of compressed biscuit.

These supplies were quite obviously not enough for an adult person to use for 5 days. The expression of many people became somber, but they had been holding the idea of finding a place to hide. But looking at the current situation, this kind of idea was not something that can be easily achieved.

“Aren’t this supplies too little?”

“Of course it wouldn’t be enough. Supplies are hidden in certain parts of the island, but not much, it just depends on who can move faster.” The attendant indifferently replied.

With regards to weapons, everyone was only given a single small knife as well, which can’t pose too much threat. However, listening to the words of the attendant, there should probably be other weapons stashed in hidden places.

Now that the hunt was about to begin, everyone already felt more urgent, especially those who were still alone, as they quickly sought for teammates before it formally starts.

Moreover, this hunt requires everyone to at least have one teammate, otherwise, if a rule was violated……they may be killed off even before the start.

Gu Wuji actually suspected that he might be shunned away this time.

Not just because he looks more of a pretty face, but because of some suspicion that Gu Wuji might have offended the attendant before on the island. Even if there were people who admired him for his bravery, but no one had the courage to team up with such a heavy burden.

Gu Wuji was inwardly feeling very depressed, since when did he turn into such an unwanted person?

“Looking at your appearance, I guess your currently feeling very anxious.” A hand patted Gu Wuji’s shoulder.

“Eh?” Gu Wuji turned around and looked over in surprise.

The person who spoke up was a young man with hair dyed in a golden color, in addition to having several piercings on his ears and lips, giving people an incomparably deep impression. He even speaks in a straightforward manner: “I’m the kind of person who can’t idly stand by and watch the weak being bullied, you can team up with me in the instance this time! I will certainly protect you.”

Gu Wuji’s heart had been immediately moved, even if he didn’t feel that his skills were too lacking. There were truly a lot of good people in this world and everyone were all just as good as him.

“Of course, no problem.”

Gu Wuji discovered from their conversation afterwards that this person was called Lu Yuanzhou. Even though the person had a bad boy appearance, but he actually had a very honest and hearty character, giving him a strong sense of contrast.

The attendants soon lead them outside, allowing them to pick the place they wanted to start from in the island, but no one was allowed to do anything before the alarm goes off.

The one who lead Gu Wuji’s team, was actually the attendant who brought them down from the boat before and went with them along the way. He looked at Gu Wuji with narrowed eyes, with an indescribable expression that simply couldn’t reveal his thoughts at all.

Only during the moment when the attendant brushed past him, did Gu Wuji hear a very quiet voice sound beside his ear.

“Beware of the hounds.”

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The author has something to say:

Yes the pattern of this instance is a battle royal game.

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