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Ch 42: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 42: 4th Instance (part 4 of 4)

Inside the mansion on the overhanging cliff.

The crowd in the hall had already fallen into silence, looking at the owner of the mansion with different expressions.

To begin with, not a single one of them were the original people in this island, they were just guests invited to participate in the hunting. However, they never expected to suddenly hear about the past of the homeowner, which really made them somewhat uneasy. They were even worrying about whether or not they will be silenced.

“I never imagined that there would still be someone who could reach this step.” The homeowner apathetically uttered, as the pair of ice-cold eyes looked at the screen in front of him, “It really gave me a pleasant surprise.”

The others inwardly interjected that this indifferent expression doesn’t look like someone who was pleasantly surprised no matter which angle it was observed, ah!

“What you said also makes sense.” A person nervously said, “This prey is also very strong, to actually be capable of disposing the hound. His strength is ranked the highest among this group of prey. If this continues, he will certainly get that quota.”

“Moreover, this prey has never harmed the others…… which is really not easy to do in this game. In accordance with his strength, killing others will not be a difficult task.” Another person commented, he couldn’t help but feel appreciation towards this prey.

Especially in this case, where Gu Wuji actually went forward to repeatedly save people. This was simply an eye-opener.

However, what they did not dare to say was, Gu Wuji’s actions were actually quite similar to the homeowner……

“This action is a violation of the rules.” The homeowner declared: “Since he already knows my past, there’s no way he would be able to leave this easily.”

The others did not utter a single word, looking at the homeowner one by one while also wondering whether they will be able to keep their lives this time…… They really had the worst luck, they only came here to see something a little entertaining. As a result, they might have been caught in a sticky situation.

“The rules of the game has now changed.” The homeowner stood up, as he said with a cold sneer: “As long as someone can kill him, I will allow all the prey to leave alive and receive the reward of the original victor.”

The ones around him felt a chill run down their spine.

The ice-cold blue eyes of the homeowner gaze at Gu Wuji’s figure in the screen, with a chilly expression. He then said as if talking to a dead person, “Even so, will you still and persist on it?”

That’s right, this kind of naive person, will never be able to survive in this kind of place.

He will make this person in front of him understand this point.


In the living room, that group of people was still confronting the ghost on the ceiling.

The hair of the female ghost were spread out, entangling these people like a spiderweb.

They were immeasurably terrified, all sort of various items they possessed had already been utilized, but were still useless against this ghost. They also has several close calls with that ghost as well.

“Damn it!! What’s wrong with this female ghost……”

“Why is it only targeting us and not aim for that guy? He must have done something to us!”

“How hateful, dying here would be too deplorable!”

Lu Yuanzhou can be regarded as someone enjoyably spectating from the side. He even took out some food to chew on and was just like watching a good show.

He had already noticed the other players hiding in this house right from the start. However, he did not directly expose this, but secretly made some movements, just waiting for this people to step into the traps.

That female ghost was something Lu Yuanzhou had fortuitously brought out from another instance. It did not contain any wisdom up to now and completely relied on the commands of Lu Yuanzhou. This existence was akin to his trump card.

Even though this female ghost is not an ability of Lu Yuanzhou and is an existence that is considered similar to some kind of item. But because it was really too buggy, so the female ghost had also been suppressed in this instance. Her strength cannot kill other players and can only be used to frighten others.

However, which players in the intermediate instance hadn’t experienced various kind of ghost haunting or had never witnessed their closest companion being brutally killed by the ghosts. They had subconsciously developed a deep-rooted fear towards these ghosts. Now, seeing this female ghost that was almost within reach, would naturally scare them half to death. How could they still have the rationality to ponder over these questions? They only thought that Lu Yuanzhou had done something to them, to make this female ghost only target them.

“I think Gu Wuji is about to return as well.” Lu Yuanzhou thought, “I should stop now, then catch these people and have a talk. It would be bad if this frightens him.”

Even though Gu Wuji had already shown his strength, but because of the preconceived impression, Lu Yuanzhou still treated the other person just like a younger brother and was labeled as someone who must be protect by him.

Even more so, when Gu Wuji was such a kindhearted person who had helped a lot of people! His emotional state must certainly be very fragile. He must never let him see such a cruel scene.

This was the impression of Lu Yuanzhou, as he simply overlooked how Gu Wuji had calmly confronted the ghosts and effortlessly carried two people while running before.

Just as Lu Yuanzhou was about to call back that female ghost, the door of the living room was suddenly knocked open and Gu Wuji’s figure appeared behind the door.

“Wang ge, you shouldn’t do it anymore! We should……” Dai Yuanfei had just started to say persuasive words when he saw this terrifying scene ahead of him. He almost fainted in fright.

Gu Wuji patted his shoulder, “Don’t fret.” Having said this, he directly headed over to the direction of that group of people and female ghost, armed with the blood-stained rope.

Lu Yuanzhou: “……” Hold on, don’t take away his female ghost, ah!

Before the situation could turn to an unmanageable direction, Lu Yuanzhou directly called back the female ghost as fast as possible. The figure of that malevolent ghost in front of that group of people slowly dissipated all of a sudden and soon vanished from sight.

The three people let out a breath of relief, after having gone through a narrow escape from death. But before they could say anything, they were immediately tied up by Gu Wuji who felt that his action should not be in vain.

Using this rope on ghosts can make the ghosts lose their strength, but using this on a person was even more terrible. The three strong men instantly felt their bodied hollowed out that they were unable to move a single step, which made them hastily look at Gu Wuji with horror.

At the same time, a burning scent had also drifted into the living room, along with the crackling sound of fire.

“What did you do?” Lu Yuanzhou looked at Gu Wuji with astonishment. How did he burn this tree house by just going around? “Moreover, what’s up with that person behind you?”

Shouldn’t that guy be on the enemy’s side? Why is he now acting like a younger brother* of Gu Wuji?

*similar to a follower but not quite.

“There’s no time to explain, let’s go out first.” Gu Wuji said then herded the three out of the door. Without any other choice, Lu Yuanzhou also carried that fainted player with the sprained ankle on his back and followed out.

As soon as the group of people got out the door, the announcement of the system also sounded out of the blue.

[The owner of the island declares, that as long as the player who violated the rules is killed, all the preys will be released, in addition to everyone receiving the reward.]

[New mainline task: Kill Gu Wuji in order to escape the island.]

Gu Wuji: “??”

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