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Ch 45: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 45: 4th Instance (part 3 of 3)

Gu Wuji hid beside a rock mountain as he caught his breath, the lush vegetation in the surroundings blocked his figure.

Even he, after experiencing such a high intensity escape like this, had also begun to feel fatigue at this point of time.

More so, when the wound in Gu Wuji’s arm was also aggravating, even the use of healing items yielded minimal effects. It had even caused him to be unable to exert the slightest bit of effort on that arm after just a short period of time.

“There must certainly be something wrong with that arrow. Who knows how long that corpse can drag time as well.” Gu Wuji pondered over, “But according to it’s strength, I guess it should probably be exposed soon enough.”

“Even if it was very unethical of me to start a fire while running away, but this would probably be unable to affect those hounds for too long.”

In the next instant just as he had thought of this, the shadows of the surrounding trees had already began to change, the figures of the hounds soon appeared from in it.

“It’s really arrived so fast.” Gu Wuji covered the wound on his arm, as he fixed his gaze to the front.

In a very short time, the sound of footsteps gradually echoed, a man with a black cloak draped over his shoulder appeared before him. The face of the other side was completely concealed by the darkness and couldn’t be seen.

“Island’s owner, can I address you as this?”

Gu Wuji spoke up.

“Of course, no problem.” The voice of the island’s owner rang out. He then said with a smile, “It truly made me surprised, to actually be able to delude me. You are already the best prey I have ever seen. But even so…… A prey is a prey, it is now the time to fulfill your duties.”

“I don’t have a problem with this.” Gu Wuji determinedly looked at the other, “But to end this hunt so easily, don’t you think it’s too unpleasant?”

“Oh?” The island’s owner didn’t seem to have any intention on acting against Gu Wuji right away as well, but raised a brow as he looked at him, “Then do you have anything in mind?”

“What if, I want to have a match against you?” Gu Wuji took out his kitchen knife, resolutely looking at the other, without the slightest bit of fear on his face, “I don’t think you will shrink from this, right? After all, how could the island’s owner possibly fear a prey?”

All the people looking at the screen in front of them were already stupefied.

They simply couldn’t understand how Gu Wuji still had the gall to provoke the villain boss at this time, but still maintain such a calm expression. Isn’t he afraid of being directly killed because of infuriating the other side?

So much that they even forgot to ridicule that kitchen knife, which acted as a weapon, Gu Wuji held in his hand at this time.

In a place they didn’t notice, the attendant who was also fixedly looking at the screen in front, slightly knotted his brows.  

“Can you really do it……” He muttered under his breath.


“Truly an interesting proposal.” The island’s owner nodded upon hearing what was said, “Not a bad idea. Although, this may make your death more painful, but since it is the request of the prey I am most pleased about, I will not refuse.”

When he had said this, he swiftly threw the bow and arrows one after another to one side, then unsheathed a very sharp knife from his waist.

“But rest assured. Even if I will kill you here, but I’ll still retain your soul.” He leisurely said, his tone even seemed to contain a hint of intimacy, “We can still have countless opportunities to hunt just like this.”

All the people outside the scene felt their blood run cold after hearing the island’s owner. If this kind of hunt will actually be done continuously even after the person’s death, up to the time that the other person get’s bored, then dying directly would be much better!  

But in spite of this, Gu Wuji did not have the slightest bit of hesitation. He even rushed forward for the kill just like he was tired of living, without a notion of delaying for even a bit of time, “Then, let’s start.”

The moment the words were completely said, he immediately rushed forward towards the direction of the island’s owner.

All the people outside the scene held their breath. Even though they felt that Gu Wuji couldn’t possibly have the skill to fight against such a difficult villain boss, but who knows what could really happen once more, right?…… Gu Wuji was always full of surprises after all, even if his arm was suffering from such a serious injury at this moment.

Maybe this time, he would still be able to……

Soon after, they witnessed Gu Wuji confront the owner of the island with his poor fighting skills, and was then completely suppressed by the other in just a short period of time, even the kitchen knife in his hand had also fallen to the ground.

Everyone: “……”

The island’s owner looked at Gu Wuji, as his eyes slightly narrowed, “It seems like this proposal of yours was only out of desperation. Although it was quite interesting, but it can’t surprise people at all.”

Even though the end of this battle was a bit dull, but relying on the surprises he brought him before, he will still retain the soul of the other side.

“I’m just an actor after all, wanting me to fight with people will naturally be very difficult.” Gu Wuji sighed, but his words took a different turn, “But fortunately, the plan had still been accomplished.”

Having said this, he disregarded the sharp weapon pressed against his chest and reached out to directly hug the other, which resulted for the sharp weapon to immediately penetrate into his flesh.  

The island’s owner who had not expected Gu Wuji to act this way, froze still for a moment.

The distance between the two individuals had thus turned exceedingly ambiguous, Gu Wuji swiftly closed his eyes, pressing his forehead against the chest of the other side, then directly utilized the purification skill.

“Let me see, what resentment you actually have……”


What Gu Wuji really wanted to do, was not just to survive until dawn. The thing he thought about in his mind, was on how to be able to purify the boss in this instance.

His task requirement was to remove the curse on this island after all, and not to survive until dawn.

It would be very troublesome for Gu Wuji if that task couldn’t be completed.

Gu Wuji surmised that this villain boss should have the strength of the first-level ghost king, which is similar to the malicious spirit boss in the first instance. Wanting to forcibly use purification would naturally be impossible to succeed in accordance with his strength!

In the event that he could draw near the other side, the purification skill can be used to clearly understand the grievances of the other side. Starting from this aspect, even if the probability of success wasn’t so great. But as long as a glimmer of hope exists, then he would never give up.

Fortunately, Gu Wuji had been able to borrow an item from the hand of another person, which was an amulet. The amulet can greatly improve the chance of the ability to succeed with the usage of blood. In that case, even the first-level ghost king shouldn’t be a problem!

This sort of behavior would naturally be extremely dangerous as well. As a slight carelessness can directly lead to death. It is a close contact with a malicious spirit after all.

But Gu Wuji would never be scared off because of such matters. This was just a very normal occurrence in his perspective after all, dealing with ghosts was as simple as eating and drinking.

Gu Wuji was more afraid of the ghost who had some other feelings for him…… This really made people feel too overwhelming.

It was precisely because of this, that Gu Wuji went this far for his original intention in tricking the island ’s owner into having a close contact with him, while using the purification skill to the other party at the same time.

All the things done before, was just to let the other side lower his vigilance, in order to mislead the island’s owner into thinking that he only made this plan because he could no longer escape. After all, wanting to have close contact with the other side was truly too atypical.

Moreover, when the attendant handed the tray over to him before. The slip of paper stuffed in, outlined some aspects of the island’s owner personality. It is said that the other person is someone who feels more excited when threatened, which is also how Gu Wuji came up with this current method.

Even though running into that corpse at the beginning was not within his expectations…… If not, Gu Wuji might have needed to face against the island’s owner at that side of the forest.

But things proceeded very smoothly in the end, so much so, that even the island’s owner seems to have some kind of favorable impression on him. Even if the tendency to express this favorability doesn’t seem to be very favorable……

Gu Wuji’s vision immediately darkened after using the purification skill on the owner of the island.

By the time it brightened up once more, Gu Wuji saw the memories that belonged to the owner of the island.

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