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Ch 43: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 43: 4th Instance (part 3 of 4)

In the matter of supplies, they had already accumulated a lot here that they could eat and drink without worry for several days.

Gu Wuji did not kill any of those people. Not only was it unnecessary, but was also because he was good person. Of course, the psychological trauma inflicted on them was not something he could control.

Lu Yuanzhou on the other hand, was keeping an eye on things from a high vantage point. So that if something untoward happens, he can use a secret signal to notify the two over there.

“As expected, it is more practical to gather the property of everyone.” Gu Wuji studied the nearly completed map of the island above the table. This was taken from the hands of the other players, which had presumably been obtained when they were foraging for supplies.

This map clearly showed the topography of the entire island, locations of the tree houses, as well as some of the dangerous areas, even those hidden roads were revealed.

It can be said that as long as this map was obtained, the advantage of this hunting game will be at hand.

But what should be done in order to be able to completely lift the curse from this island?

Gu Wuji genuinely mulled over this. Maybe he should be a bit more proactive and go around to purify some more ghost?

At this time, hidden in the midst of some underbrush.

“All of you have seen it. This Gu Wuji really isn’t so simple…… He could actually command that ghost.” Cold sweat trickled from the man’s face, “Even though we don’t know what method he used, but if we hastily rush in, we will definitely have a close shave.”

“But Gu Wuji himself must be vulnerable. As long as someone can draw the attention of that ghost, in the moment when that ghost becomes distracted because of doing something, we can take that chance to seize Gu Wuji!”

“That makes sense.” Another person nodded in agreement, then looked towards the weakest member in the team. The receiving party who swiftly realized what was going to happen, showed a frightened expression, “Wait a minute. We must have other methods, right? T-that ghost……will surely kill me……”

The other three were extremely indifferent to this. At any rate, they were so used to turning their backs on teammates, that they directly booted this teammate out. The latter was immeasurably terrified, but had no other choice besides taking the risk and pushing forward, while hoping that he may survive this ordeal.

But in the following instant, the remaining three suddenly felt something similar to an ice-cold liquid slide down their necks.

“Wh-what is this?!”

They uneasily turned their head and saw a female ghost that unwittingly appeared above them. The eyes of that female ghost were wide open, it’s ice-cold hair had soundlessly coiled around their necks.  

The miserable screams had not yet sounded, when everything was already over.

Lu Yuanzhou’s figure appeared behind them. He still had an easygoing smile as he touched his face, yet had a very chilly gaze.

“There’s no need for trashes like you to keep on living.”

Even if something like this appears before Gu Wuji, it would be nothing but an additional eyesore.

What’s more, Gu Wuji would never move to kill them. So it would be better for him deal with these trashes.


Inside the mansion on top of the overhanging cliff, everyone was looking at the scene on the monitor with surprise.

Previously, after the owner of the island had changed the rules, they assumed that it would be impossible for Gu Wuji to survive when he was being targeted by other players. But they never expected that he would actually be able to capture these players instead, in addition to making a deal with the ghost as well……

Although he was a good person, however, he was not a brainless person at all, ah.

If they did not need to take into consideration the mood of the island owner, these people would have already expressed their appreciation towards Gu Wuji.

The owner of the island seems to be very dissatisfied with Gu Wuji after all.

So much that he had an ominous expression the entire time he was watching this scene, leaving others with feelings of great uncertainty.

“It seems that these wastes can’t do anything at all.”


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