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Ch 41: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 41: 4th Instance (part 1 of 4)

Once the sky had darkened, an eerie atmosphere enveloped the entire forest. The shadows hidden in the darkness were constantly swaying and the wind blowing through the grasses made people frightened.

Needless to say, this situation was only directed to other people, as it did not have any effect to Gu Wuji. He was only keenly looking over the shrubs and trees around him, trying to find some ghosts that he could purify.

Lu Yuanzhou expressed his delight towards this. Even if the target of help wasn’t right at all, but there was always no problem in doing good deeds!

That player with the sprained ankle was also surprised. He didn’t know what skill Gu Wuji was using, only a few flashes of white light was seen, as those ghosts immediately disappeared.

What the hell was this! This had already turned into a fantasy genre. The gaze that player used to look at Gu Wuji was similar to an admiration towards a big shot.

To cut the story short, in the course of this kind of stressful circumstances, Gu Wuji and the others finally saw their destination. —— The wooden tree house hidden in the forest.

This tree house has two floors and were filled with the traces of the years, in addition to having a lot of vines hanging on the walls outside. Even though it was enshrouded with a kind of eerie atmosphere, but the people who experienced a lot of troubles in the forest felt very moved upon setting their eyes on it.

Lu Yuanzhou was very moved. He had been carrying that player with the sprain ankle on his back at this moment. His tears instantly welled up the moment he caught sight of the tree house.

Previously, Lu Yuanzhou felt bad to let Gu Wuji constantly give this person a piggyback, so he took the initiative to share a bit of the burden. As a consequence, only after carrying a genuine fully grown man on his back, did Lu Yuanzhou come to realize how extremely difficult it really was!

The terrain in the forest was very difficult to traverse after all. So although Lu Yuanzhou believes that his physical strength was not that terrible and still continued to persist until now, but his head was already full of perspiration.

Had they not been fortunate enough to not encounter any sort of danger throughout their journey, who knows what would have happened to them now?

Needless to say, it was also because those mindless low leveled ghosts that they encountered along the way were immediately purified by Gu Wuji, and had therefore not had the time to come together to become some huge source of trouble.

Speaking of which, Gu Wuji was really the first person Lu Yuanzhou had come across who bought the purification skill in the mall. This thing which was basically considered as an existence that pits the ignorant newcomers. However, in the hands of Gu Wuji, it was really able to exhibit it’s true purpose.

“Do you want to swap with me?” Gu Wuji couldn’t help but ask when he noticed the exhausted appearance of Lu Yuanzhou.

“No need! This is just a trifle matter, this is nothing to me.” Lu Yuanzhou resolutely said as he still wanted to retain his reliable image in front of Gu Wuji, while internally repeating this conviction, “We’re already here, I’ll be able to get some rest soon.”

He had never expected for things to turn out this way prior to entering to this instance.


At this moment, there were four people inside the tree house, hiding on the second floor while watching Gu Wuji and the others walk towards them…… Of course, the first thing they took notice of was Lu Yuanzhou who was actually carrying a person who had a slight mobility problem.

“I didn’t expect that there would be people coming soon. Our plans of laying low to ambush here is really on the mark.” A person said with a sneer, “They still don’t know, that this tree house isn’t a place to shelter them, but the place they will die in!”

“Wait a minute, that person is Lu Yuanzhou.” Another person immediately spoke up with unease: “Wang ge, I heard that he is a member of that organization. Will it really be alright for us to make a move against him? Won’t we be resented with this?”

“It’s alright, dying inside an instance is a very common occurrence. Besides, we’re just following the rules of this instance, okay. Even if he is a member of that organization, being killed is also very normal.” Wang ge insistingly reasoned.

At this moment, the three people outside were also much nearer to the tree house. The people inside the house could clearly see the equipments and supplies worn by both Gu Wuji and Lu Yuanzhou, which simply caused their eyes to turn red.

“I never expected for Lu Yuanzhou to be this generous. He would actually gave out a lot of supplies to another person! It’s a pity that he’s too naive, he actually picked two trashy teammates. There’s no way that such a kind-hearted person will survive in this instance.”

“It looks like we’ll be able to harvest a lot of good things tonight.”

Dead players will sometimes drop the skills and items they possess, although those things can only be obtained once the instance has been completed. But that was enough for a lot of players to take the risks.

Besides, those supplies that Lu Yuanzhou secured can be immediately acquired without the need to leave this instance.

“But since Lu Yuanzhou is a member of that organization, so he must have several powerful measures. When the time is right, we must place most of our attention on him, as long as we use the item we obtained from the previous instance…… We will definitely succeed!” Another person uttered, “As for that person who seems to have injured a foot and that guy, Gu Wuji, they can be dealt with ease.”

The other people nodded in agreement. They didn’t place Gu Wuji in their eyes at all, as they had already set him in the same level as that player with the sprained ankle.

Before Gu Wuji and the others could enter, these people had already scattered one by one, hiding in inconspicuous places and were geared up to take advantage of their unpreparedness.

These people did not notice that while they made their headway, the black fog scattered inside this tree house never dissipated but silently followed them.


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