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Ch 40: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 40: 4th Instance (part 3 of 4)

Based on the corpse guidance, the two quickly found various supplies not far from their position. These supplies were very well hidden, some were buried in the ground or hidden high above. If it were not for the corpse leading the way, it was estimated that they would never be able to reach this step this easily.

The two people were presently carrying all kinds of equipment all over their body. Bulletproof vests were worn inside their clothes and their backpacks stuffed with food, which can simply cause all the struggling players to be very envious and jealous.

Gu Wuji had even found a map of an island.

But this map was not complete and only contained this part of the area where they are currently located. Some places were marked with x, showing that those areas were extremely dangerous and must never be approached.

In addition to this, the location of the tree house where people can rest in was also marked. It was also written that ghosts at the very late night cannot approach these places, which was a rule on this island.

Aside from this tree house having quite a distance from them, everything else was not a problem.

“It seems that we’d better avoid these places.” Lu Yuanzhou immediately cheered up, “In addition to having a place to rest, the first day can be expected to pass by in a safe and sound manner!”

“But there is something I was very concerned of before. During the time the attendant announced the rules, the hunting range was said to shrink…… But how would it actually shrink?” Gu Wuji pondered over this.

“I presume that this problem will only be known when the times comes.” Lu Yuanzhou on the contrary was very laid-back.

During the time Gu Wuji took another casual look over the map, he suddenly noticed something amiss. When touching this map, it constantly gave off a bit of weird feeling.

He reached out and attentively ran his finger over it, then immediately felt some unevenness on the surface of the map, which seemed to form some words.

“What’s this?” Gu Wuji couldn’t refrain from knitting his brows, exerting more pressure on it as he wanted to know what was really written on it.

Even though the system did not release any mainline task that made the players uncover the truth about this island, but Gu Wuji felt that this island must have some hidden truths, which roused his interest.

If other people would get in trouble, it would be good to keep their lives at such time, irregardless of the context of what had actually happened. But for Gu Wuji, if there was something hidden here that he didn’t dig out, it would make him feel completely uncomfortable.

What’s more, if he could figure out what had clearly happened in this island, he would also be able to purify the ghosts of the people who had pitifully died as preys in this island.

But before he had the time to take a much closer inspection, a scream sounded from a place not far off.


The face of the two players were filled with fear as they ran in the forest.

The terrain had undoubtedly increased the difficulty for them to escape substantially. But they absolutely knew that they must not stop, or they would certainly die. Their companions who previously died in front of their eyes were proofs.

Spine-chilling noises came from behind them, which were hidden in the dark depths of the forests. The shadow with twisted limbs slowly moved towards their direction. it obviously looked like it was moving in a very slow pace, but was however able to quickly narrow the distance between them.

The faces of both players were already covered with cold sweats. One of them had unexpectedly stumbled on a root of a tree at this moment. A look of fear immediately appeared on his face, as he subconsciously reached out towards the companion ahead of him, “Give me a hand!”

He unexpectedly saw a slight hesitation appear on the face of his companion, then witnessed the other turn away and continue running forward. Both of their life-saving items had already been used before, leaving a person here, can give him more time to flee.

The feeling of despair had already welled up within the person left behind, as he resentfully clenched the thing in his hand.

At this moment, the fog behind had slowly spread towards the front. The sound of unhurried footsteps treading on the dead leaves sounded and drew more and more closer to him.

Misfortune doesn’t come one by one, as rustling noises could be heard coming from ahead of him. In the next moment, a greatly rotten corpse suddenly appeared in front of him.

This person: “……!!!”

In the next instant, two fully equipped people appeared from behind the corpse.

This player had already been stupefied. To his perspective, these two people before him who were fully equipped from head to toe simply appeared just like a pair of upstarts. How on earth did they get a hold of this much equipment, ah!

Gu Wuji immediately rushed forward from behind the corpse, towards the side of this person who had almost passed out of fright and helped propped him up. The latter was already so frightened that his face was filled with cold sweats, fearing that he would be killed by Gu Wuji in the next moment.

“Are you alright?” Gu Wuji asked with deep concern.

“W-we have to quickly run away!” While this person was panicking, he noticed Gu Wuji’s deeply concerned expression and couldn’t help but be instantly moved. Thinking that if the other person wanted to kill him, he would have already done it, but he was actually a good person since he still hasn’t done anything!

As for the reason why Gu Wuji had just appeared together with the corpse was already a matter ignored by him.

“Being this anxious, is there anything behind?” Gu Wuji laid his eyes on the fog and clearly saw several dark shadows in the fog. Their appearances couldn’t be seen at all, only the feeling of the cold line of sight watching him could be perceived, in addition to a creepy feeling.

“I also don’t know! These ghosts are too terrifying.” This person continued to hurriedly say: “As long as you step into the fog, the consciousness would be lost……and turn into the same existence as those ghost! This was how my two companions before lost their lives.”

“So it is.” Gu Wuji felt that he should not rashly step into that fog, but simply walking away wasn’t his style as well. He immediately grabbed a hold of the corpse beside him, “Is this fog very dangerous?”

That creepy looking corpse which immediately frightened this player as soon as it appeared, suddenly shifted it’s body slightly…… But soon after, he saw that this corpse which was supposed to frighten players, unexpectedly had a slightly aggrieved look on it’s terrible face, then nodded soon after.

“Alright, let’s leave.” Gu Wuji’s curiosity cannot be used in such places. He fished up the corpse with one hand and supported the player with the other hand.

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