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Ch 43: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 43: 4th Instance (part 2 of 4)

The sky had already started to brighten at this time.

Peng Haocang with several other people were still hiding in another tree house and did not dare to hastily rush out.

These tree houses were not uncommon in the forest. Most importantly, as long as the people were clear of the hidden dangers inside the mists outside, then those who couldn’t find a tree house for the night were expected to die straight away.

“What Gu Wuji did to actually be cause the change of the mainline task is really shocking.” The expression on the speaker’s face was really gloomy.

After all, in their perspective, Gu Wuji was their prey, how can they allow other people have a head start!

“We can only hope that other people won’t act too quickly now.” Another person spoke up: “More importantly, the person who gets to kill him will even receive a reward from the boss of this instance. It would surely be a big loss if we can’t get a hold of this!”

“Peng Haocang, do you really not know where Gu Wuji is?”

“Of course I know.” Peng Haocang was practically sweating buckets, what was happening, ah! The development of things had already exceeded his expectations, this was already something he could no longer control.

The current mainline task was to kill Gu Wuji, so how would he still be able to survive?  

However, the group suddenly felt something wrong at this moment, looking out through the window, a blazing fire could be vaguely seen in the distance.

“What is that? Did something happen?”

Peng Haocang lowered his eyes and knew that it would certainly be exposed if he continued to conceal it. So he immediately feigned a look of shock, “Gu Wui is in that location!”

Everyone’s face immediately changed upon hearing those words. If they could notice the situation of that place, then the others would naturally be able to notice as well.

“Damn it! That Gu Wuji is really causing a lot of trouble. Why can’t he just properly sit still. A lot of people would surely be heading over there to kill him now.”

“We will rush over as soon as soon as this mists dissipates. We can’t allow other people to take the lead!”



This night, not knowing how many people noticed this scene, made everyone feel extremely anxious.

They had an impression on Gu Wuji. There seemed to be nothing great about the strength of that guy, he even offended the attendant before. Now, it seems that he had once again poked his nose into something to cause the situation to change like this.

Furthermore, who would have known that the mainline task would change to requiring them to kill Gu Wuji? This was simply much easier than those tasks issued in the low level instances. The only challenging part was the different ghosts and monsters they would encounter along the way…… But when comparing it to the rewards they will receive, this moments of difficulties were nothing at all.

“This should presumably be the location of the fire last night.”

A person hid behind a tree, observing the tree house in front of him with vigilance. Soon after, he surprisingly found that there was still someone sitting on the ground while eating a comfortable breakfast in the midst of the ruined tree house. That leisurely appearance made it look like he was still at the comfort of his house!

“That’s Gu Wuji?” the voice of his companion sounded with a hint of disdain, “Such a major incident had already occurred, yet he still didn’t move away from this place. He even had the mood to eat breakfast……”

“Don’t be too careless. There might be some traps waiting for us.” This person nervously voiced out.

“Even if there are traps, we still have to do it. Otherwise, the other people would be able to get ahead of us!”

After considering the pros and cons of this, the two hurriedly rushed forward. When nothing unexpected occurred along the way, it made them feel more contemptuous.

Gu Wuji turned his head to nonchalantly look towards the two people coming over, “You need to be a bit cautious, this isn’t a place you can easily walk into. It would be troublesome if you step on something wrong.”

“Don’t think we can be frightened by such nonsensical words.” Both person sneered, but suddenly noticed that there was something strange on the ground. Swiftly looking down, he realized that he had unexpectedly trod on a pool of blood, moreover, a pair of hands had already seized the foot of both people.

In the next instant, without even giving them the time to react, the pull of that pair of hands became stronger, then both person were forcibly dragged inside the pool of blood.

Gu Wuji heaved a sigh: “I already reminded them to be more cautious. Why won’t they listen to other people’s words?”

He was originally located inside the kitchen, but since the that hidden task had been activated, Gu Wuji went back to the kitchen one more time and came to an agreement with the ghost. The other side eventually agreed to help because of his tangled emotions.

What’s more, this pool of blood is another ability of the kitchen ghost. Gu Wuji had been lucky enough to have not stepped onto the pool of blood before, otherwise…… Otherwise, he might have still forcibly dragged the other side out from the pool of blood.

Gu Wuji would have a bit of trouble if he dealt with all of these players all by himself. However, this would not be the case with having the assistance of the ghosts around him.

Additionally, in order for those oncoming players to not encounter any difficulties, Gu Wuji even purified the ghost in the surrounding area. Which made Dai Yuanfei and Lu Yuanzhou speechless, to some extent this also constantly made them feel extremely subtle!

Afterwards, that pool of blood threw out those two players who had completely passed out of fright. Even though they were already unconscious, their faces still showed an intense fear, as if they saw something so frightening.

Gu Wuji did not have the slightest interest to what they had seen, as he immediately instructed, “Dai Yuanfei, tie them together. Search their body to see if you can find any information pertaining to this island.”

“Got it!” Dai Yuanfei who was hiding in the ruins nodded and conscientiously did the work of a younger brother*. He dragged over those two players. In this spot, there were already some unconscious players on the ground. They were all the guys who came over and wanted to do something but failed to do anything.

*similar to follower or subordinate

The player who sprained his ankle yesterday was still unconscious. Dai Yuanfei had responsibly and dutifully taken the map from the hand of that fellow as well.

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