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Ch 41: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 41: 4th Instance (part 4 of 4)

Going back some time ago.

Inside the living room, both hands of Lu Yuanzhou had been cuffed, but he still had a laid-back smile as he looked at the three people in front of him.

The handcuff in his hands were obtained by these people in the previous instance with the prison setting. It’s function was to make the restrained target completely incapable of using any ability or items, reducing them to a completely ordinary person.

Of course, in light of Lu Yuanzhou’s abilities, he shouldn’t have been restrained by an item of other people this easily. However, one of the people before him had an item that can temporarily cast illusions, which caused Lu Yuanzhou to be ensnared like this.

As for that player with the sprained ankle beside him, he had already completely fainted at this moment. His strength wasn’t even placed in the eyes of these people.

The three people immediately felt unhappy when they saw Lu Yuanzhou’s expression, “Lu Yuanzhou, what are you still being complacent of now? Don’t think your amazing because of your powerful backer. So long as we send you off as nourishment to those evil spirits, no one would know who had killed you off at that time!”

“Oh.” Lu Yuanzhou then said: “Since you dared to do something, then proper preparations must have also been done. So you wouldn’t be some innocent person, I should commend you for that.”

While speaking these words, Lu Yuanzhou playfully shook the handcuff on his wrist. He had never experienced this kind of novel feeling before.

Lu Yuanzhou’s easygoing look made the three people exude cold sweats on their forehead. But this was an item brought out from an instance and was absolutely impossible to be easily removed, even Lu Yuanzhou wouldn’t be able to remove it as well. The thought of this made them calm down.

Lu Yuanzhou looked at the group before him, with a faint smile. Do these people really think that this handcuff could deal with him? Even if he had been restricted and turned into an ordinary person, these people would still be unable to become his opponents…… However, it would also be too boring to just let it end like this.

At this moment, a loud noise suddenly resounded from somewhere on the first floor. The sight of several people immediately shifted over.

“Don’t be arrogant. Your companion has now fallen under our control as well.” Wang ge coldly sneered, “It seems that everything is pointing to disaster now.”

Even though he said this, but they were still somewhat puzzled. Why did that companion make such a huge movement? Was it necessary to take such excessive movements towards an ordinary pretty face?

“Oh.” Lu Yuanzhou suddenly felt somewhat sympathetic. Naturally, this sympathy was towards the companion of these people. Through the previous course of events, how could he still remain ignorant to Gu Wuji’s strength that allows him to easily run while carrying two fully grown people, ah!

“What are you looking at? It would be your turn soon!” The person chastised, when he suddenly felt an ice-cold liquid drip on his neck. His expression immediately underwent a rapid change, “Lu Yuanzhou, what did you do?”

“I haven’t done anything, ah.” Lu Yuanzhou answered, then thoughtfully looked up towards the ceiling and said with a smile, “Maybe it was you guys who had done something wrong.”

When these people saw Lu Yuanzhou look at somewhere, they were still at a lost. But the moment when a few more liquid dripped down, they immediately looked up in shock, as panic filled their eyes.

A hanging corpse had shockingly appeared above their heads, with several huge wounds on it’s waist and was angrily staring at the people below with an expression similar to dying with remaining grievances. Glaring so much that the eyeballs almost popped out. The blood that was constantly bleeding out from the wounds dripped down.

“WTF!!” “When did this female ghost appear!”

The faces of these people abruptly underwent a dramatic change. Even if they had broken into an intermediate instance, but this did not mean that these people had already formed some resistance towards the ghosts. At best, they would just have a few means to save their lives. Wanting to inflict direct harm to the ghost itself was also a very difficult thing to do, as the attacks can only be done through the rules of the instance.

Not to mention, no matter how they look at this corpse before them, it was not like those easy to handle type of mindless ghost that attack base on instinct, but was more similar to those malicious spirits brimming with resentments!



On the other side, Gu Wuji had already left the kitchen while taking along his kitchen knife and headed upstairs according to the words of the ghost.

As for the ghost, it had already taken refuge once more in the bloodstains inside the kitchen. He was obviously unable to leave that area.

The person hiding secretly also came out at this time. Even though he knew that the situation was very dangerous…… but he also had some items in his possession, which was sufficient enough to deal with Gu Wuji. Moreover, in this current situation, he was also very interested in what that ghost wanted the other party to do. So he stealthily and closely followed behind him as he went upstairs.

There were several rooms on the second floor. There were some things on the hallway, all of which had fallen to the floor, appearing quite messy. As if someone had passed by this place to escape. Moreover, the walls also had signs of cracks that were made by smashing of a kind of heavy object.

“He said that as long as I can find the picture in this place, he would tell me everything I want to know. Would thing be this simple? At any rate, finding it should be prioritized.” Gu Wuji thought so and directly entered the first door on the second floor.

This seems to be a bedroom, with an extremely dilapidated bed. The window had been sealed by wooden planks, the top of the bed was very messy as well. Various kinds of worthless items were scattered on the floor, in addition to the dim lighting at this time, trying to find something was simply like finding a needle in a haystack.

Because of this, Gu Wuji directly headed towards the side table and instantly spotted a notebook on top.

The person hiding secretly at the back was startled. During the time they came here before, they did not see this thing on the side table. He had completely set aside what he needed to do, as the various kinds of actions that Gu Wuji took stirred his curiosity.

Gu Wuji opened it to take a look. He realized that the papers were very similar to the small number of paper he obtained from inside the kitchen downstairs, and looked completely identical.

A group picture then slipped out from the notebook.

“This wouldn’t be the picture he wanted me to look for, right?”

Wasn’t this matter too easy?

Gu Wuji picked the group picture. Although the background shown was somewhat different, but it was clearly in this island.

The people on the group picture were all wearing the familiar white colored uniforms, but did not have the slightest trace of fear. They were looking at the person in the middle of the picture with trust and longing in their eyes.

The face of the person in the middle was blackened by a pen, creating an strange feeling with a single glance. Other than having an appearance of a young man, his facial features weren’t discernible at all.

“What had really happened here……”

Gu Wuji flipped the picture over and noticed words written on the back portion.

‘This is the day we have obtained our freedom.’

He vaguely realized, that the person in the middle of this group picture must be someone very important and must be related to the real truth in this instance. So he immediately stored the picture along with the notebook.

But the moment Gu Wuji turned around to leave, he suddenly realized that the door has already been shut.

In the next moment, the shadows of those worthless items on the wall, unnervingly condensed into a shape of a monster inside the room. A pair of scarlet eyes stared at Gu Wuji’s direction, a sound similar to a beast roar could be faintly heard.

Gu Wuji: “……”

Of course, he already knew that things would never be that simple.


Everyone inside the mansion’s hall on top the mountain, had currently fixed their gazed on the screen before them and were evidently very interested on the following scenes.

Only the owner of that mansion, had a bit of scrutiny in his ice-cold eyes that were looking at Gu Wuji.

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