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Ch 45: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 45: 4th Instance (part 2 of 3)

The images in the screen moved rapidly, following the hounds perspective as it dashes forward.

They would make blood-curdling snarls from time to time, their sense of smell were so keen that they need not hesitate when bolting through the forest.

Maybe because of their special existence, they could actually run straight through the trees…… No, to be more precise, it was just like slipping through the shadows of the trees.

A lot of ghosts would emerge along the way without warning, but these ghosts couldn’t last for even 3 seconds, as they would be bitten straight away and devoured by these monsters.

These ghosts which caused the rest of the players to tremble with fear and avoid confrontations, were surprisingly so vulnerable now.

Everyone had already held their breaths. They had never encountered this kind of monsters before. Just the thought that such monsters were actually hunting down Gu Wuji right now, inevitably made them worry in behalf of Gu Wuji.

Even though the manner of the island’s owner was quite leisure, as if he wasn’t taking this seriously at all. However, the handful of arrows he effortlessly fired, were already enough to let all the players be scared witless.

This was more frightening than watching any horror movie! After all, if something unexpected happens to Gu Wuji, all of them will die right away, ah!

Even if they were normally much more powerful, but they were similar to an ordinary person now. They couldn’t do anything else, aside from praying for Gu Wuji in their hearts.  

They were simply afraid of what’s to come. In the view of everyone, the screen surprisingly showed Gu Wuji’s back.

Such a close distance would allow the hounds to directly pounce over him and bring him death.

However, the owner of the island did not even need to do anything, when the hounds had already rushed and surrounded him at all sides. Gu Wuji had now been surrounded in a tight circle, that he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

“It’s over. They already caught up with him!”

“Can’t he just hold on for a just a bit longer?…… Sigh. As expected, how could a person really cope up with such an instance’s boss?”

“I can’t watch it anymore!”

“Gu Wuji……” Lu YuanZhou had a worried look on his face as he looked at the back on the screen with rapt attention. But soon after, he surprisingly found something a bit off, which made his eyes brighten.

“This truly disappoints me, ah.” The ice-cold voice of the island’s owner echoed, with extreme indifference, as if talking to a dead body, “To actually be caught so easily, the prey I selected is really too under qualified.”

In front of him, Gu Wuji’s face showed an aghast look, who was able to run forward several steps with fear and trepidation, before stumbling to the ground in fright upon seeing the monster. The body continued to shake, and was too frightened to say a single word.

This appearance couldn’t help but make everyone watching the scene feel extremely unbearable. Those people who were caught by Gu Wuji face to face, were even more doubtful of life.

But all the people who got along well with Gu Wuji, felt very perplexed upon seeing this scene…… How could this be? Was Gu Wuji this kind of person? Didn’t he always have the disposition of an unmovable and firmness of Mt. Tai in front of them?

Could it be said that the terribleness of this instance’s boss actually reached up to this point? Up to the extent that even Gu Wuji who had always been so calm and independent could be paralyzed with fear.

Seeing such a Gu Wuji, made the expression of the island’s owner grow colder.

This was the first time he saw this human being with his own eyes, but had not expected it to be this disappointing, “Can’t even stand up? To actually be frightened to this extent is too ridiculous…… It is my mistake to choose such a waste like you to be my prey, killing such a prey is basically an insult to me.”

The owner of the island lowered the bow and arrow in his hand, there wasn’t even the interest in doing it himself.

The hounds around him grew excited upon seeing such a scene, immediately rushing forward to Gu Wuji who was in the middle of the encirclement. They had been salivating over this living person for a long time, as they quickly took a huge bite out of Gu Wuji.

Under such strength, no matter what kind of person, only being torn to two would be the end result.

The owner of the island had already turned away, he didn’t have the slightest interest of seeing how such a waste would be killed.

But the next second, he suddenly knotted his brows, and turned around once more to take a closer look, “This isn’t right.”  

Everyone’s eyes widened in amazement the moment they saw the scene on the screen.

Being bitten by the hounds, was surprisingly not Gu Wuji, but a decaying corpse. It continually struggled, even if it was already dead, everyone could still sense the fear it felt.

The hound which sensed it had bitten on some kind of waste, directly spat it to the ground.

“What had actually happened?”

“It’s an item.” A person whispered, “It’s probably the item I lent him. It can create a phantom image of yourself, but it’s easily broken because of the absence of a physical entity……”

“I never expected Gu Wuji to actually be able to force this ghost to disguise with his appearance. It was so flawless that even the man failed to realize it!”

“I think he also used the item I lent him to conceal the breath of this ghost…… So even those hounds would be unable to notice the slightest strangeness.”

As everyone spoke little by little, the flames of hope ignited in their eyes.

If it was said that they were initially very unwilling to let Gu Wuji borrow their items before, but now, they felt that the decision they made were truly very perfect! If it is this man, perhaps he may really be able to survive this hunt!

Unwittingly, the mentality of these people who originally wanted to kill Gu Wuji had suddenly underwent a dramatic change.


“It actually isn’t him.” Despite this, the tone of the island’s owner didn’t contain any anger, but was uttered with a bit of unspeakable and mysterious sense of excitement, “Being able to hide from the hounds, did he smear his blood on this corpse? Such a smart person.”

His ice blue eyes looked into the darkness around him, as if gazing at Gu Wuji whose current whereabouts were unknown.

“I apologize for what I said before.” The owner of the island softly said: “You are not a waste at all, but the most perfect prey I had waited for so many years!”

“It seems that, I shouldn’t continue throwing the game. This is a disrespect to the prey after all.”


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