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Ch 41: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 41: 4th Instance (part 3 of 4)

“Come to think of it, the facilities in this tree house are really in excellent condition.” Gu Wuji was under this impression upon seeing the things before him after he went through the hallway.

Those people running away would certainly be unable to build this type of house on their own. This would have been presumably built by the hunter nobles to give the preys a chance to struggle and in order to make the hunt much more interesting.

The first floor had a large living room and storage room as well as a kitchen, there was even a small door that leads to the back, there should probably be a vegetable field outside…… Of course, it must be barren now.

The door to the storage room was tightly shut, Gu Wuji pushed twice but still failed to open it.

The person hiding secretly saw this scene and felt that this was a very good time to start. The instant he was about to extend his hand out——

Gu Wuji took a step back, then abruptly slammed into it. Accompanied by a loud noise, the thick wooden door opened up at once. After doing all of this, then he entered the room in a very calm manner, as if the thing he did a moment ago was something very common.

The action of the person hiding secretly immediately turned sluggish, wiping off the cold sweat on his face soon after. No, this door must have just been an ordinary wooden door. Moreover, the door shouldn’t have been firmly shut as well. This must be the reason why it could easily be knocked open!  

Gu Wuji went into the storage room, but found that there was nothing here apart from one or two abandoned chairs. He went out in disappointment once more, his line of sight then fell to the kitchen next door.

“There should probably be something in the kitchen right?”

The person hiding secretly couldn’t help but silently sneer when looking at this scene. The good things in this house had already been cleared by them, making it impossible for Gu Wuji to find anything useful. Not to mention that there was originally nothing in the kitchen.

Gu Wuji went in. The kitchen was completely empty, there wasn’t even any food at all. The wood cook stove and the firewood right beside it was already filled with dust, that it seemed to have been left unused in such a long time.

wood cook stove 

He was originally about to leave when a certain area suddenly caught his attention.

“What’s this?” Gu Wuji moved the oil lamp a bit closer. Several pieces of paper that were not entirely destroyed by fire were discovered in the ashes underneath the wood cook stove. The notes were seemingly written by someone in a state of panic.

The handwriting was extremely messy, with faint traces of bloodstains. Most of it had been burned, making it impossible to surmise what was accurately written.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me. I only did this for the sake of survival! You are obviously a kind person, right? Why can’t you let me go this time……”

This part seemed to have been written when the other party had a complete break down, the latter half had been completely burned. Gu Wuji then read the next page.

“I heard the sounds of the hounds. Damn it! It definitely wouldn’t let me escape! I definitely just need to persevere a bit longer…… If I persevere a bit longer, I should be able to make an escape.”

Upon reading this part, Gu Wuji suddenly remembered the words that the attendant said to him before he left.

What exactly were the hounds he spoke of? Now, it seems that it was impossible for those to be ordinary hounds, otherwise it wouldn’t pose the slightest bit of threat towards them, the players……

Moreover, from this piece of paper, it seems that those creatures were clearly very dangerous.

“I know. In order to deal with those hounds, that method only needs to be employed properly. It must be afraid of fire since it didn’t dare to approach…… So long as I start from this aspect, then I can……”

As Gu Wuji was earnestly reading the notes at the side, the person hiding secretly was already unable to restrain himself.

“This person is really ridiculous, to actually still have the mood to read such complex things in this kind of dangerous instance.” That person inwardly sneered, “Even if information from a lot of instances were obtained, only the strongest people will be able to survive. The main task didn’t make people look into anything as well.”

But just as he was about to do something, he suddenly perceived an abnormality in the surrounding area. This alertness had saved his life numerous times, he immediately took a careful look of his surroundings.

The kitchen that was originally full of dust from the start, has now undergone an astonishing change. The floor and walls were filled with bloodstains. The direction of the bloodstains, was almost as if someone had been mauled to death by a beast here.

“It seems to be a ghost.” The expression of that person suddenly became uneasy, “It seems that his thoughtless move of rummaging around stirred up the ghost inside this tree house…… This is a good thing, I no longer need to personally do anything, it’s a pity for all those good things in his possession.”

In the next moment, from the red blood on the floor near Gu Wuji, a figure struggled to surface from it. First was a hand, followed by a badly mangled body.

The person hiding secretly took a cold breath.

At this moment, Gu Wuji who had been earnestly reading the notes before and didn’t seem to pay any attention to the surroundings suddenly turned around. Directly setting his line of sight towards the ghost beside him.

At this moment, the oil lamp in Gu Wuji hand clearly revealed the frightening appearance of the ghost, in addition of the very terrible appearance of the torn face.

Any other person would have already let out a frightened scream at this time, even if they had already passed through a good number of instances. Even the person hiding secretly who was considerably experienced, subconsciously covered his mouth as well.

Not only did Gu Wuji remain unperturbed, but he even had a look full of deep concern, “Are you alright? You seem to be having a very hard time, would you like me to help?”  

The ghost on the floor was immediately dumbstruck. Gu Wuji soon after directly grabbed hold of it’s outstretched arm, and really pulled the ghost out from the pool of blood without hesitation.

Ghost: “??”

The person hiding secretly: “??” What the heck are you doing, ah! Do you think that your death still isn’t coming quick enough?!

After Gu Wuji had pulled this ghost out, he even brushed the dust on it’s body. But suddenly came to a stop when he saw the huge tear below the other side’s waist.

This is the proper development, ah! A frightened expression should then appear on the face of this person before him.

The ghost who thought that the plot needed to develop towards the proper direction, immediately felt somewhat resentful. The arm that was twisted in a strange direction tried to grab a hold of Gu Wuji.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you!” Gu Wuji said after taking a step back, which happened to be just enough to step out of the ghost’s reach. His face also had a very uneasy look, “I know that even if you have already died, ghosts will also have their own needs…… Your organs must only be seen by your future partner, right?”

The ghost’s action came to an abrupt halt. For a moment, not only did he not know how to truly comprehend the words this living person had just said, but he also didn’t know whether the other side intentionally avoided his attack.

Gu Wuji took another look at the ghost before him, then lifted the notes up, “I presume that this notes were written by you. It’s a pity that some places had been burned up. I think you wouldn’t mind telling me what was originally written here……”

A slight tremble suddenly went through the ghost’s body at this moment. Even if this living person wasn’t afraid of him, he would actually go so far as to inquire about it here? Does he look like such a good and honest ghost?

Noticing that the other side didn’t have the intention to speak, Gu Wuji expression seemed to have some disappointments. He suddenly turned away and simply placed his unguarded back directly towards the ghost’s direction.

When the person hiding secretly saw this scene, he almost wanted to go out and ask him, how could there be such a softhearted person here!

The corner of the ghost’s mouth curled malevolently. He would undoubtedly take a huge bite out of this living person before him in an instant——

Gu Wuji turned around without warning with a kitchen knife at hand and faced the large mouthed ghost. After a moment of slight hesitation, he then showed a smile. The other hand reached out to pat the shoulder of the ghost. The person hiding secretly clearly saw the body of that ghost tremble a few times, the bones had also rattled noisily, as the cold sweats inevitably trickled from it’s face.

That ghost weakly looked at the kitchen knife brimming with resentment in Gu Wuji’s hand, in addition to the strength the other side applied when he patted his body. It’s body abruptly went still, as the dread vaguely revealed on his face. It immediately nodded it’s head, and spoke with a hoarse voice: “Okay, I can tell you. But you have to do one thing for me.”



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