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Ch 44: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 44: 4th Instance (part 1 of 4)

At this point of time, they had been completely entangled by the ghosts. Solving their own matters at this side was already difficult, wanting to act against Gu Wuji once more was even more of a challenge.

Gu Wuji could sense that these ghosts didn’t have their own consciousness, but had just gathered here subconsciously. As for the reason why they targeted those people instead of himself, this may be because of……

Gu Wuji took out the slightly heated group photo from his chest pocket. In the midst of this mist, the scratch marks on the group photo had unexpectedly faded a little.

That monster known as the hound had previously stayed in this group photo. Even if the monster no longer existed at this present moment, the imposing momentum still remained. Which made these ghost subconsciously not want to start with him.

“But this group photo should still have other uses.”

In the next second, the item of a person close by had finally been unable to support. In the midst of life and death, he hardened his heart and irregardless of the others, charged straight towards Gu Wuji’s direction. A single glance on his muscular build can produce a foreboding feeling.

Several of his companions had a burst of anticipation, they don’t believe that Gu Wuji could still breakaway from this kind of situation——

Following the sound of a huge object hitting the ground, Gu Wuji had directly pressed the man who came to attack him to the ground, “Sorry, but you are still a bit amateurish compared to the bodyguards I once encountered.”

“Y-, you……” That person that had been pinned down by Gu Wuji could clearly feel a tremendous force pressing down on his body. He immediately showed a shocked and alarmed expression, “How is this possible? Could you-, could you not be human at all?”

“Can you not see it with your own eyes?” Gu Wuji nonchalantly asked, then raised his head to look at the ghost near his front, which had previously entangled the man on the ground. But because of the picture in Gu Wuji’s possession, it did not dare to approach any further.

“I’m very grateful for the things earlier.” Gu Wuji didn’t mind whether or not this ghost could understand the words he said, it’s good to express gratitude in any case. Soon after, he took out the rope he brought with him.

As luck would have it, he had taken the rope back during the time when several of Dai Yuanfei’s companions were still unconscious. If not, he might not be able to properly handle this group of people now.

After this group of people personally saw the scene of the muscular man being brought down by Gu Wuji with ease, had almost made their three world views collapse. So much that they secretly wondered whether Gu Wuji might have already been possessed by a ghost, making them a bit more apprehensive towards him.

Under this kind of situation, Gu Wuji had been able to skillfully tie this group of people together without much effort. After all, almost all of their items had already been used in this time and they really couldn’t hold a candle to Gu Wuji’s strength at all.

During the turn of Peng HaoCang, he still showed a weak smile to Gu Wuji.

He suddenly remembered seeing those monstrous things Gu Wuji had done in the previous instance…… Gu Wuji’s external appearance can really be said to be very misleading! That even the people who went with him before will forget about this matter with a bit of carelessness.

Gu Wuji also showed Peng HaoCang an amicable smile, then simultaneously tied him up together with the others, to avoid discriminating between the others.

Because of being encompassed in the range around Gu Wuji, those ghost who were frightened of the breath in Gu Wuji’s body consciously went away.

This scene appeared even more shocking in the eyes of Peng HaoCang and the other people, even though they were certain that some sort of method had been used, but this just looks too mind blowing…… That means, when Gu Wuji had pulled through this instance, was not really due to luck, but was really because of his strength?!

Him showing such a naive appearance in front of other people, was just to let other people loosen their guards!

That’s right, it must be like this, otherwise how could he possibly have such a good relationship with Lu YuanZhou! Furthermore, in order to become a target by the boss of this instance, means that he must have done something extraordinary.

If the opponent was just a bit stronger, then it can make the others think of fighting back. But if the opponent greatly exceeded their imaginations…… This group of people had already started to doubt life now. Why did they have to run to this instance to cause trouble for Gu Wuji, ah?! This was simply courting death, ok!

The reason why such a powerful person had been ensnared by them, must have also been done on purpose. This was simply with the intention of finishing them off here in one fall swoop!

With the habit of these people in supplementing their thoughts with other things, Gu Wuji in the eyes of these people had already grown more and more terrible.  

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