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Ch 41: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 41: 4th Instance (part 2 of 4)

The moment Gu Wuji came close enough to the tree house, he cautiously pushed open the door in front of him. A moldy scent instantly drifted out, not only were there some basic furniture in this house, but it also appears to be fit for use.

Aside from this, there was also very strong yin* energy inside this house. But in consideration that there was no place in this forests that was not enshrouded with yin energy, then this situation was simply as expected.

*Ghostly atmosphere

Furthermore, this may mean that he can be of help to others once more. Kindling Gu Wuji to have a sense of excitement.

Lu Yuanzhou placed the player he piggybacked onto the sofa, the latter immediately expressed his gratitude.

“It doesn’t matter, if you want to thank someone then thank Gu Wuji, okay?”

Lu Yuanzhou took advantage of Gu Wuji’s inattentiveness to wipe his sweat, while feeling that he had finally been able to maintain his image before the other!

He was the first one to run over and behave like a big brother as well as pull Gu Wuji to make a team together, he even spoke with confidence, so making a blunder now would be very embarrassing.

The sky outside had completely darkened at this time. The forest that had been very gloomy right from the start, turned much darker now that they could no longer see the hands they stretched out in front of them. The wind constantly blowing against the doors and windows caused it to shake unceasingly, some indistinct sounds similar to the roars of wild beasts could also be heard.

“It seems that once the sky has completely darkened, some monsters that didn’t appear in the daytime will come out.” Gu Wuji said with some thought: “If we had remained outside, even if we don’t die right away, we would still be exhausted because of running away from the monsters, losing our advantage during the next day.”

That player with the sprained ankle couldn’t help but secretly rejoice upon hearing this, while feeling that a lottery ticket must be bought after leaving this place.

Lu Yuanzhou also thought that this guy was very lucky. If it were any other person, they would have already been dead by now, there’s no way they would still be able to remain alive until now.

“I wonder how many people would lose their life tonight.” Lu Yuanzhou shook his head, then said: “Moreover, the hunt will last up to 3 days. What would happen if there were more than 10 people remaining after 3 days?”

“At that time, waiting for us would probably be the real hunt.” Gu Wuji said: “Just like that person we saw when we reached the island.”

That was clearly the real hunt. The not only were the opponents they were dealing with not humans, but they even possess weapons with amazing powers.

“Even if it turns out like this, would you still be willing to save people?” Lu Yuanzhou looked at Gu Wuji, then seemingly gave an inadvertent glance towards the player at the side as well, as he said: “They may turn into your enemy at any given moment.”

Instantly, the player at the side with the sprained ankle did not dare to release an imposing atmosphere, but showed a well-behaved and sensible look.

“Of course.” Gu Wuji said with great calmness: “I will only give them a hand, but I won’t necessarily guarantee their lives. Why not do what can be done within my capabilities? Anyhow, there’s nothing bad with giving them one more chance. Besides, if something bad happens, then that would also be my fault for not being able to judge people, not the fault of other people.”

These things were something Gu Wuji had already clearly thought of at a much earlier time. After all, before he came into the world of these instance, he had already experienced numerous supernatural events.

The eyes Lu Yuanzhou used to look at Gu Wuji immediately turned more gentler, with a bit of faint appreciation. At first, he only wanted nothing more than just to casually help the other. However, he now gave rise to the idea of drawing the other person to join his organization.

“Besides, even if they really died, I will also be able to easily purify them. Letting them go with a peace of mind.” Having said this, Gu Wuji felt that he really was being very considerate.

Lu Yuanzhou: “……” It was really very considerate! But why is there always some kind of subtle feeling!?

Afterwards, Gu Wuji lit the oil lamp on the table. With the glow of the light, the interior of the room also produced a warm and safe feeling.

“Let’s eat dinner first.” Gu Wuji then took out some of the food from inside the backpack.

Speaking of which, there were actually various kind of food hidden away, there were even snacks. Aside from the food not being hot, there was almost everything that should be needed. The people could also select from some flavors base on their preferences.

At this time, it was already good enough for the average players to be able to obtain one or two kinds of food. However, Gu Wuji and the others who were able to choose, were simply an incomparably luxurious contrast.

The people hiding secretly felt very envious and jealous upon seeing this. Even though they had also been able to get a hold of some supplies, but every person could only eat compressed biscuits.

If it were not for their apprehension that they might not be able to handle the force of three people working together, then they would have already stuck at a much earlier time!

As Lu Yuanzhou ate, his gaze pensively swept across certain places in the house, then returned to his laid-back appearance soon after. He also heartily told Gu Wuji to eat a bit more food.

After dinner was completely settled, Gu Wuji got up right away, “I’ll go explore the interior of this tree house.”

“En, be careful.” Lu Yuanzhou said: “You can also call me if you need something.”

If it were the usually incompetent teammates, he might need to follow closely, but with Gu Wuji…… Lu Yuanzhou felt that there was no need for him to be worried. Moreover, there were still some matters waiting for him.

Gu Wuji nodded, then took the oil lamp on the table and grabbed hold of the kitchen knife that had originally been placed in the backpack. He then made his way toward the other rooms.

The group of people hiding secretly were inwardly delighted, and immediately assigned a person to follow him upstairs.

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