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Ch 45: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 45: 4th Instance (part 1 of 3)

The sky had completely darkened.

Gu Wuji was walking alone in the middle of the forest and would seem to have no difference from before. However, upon a closer inspection, a lot of strange things can be seen on him.

That’s right, these are the items the other players actively offered to lend Gu Wuji, after he amiably asked the other people for a favor.

The mood of the other players were actually very complicated. They still remembered the time when they confronted Gu Wuji before, how they were given a fright by the ghost the other side had commanded. But all their lives were now entrusted upon Gu Wuji alone.

Even if Gu Wuji was difficult to deal with, it would still be impossible for him to stand up to this boss, ah! In this case, a head on confrontation would be estimated to directly lead to death.

Their attitude instantly underwent dramatic changes, that even the items that would normally not leave their side were actively lent to Gu Wuji. After all, only Gu Wuji can save their lives in order for them to leave this place, otherwise what’s the use of these items when they are already dead?

Moreover, thanks to the calculations of Gu Wuji before, these people quickly fell into his trap, so quite a lot of them did not have the time to use their items, otherwise, those items would most probably still be in their cooldown period at this time……

Thus, Gu Wuji could now be said to be carrying all the hope of all players.

A gun shot resounded from a distance. He knew that this was the signal of the beginning of the hunt, and the owner of the island would have already started to make his move at that side.

“It seems like I won’t probably be able to finish the hidden mainline task now.” Gu Wuji took a deep breath, then unfolded the map before him. He already had a plan beforehand, so he only needed to confirm his escape route now.

After all, the boss of this instance would obviously be more difficult to handle than all those players combined. Even if he changed to a new outfit, it still wouldn’t be able to narrow the huge strength gap between the two of them.

Not to mention……

Gu Wuji always felt a foreboding feeling envelop him since the start just a moment ago, similar to the feeling when he encountered the hound in that tree house before.

As expected, it was impossible for this boss to handle him on his own!

“Looks like the place I will be going to is here.” Gu Wuji quickly determined his destination.

At this moment, a cool eerie air came from the back. Gu Wuji turned his head to look, and surprisingly noticed that the shadow formed by the moonlight above the treetops started to change, vaguely revealing the figure of a monster. Even though the monster’s figure had not yet materialized, but the sound of the monster’s roar seems to be ringing in his ears in a general sense.

Unexpectedly, more than one was emerging, and their shadows had completely blocked Gu Wuji’s path.

“It seems that I hadn’t guessed wrongly. After all, taking hounds along during hunting is just a normal thing…… Maybe this is the basis of the name of this monster?”

Gu Wuji still had a calm expression on his face at this point in time, in the next instant, he abruptly rushed forward.

The moment he stepped onto the shadow, a claw of the monster in the ground directly seized his ankle, at the same time as this, the ring in Gu Wuji’s hand flashed, as a white silhouette similar to an angel instantly appeared.

A warm feeling surrounded Gu Wuji’s body, the shadows of the monsters around him stagnated for a moment. He took advantage of this opportunity and broke out the encirclement.


At this time, in the location of the other players. Not knowing what the owner of the island was thinking, a live broadcast screen had surprisingly been set up here. Which can let these people see what was going on.

Naturally, this was the only thing they can do at this process, all the people who attempts to leave, will be instantly killed by the attendant standing outside, the moment they step out a certain range of the circle.

“Gu Wuji! You need to successfully escape, ah!”

“You were able to hold out before, you must also be able to do it this time as well!”

The players nervously stared at the screen. After seeing Gu Wuji make use of the items in order to break away from the crisis, the sighs of relief sounded one after another. There was even a proud individual who declared, “That’s my item, it’s really powerful.”

Maybe these dozens of individuals had never been so consistent in their psychological activities in their entire lives as they are now……

But despite that, the scene remained unchanged. Not long after Gu Wuji had left, numerous monsters with fierce features and monstrous bodies crawled out from the shadows on the ground.

Everyone could clearly hear, the sound of approaching footsteps in their ears, the sound was included in this projection. But due to the very dim lighting, in addition to angle problems, they couldn’t make out the features of the other being at all. Only the general idea of him being a young man could be made out from his appearance.

The surrounding monsters known as the hound turned meek at this time. Surprisingly, their eyes, which only had instinctive savageness right from the start were completely colored with fear.  

So much so, that this emotion, completely affecting the people at other end of the projection. All of them could clearly feel the fear from the bottom of their hearts…… If they had really run across this villain boss on the island, they might really lose their willpower.

“What’s going on? Our spirits can already be disturb from even across the screen?”

“This is definitely the owner of the island.” Lu YuanZhou fixed his eyes on the screen, as his expression grew slightly solemn, “I didn’t expect him to appear this quick……”

If it continues at this kind of speed, it would only be a matter of time before he will meet with Gu Wuji!  


Gu Wuji was swiftly running inside the forest.

In this dense mist, in addition to the innumerable obstacles around the forest, combined with pitch-black darkness during the night. An average person would never be able to have this kind of speed, not stumbling while walking would already be pretty good.

What enabled Gu Wuji to run this fast, was the spectacles he wore, which was an item a player had lent him. This item can perceive the surrounding terrain with clarity, combined with the map Gu Wuji carried, which gives him the capability to run as fast as possible.

However, no matter how fast his running speed is, in the end, a human being will never be a match to certain existences.

Not long after, the sounds of howling could already be heard from the back, even the ground was slightly shaking.

Hearing the sign of activity behind, Gu Wuji face turned more solemn, as he inwardly thought, “The owner of the island really came. He is a ghost king level boss after all, so he must be throwing the game* for now. Otherwise, I would have instantly died if he directly appears before me.”

*taking it easy, not putting his all

At this moment, a strong sense of crisis suddenly rushed forth from within Gu Wuji. Following his instincts was something Gu Wuji was best at, so he directly rolled towards the pile of dead leaves at the side without a second thought.

In an interval of a split second, a sharp arrow shot by the place he was originally at without warning, grazing Gu Wuji’s arm which was unable to move away on time, then swiftly stabbed the tree trunk ahead of him. That colossal tree fiercely shook because of the strength of this arrow.

“Being pierced by that would certainly result to death.”

Gu Wuji covered his searing injury, as his mind came to this conclusion.

Soon after, just as he was about to get up, a sinister looking corpse suddenly appeared before him. It reached out and firmly grabbed a hold of Gu Wuji’s ankle, with a tremendous strength that a normal person would certainly be unable to contend with.

“Don’t, don’t think you can run away……”

A hoarse voice which was filled with resentment sounded from the corpse’s mouth.

“That’s right. I almost forgot that this forest still had a lot of ghosts.”



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