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Ch 40: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 40: 4th Instance (part 1 of 4)

“What did you say to that human?”

The attendant indifferently raised his eyes to look at his companion in front of him, “It’s not something of importance.”

“Oh? I also want to say. There’s no need for you to spend time in informing a guy who’s going to die soon. Haven’t we seen enough prey for so long? If there is still some sympathy existing, it should fade away soon here.”

The attendant acquiesced to the other party’s statement, as he also felt that he really thought too much. Even if he gave him information, what could that guy also do? It wasn’t even sure whether or not he would survive this night.

But, that person really gave him an unusual feeling.


The moment all the people were appropriately placed on different parts of the island, the system’s beep sounded right away.

[Due to the special nature of this instance, all the offensive abilities obtained by the players will be suppressed, only a portion of it’s power can be used.]

This was simply a terrible revelation to everyone, as these people basically relied on their abilities most of the time. However, with their abilities being suppressed right now, what difference would they have with an ordinary person?!

But these were people with ample experiences after all. At the very least, the items could still be used for the time being. Everyone was able to quickly accept this situation and promptly proceeded to explore the surroundings.

After all, during this time when their abilities were being suppressed, only by obtaining a lot of supplies and weapons would they just be able to grasp the advantage——


Two people were walking through the forest, the trees in this place were very tall, tall enough to cover the sun in the sky, making the surroundings extremely gloomy in addition to an eerie atmosphere.

Lu Yuanzhou thought that it shouldn’t have been like this!!

Gu Wuji obviously looks just like a very thin and frail person. According to this reason, the other person was supposed to have been safeguarded behind him, while he exhibits his manliness in triumphing over obstacles throughout the entire journey!

But why, did things turn out to be like this now?

Gu Wuji was effortlessly using the kitchen knife to constantly cut down the vines blocking the path in front of him, with crisp and clear movements. The two of them had obviously gone through quite a long distance, but he was still as relaxed as if he was just at home, that not even a single sweat had been shed until now.

Even though the abilities of the other players had been limited, but both the stamina and physical strength of Gu Wuji were naturally inherent in the first place and were not obtained inside any instances, so there were no issues at all.

As for the shadow ghost, he has been included in the items category. However, Gu Wuji felt that other shouldn’t be set freed, as the promise to help the other party exact retribution had not been fulfilled yet, so it wouldn’t be proper to call upon the other.

Lu Yuanzhou took the first step to volunteer and explore the road ahead, but because of not having any survival skill in the wilderness, he quickly grew weary…… By the time he realized it, Gu Wuji had already taken the lead.

“Can you still carry on?” Gu Wuji worriedly looked over, in addition to having a slightly bewildered gaze, just like being surprised over the physical strength of the person before him.

“Of, of course I’m fine.” Lu Yuanzhou simply received a huge blow after making out Gu Wuji’s thought with his eyes. He was obviously considered as someone with a good physical strength, ok! It was obviously Gu Wuji who was a huge bug alright!

Lu Yuanzhou immediately put on a bold face as he said, “Don’t mind me, we still need to quickly find the supplies——”

A cold, clammy feeling suddenly came from a place just above his ankle. Lu Yuanzhou looked down and almost screamed out loud.

A corpse had unknowingly emerged from the ground and had apparently been covered by dead leaves before. A rotten hand suddenly grabbed a hold of Lu Yuanzhou’s ankle at this moment, the other hand could be seen to be constantly moving upward.

Lu Yuanzhou still burst out in cold sweats even though he had gone through a lot of experiences. He knew deep down that he should shake off this corpse right away, but that ice-cold feeling actually caused his body to feel momentarily paralyzed that rendered him incapable of moving for even an inch……

Common ghosts would definitely not have this kind of power, or was this the result of the surrounding environment which put him into a disadvantage?

What a terrible luck! This situation was definitely far from good.

Lu Yuanzhou couldn’t help but reach towards his pocket. He didn’t expect to already make use of this item at the start of this instance.

But in the next moment, a hand patted his shoulder and Gu Wuji’s voice suddenly sounded, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll save you.”

Lu Yuanzhou saw Gu Wuji quickly approach that corpse with a kitchen knife at hand, he immediately became anxious, as he hurriedly said: “Wait, you need to be careful. This ghost isn’t as easy to deal with as it looks! It will cause paralysis to a person’s body and make them lose strength!”

As expected, Gu Wuji had not yet gotten close, when he already felt a strange ice-cold feeling, causing his body to instantly feel somewhat weak, that he couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

That corpse on the ground suddenly looked up, that angle of the neck almost completely snapped it into half, the relatively decayed face revealed a smile full of malicious intentions towards the two people.

It’s wrist was then grasped by a hand without warning and was forcibly pulled away.

While Lu Yuanzhou let out a sigh of relief, he swore that he heard the crisp sounds of bones breaking.

Corpse: “???” It clearly sensed that this person had fallen into it’s trap, ah!

Gu Wuji had undoubtedly entered it’s trap, but his strength was already very impressive to begin with…… So even if his strength was weakened, it would still be able to beat this corpse.

The next moment, Gu Wuji suddenly crouched down in front of it with a calm look, in contrast with the strong condemnation in his eyes. As he said: “This sexual | harassment behaviour is wrong.”

Lu Yuanzhou: “??” Why did he suddenly feel like he was some kind of a victim!

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