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Ch 40: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 40: 4th Instance (part 4 of 4)

The player revealed an look of embarrassment, “My foot seemed to have been sprained.”

“Say this kind of things much earlier.” Gu Wuji said.

Lu Yuanzhou who was behind him slightly knitted his brows, “Taking along a person with a sprained ankle, will hinder us from going far, it would be easy for us to be caught in danger——”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Wuji had already placed this player directly on his shoulder, with such swift actions that was almost like holding a piece of paper. It’s really difficult to think that this beautiful youth before him would actually possess such strength.

Gu Wuji broke to a run while carrying a corpse along with a person, Lu Yuanzhou on the other hand needed to exert a lot of effort just to keep up with them.

Lu Yuanzhou: “……” Maybe it should have been him who should now be feeling envy towards that person, ah!

Gu Wuji was certainly fast enough and was able to quickly steer clear from that fog.

When the three people and one corpse had reached a safe location, Gu Wuji in passing gave some of the medical supplies he obtained to this person. This person was simply moved to tears, “Gu dage*, you are really my benefactor!”

*Big brother: respectful way

“You’re welcome, I just did what I should do.” Gu Wuji said in a very calm manner.

“Can I continue to follow you?” The player requested, “I know that such a request is certainly very excessive, but I would definitely die immediately if I stay here…… If I can pass the night safely, I will tell you a secret I discovered before.”

“Just one night will do! I should be able to regain my ability to move freely by tomorrow morning.”

If it had been before, Lu Yuanzhou would have definitely refused without the slightest hesitation. Taking along a burdensome person was not practical after all, and was simply tantamount to seeking death in this kind of instance. Even if he wants to help other people, he had had already chosen Gu Wuji as his teammate and would never do anything beyond his capabilities.

But when he first looked at him, he originally assumed he was just an ordinary pretty face. But now, Gu Wuji gave others a huge sense of security, making him fall into meditative silence.

He had never seen such a person who was heedlessly benevolent, these kind of people would basically suffer for their own benevolence…… But Gu Wuji, had simply refreshed his three world views!

“Of course, no problem.” Gu Wuji simply gave his agreement without much thought.

“That’s right.” Gu Wuji turned to face the corpse that had always been on the ground and spoke in a gentle manner: “Thank you very much for your assistance before.”

The corpse looked at him with some grief and indignation. It was obviously a ghost, but it was actually forced to do good deeds like this, which was simply humiliating act as a ghost! However, it was really unable fight against Gu Wuji. It would never believe Gu Wuji, no matter how much the other party vows to be a good person!

“In order to thank you for your assistance, I have now decided to purify you. Do you have any objections?” Gu Wuji said: “Or do you still want to say any unfulfilled wishes you want to accomplish?”

The corpse was shaken up, ever since it died, it had always been bound in this island and had never thought it could leave. But this living person before him, was actually able to casually utter this kind of words!? Does this human know what purification means to them?!

“Don’t mind it, if you don’t want to be purified.” Gu Wuji was a person who greatly respects the choices of ghosts, unless it was those mindless low leveled ghosts. In other cases, he would consider the feelings of the opposite side.

The two other people saw that the previously rigid body of the corpse do it’s best to shake it’s head, for fear that Gu Wuji would genuinely not purify him. Even those pair of originally turbid eyes was filled with a hopeful look.

Lu Yuanzhou paused for a moment. This was the first time he had seen a ghost have this kind of expression. No, this was simply the first time he saw a person control a ghost like this! At best, he only saw others use their abilities to temporarily control ghosts, that person received a very high treatment in the organization by virtue of that ability.

Could Gu Wuji really fulfill the words he had just spoken?

Gu Wuji sensed the desire of the ghost before him, so he nodded his head. He placed his hand above the corpse and closed his eyes, then used the purification skill.

As luck would have it, the purification skill was not considered as an offensive ability. So it could still be used within this instance.

As light spots emerged, the appearance of the corpse also became completely transparent and the appearance it had during the time it was still alive could be vaguely discerned. He gave a final look towards Gu Wuji, with gratitude on his face. That transparent soul went near Gu Wuji’s ear and softly whispered something, before completely turning into light rays and dissipating.

In the light rays, a piece of white paper had also fluttered to Gu Wuji’s hand.

Gu Wuji thought about what the other side had just said and carefully kept that paper, then turned around to face the others, “We should continue moving, something very terrible might happen once it gets dark. We should quickly look for the tree house in the forest.”


At another place in the forest.

A group of people who were walking amidst the forest, was exactly the team of Peng Hao Cang.

“The three of us have already gotten a hold of supplies, I assume that we have the quickest progress among the rest of the players.” The person leading the group said with a sneer, “How could those guys be our opponents?”

“That’s for certain. Other people coming to this instance may have a very difficult time. But to our perspective is just a place for fun.” Another person also spoke with complacency: “The reward of this instance’s boss will certainly be in our pocket.”

“That’s right. The most important thing to do now is to quickly look for Gu Wuji.”

“Didn’t you already place something on him before?” The leader looked at Peng Hao Cang, as he said with a frown: “Can’t you find out where he is?”

Peng Hao Cang showed a stiff smile, as his feelings of concern towards Gu Wuji had simply reached it’s peak. However, he sill feigned calmness as he spoke: “I also want to find Gu Wuji soon, but it seems that we are too far apart, since it’s also motionless right now.”  

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