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Ch 42: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 42: 4th Instance (part 2 of 4)

Dai Yuanfei almost couldn’t believe his own ears. A normal person would have already taken this chance to run away. Even this instance only allowed 10 people to survive. Not hitting a person who was already down was already good enough. But Gu Wuji had actually declared that he was going to save him?

Even though they had been ridiculing Lu Yuanzhou for being too kindhearted. But the moment when the person being helped become themselves, who wouldn’t feel touched, ah!

Dai Yuanfei had a change of mentality at once. Looking over at Gu Wuji as his tears fell down.

Gu Wuji took a deep breath and immediately stepped forward, then fiercely kicked the back of the monster.

Originally, an attack from an ordinary person would not create any impact to this kind of monster. However, Dai Yuanfei clearly saw the body of this monster go stiff under the impact of this attack. Afterwards, it released a loud roar.

After drawing the hatred of the monster, Gu Wuji quickly took the oil lamp on the table and ran towards the area that had a lot of worthless items on the floor.

The monster no longer paid any heed towards the prey at this side and ran after Gu Wuji with the quickest speed. Inside this narrow room, the distance between the monster and Gu Wuji instantly shrank.

“Watch out!” Dai Yuanfei subconsciously shouted a warning, as he became worried for Gu Wuji’s sake.

“I know. The time is now.” Gu Wuji had already rushed to the area he planned to head to just a moment ago, then opened the pocket watch in his grasp and faced it to the monster’s direction.

A bright light quickly illuminated. A vague figure of a young man appeared in the midst, which instantly stopped the movement of the monster for a very short time.

“Thank you Auston.”

In this moment of critical danger, Gu Wuji unhesitatingly used the rope and tied the monster’s neck, while simultaneously throwing the oil lamp he held on to the huge pile of worthless items without delay.

Most of these worthless items were cotton wads, book pages and other flammable items. Which instantly burst into flames, a slight trace of fear appeared in the eyes of the monster, as it immediately wanted to take a step back.

“Don’t think you can run away.” Gu Wuji coldly uttered, as he blocked the monster’s body from the back.

Under his astonishing strength, the monster was really unable to struggle free and could only be constantly burned by the flames.

Gu Wuji had already come to realize, that the use of fire to deal with this monster was the right method. But the use of an ordinary torch would not be able to kill it at all. On the contrary, the monster will only seize this chance to kill, this was probably the reason why the ghost inside the kitchen had died.

Just dealing with this single monster, was already a somewhat strenuous task to Gu Wuji. Cold sweat had already exuded from his forehead, but he still had other plans.

“Come out!”

With the sound of Gu Wuji’s voice, several figures of mindless low leveled souls of the deceased emerged from the surroundings, then held down the monster’s body one by one.

Dai Yuanfei was stunned upon witnessing this scene. He couldn’t help but be glad that he hadn’t directly acted against Gu Wuji before. Looking at what was happening before him, there was no way an ordinary person can manage to kill Gu Wuji, ah!

The monster’s body that was set aflame started to turn transparent. The thunderous roars caused the entire room to vibrate, even the walls shook from it’s struggle.

“What are you staring blankly for?” Gu Wuji looked at the person standing beside the door, with a rare sense of urgency in his voice.

Dai Yuanfei suddenly reacted and quickly ran over, heading towards the rear part of the monster’s body. He was finally able to feel the powerful force coming from this monster at this proximity, that the gaze he used to look at Gu Wuji suddenly contained a bit of admiration. —— He had completely forgotten what he was actually supposed to do here.

Soon enough, the burning monster turned into smoke. The eerie feeling in the entire room had completely disappeared as well. But the raging fire did not have the intention of stopping and had already spread throughout the entire room.

Gu Wuji let out a sigh of relief and wiped off the cold sweats on his forehead. It was really so thrilling just a moment ago, that even he nearly met an accident.

“Looking at this situation now, it seems that we have to hurry and move.” Gu Wuji looked at Dai Yuanfei beside him, and urgently said, “Follow me.”

“O-oh!” Dai Yuanfei didn’t know why he felt a big brother-like vibe coming from Gu Wuji. He subconsciously nodded his head and followed behind the other side.


The two of them soon returned to the kitchen. Gu Wuji showed that picture to the empty space, and said: “I already obtained the item you want. I presume, that you will now be willing to tell me everything.”

The bloodstains in the kitchen instantly turned bright red, a hand struggled to emerge from in it. There would be nothing wrong in including this scene inside a horror movie. Dai Yuanfei himself couldn’t help but tremble with fear and trepidation.

Gu Wuji thought for a moment, but still pulled this struggling hand without hesitation…… The ghost that was swiftly pulled up had a somewhat subtle expression as he looked at Gu Wuji.

Damn you, won’t a ghost lose face if he does this kind of thing every time he shows up!

“It’s alright, there’s no need to thank me.” Gu Wuji calmly said as he confronted the glare of the ghost, “I just think that we are in a bit of a hurry after all.”

The ghost who had originally been so angry, had nevertheless become slightly shocked at once, the moment he saw the group picture in Gu Wuji’s hand. “You actually got it. How is this possible, that thing was obviously upstairs……”

“If you’re referring to that monster called the hound, then it has already been solved by us.” Gu Wuji stated.

The ghost had a flabbergasted appearance, as if he heard something extremely inconceivable. But in spite of that, he soon shook his head and couldn’t refrain from bitterly laughing, “Is it with the use of fire? But that hound shouldn’t be so easy to kill as well. Being able to accomplish this would already mean that you guys are a lot better than me……”

Dai Yuanfei: “……” I don’t know why there is a sense of shame. He had clearly done nothing aside from just buying some soy sauce.

*done nothing at all.

“In this case, then I’ll tell you everything. But, do you really want to know?” The tone of the voice of the ghost turned more somber.

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