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Ch 42: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 42: 4th Instance (part 3 of 4)

Dai Yuanfei suddenly realized something when he heard this words. He tugged Gu Wuji as he said in shock: “This is a hidden task!”

“Oh, is there something wrong?” Gu Wuji nodded his head, he was able to determine this as soon as it appeared.

Dai Yuanfei looked a little excited but was a bit uneasy as well, “Hidden tasks are not available in every instances. But as long as it can be completed, then there would certainly be breathtaking rewards. At the same time, the hidden task will also increase the difficulty of the entire instance, greatly increasing the probability of people dying in the instance as well.”

“The hidden task in this instance might not be easy, so caution is needed……”

In spite of this, everyone entering the instances are already fighting to keep their lives. Almost no one would be willing enough to give up the rewards of a hidden task, in any case, no one knows when the day would come for them to die.

“I want to hear.” Gu Wuji looked at that ghost and resolutely said: “Tell me everything.”

Dai Yuanfei had secretly expected this, as it was really impossible for a person with Gu Wuji’s strength to give this up.

In reality, Gu Wuji simply thought that since things have already reached this point, it would already be impossible for him to not continue the investigation. His obsessive-compulsive behavior would become unbearable if he couldn’t know the whole truth of the matter.

“Since you are this persistent.” The ghost sighed, “Then I will tell you. As a matter of fact, there are no living creatures in this island, even you, are not truly alive…… To be more precise, this should be the gap between life and death, and you guys were unfortunate enough to be brought in this island.”

“What?” Dai Yuanfei had been momentarily stupefied upon hearing this. Although he was able to immediately determine that those npc in this island were not human beings. But why were the player’s setting also not living beings?

“So it was actually like this……” Gu Wuji then began to mule whether this setting will bring himself any inconvenience.

“But this wasn’t the case before. This was just an island nobles used to pursue excitement at first. A hunting ground where live people would be brought as prey. But they don’t kill to the last person every time, only a portion of the preys will be killed. A living person is not easy to acquire after all.” The ghost said, “I also used to be such prey.”

Gu Wuji nodded, this was the setting they once thought this island had and this was also written on the description after all.

“We would have originally died like any ordinary prey, but one day, he appeared.” The ghost was full of complicated feeling, as he seemed to have a very favorable impression towards that person, but with fear and guilt as well. “That person was very kindhearted and full of righteousness. Not only did he not want to become a prey, but he also tried to save other people…… Because of his strength, everyone saw the hope of survival in him.”

“But he never expected that he would be betrayed by his closest companion.”

Gu Wuji and Dai Yuanfei did not utter a single word. After all, they had clearly realize that the other person who had betrayed that person was probably this ghost before them.

As for that person who had been betrayed, he in all likelihood, would be the malicious spirit’s boss of this instance.

“Because he had challenged the dignity of the nobles and had killed many hired thugs. Because the owner of the island greatly detested him, a command was given, as long as he was killed, everyone will be able to receive money and valuables this time and be able to get out alive.”

As the ghost relayed this, his expression also became increasingly conflicted, “The people he originally believed in, suddenly felt conflicted. Beyond everything, rebelling against nobles was something very difficult to do after all, but killing him……was however not that difficult. But everyone still maintained their usual attitude on the surface.”

Dai Yuanfei’s look became increasingly complex. In this kind of place, such a good person receiving this kind of end was also normal, but it would nevertheless make people feel uncomfortable.

Gu Wuji merely listened silently and subconsciously raised the piece of picture he held, looking at that person in the middle.  

Even though he couldn’t see the facial features clearly. But during the time this picture was taken, the people around him had undoubtedly placed their trust in him. But this trust did not last long.

“In the end, he was poisoned by those people closest to him, and directly died.” The ghost said: “Those people also received the properties promised by the nobles and boarded the ship to depart. They all thought that they had obtained their freedom.”

“But something completely changed the next day.” Fear was shown on the ghost’s face, “All the crew on the ship died, the ship also returned to the port of the island. As for all the people in the island…… they all died. Not only did they die, but they also became ghosts that will eternally suffer torment here.”

“Even though those people managed to keep their lives, but they were also sent back to the forest. Living a life in fear, waiting for the hunt again and again, even the hunter who came at that time time, were no longer alive.”

“It was that person who caused all of this……”

[Because the player had discovered the truth in this island. And all the conditions were met, the hidden task will be activated: Remove the curse in this island.]

[Because of the correlation with the hidden task, the difficulty of this instance will be increased for that single player, urging the player to be psychologically prepared.]

[Additional notice, the player Gu Wuji will no longer share the same mainline task as the others now.]

Gu Wuji already sensed a foreboding feeling when he heard this.

The expression of Dai Yuanfei who was beside him did not undergo any changes. Although he also heard the entire truth, but the hidden task had not been activated. On the other hand, he also felt that this turn of event were really fair to everyone.

Of course, it would be more promising if they wouldn’t be hunted by those players.

As a matter of fact, in order to activate this hidden task, a major condition is needed. That person must not harbour any evil intentions.

Naturally, the minds of people were very difficult to discern, even the system was incapable of doing this. However, if the ghosts outside the house were purified, a piece of paper can be obtained, and that will serve as the proof.

This condition is also very complicated, the purification of ghost is not something an average person can do after all. Unless they have the purification skill or other similar items in their possession.

After which, they need to go into the kitchen to receive the task of that ghost, then finally head upstairs and successfully avoid the pursuit of the hound. Only after completing this string of conditions, can the hidden task be activated.

In spite of these, Gu Wuji had been able to completely achieve all of this. To some extent, this was not a twist of fate, but something inevitable. He was a person with this kind of nature right from the start after all. This kind of hidden task seemed to be tailor-made for him.

“So that’s what happened. I understand.” Gu Wuji looked at the ghost in front of him, “But this tree house may be burned down at any minute, what will happen to you, who is staying here?”

“I guess, I will only continue to remain in this island.” that ghost uttered, with a slight bitterness in his voice, “At any rate, this is also the punishment I deserve.”

“En.” Gu Wuji nodded and turned to leave.

He didn’t have any intention of forcibly purifying the other party. Not to mention, looking at the situation in this island, it would seem like these several treacherous companions of the villain boss might not be purified so easily. Their situation might be similar with the ghost ship from last time and were already a part of this island as well.

Wanting to liberate these people, can only be done by focusing on this island.

The ghost withdrew into the blood. Dai Yuanfei quickly kept up, he now felt that the only secure place was by Gu Wuji’s side.

“That’s right, there was something I wanted to ask before.” Gu Wuji looked at him, with a bit of doubt in his face, “Who are you really?”

Dai Yuanfei: “……” Why are you just asking this question now?!


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