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Ch 46: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 46: 4th Instance (End) (part 2 of 4)

We’ll certainly meet again

The scene fell into darkness once more, the instant Gu Wuji laid his eyes on the scene, inevitably caused his eyes to widen.

Before his very eyes was the blonde haired young man with his hands chained. He incessantly ran forward, followed by the hired thugs of the noble who were pursuing him from behind, and were constantly firing arrows towards the direction of the blonde haired young man.

As for those nobles with high-status, they were naturally watching all of these from a high vantage point. Watching this guy who brought them a great deal of troubles, to finally hit the dust, as contemptuous smiles successively appeared on their faces.

“Weren’t you so mighty before? Did you really think you could do something by relying on a group of uncouth people? Those group of fellows were paid off with just a bit of money, selling you out in just a few days without hesitation. Is this really a solid camaraderie, ah?”

“While you are running for your life here, those group of people should probably still be celebrating their hard earned freedom in the boat. Truly ironic.”

Needless to say, it’s certainly impossible for those nobles to let those people successfully escape, wouldn’t this just be directly exposing the activities they were conducting in this deserted island? That boat will only lead that group of people to their death.

Even though the blonde haired young man had already been injured and pierced by several arrows, with an incomparably pale face due to excessive blood loss, but in spite of that, he still kept running forward stubbornly. If changed to an average person, perhaps that person would have already lost consciousness at an earlier time. However, the obsession in his heart did not allow him to admit defeat——

He must get away, then have his revenge afterwards. He will never let any of these people go!

But despite doing his best, there were still no other path ahead of him, only a cliff. The narrow path ahead could only accommodate a single person, a slight inattentiveness could cause him to fall.

The expression of the blonde haired young man turned extremely cold, as he resolutely walked down this path. When a foot taking a step forward, stepped on a loose piece of rock, his entire body suddenly tipped over, but his hands were still able to grasp a rock protruding from the mountain wall.

Standing at the side, Gu Wuji’s heart tightened as he looked at the scene before him.

But this is just inside a piece of memory after all, it isn’t possible for him to make any changes to the memories. Had he been there during that time, he would definitely go over to save him……

But at this point of time, the eyes of the blond haired young man, suddenly looked towards him, with an unspeakable and indescribable emotion. The mouth opened slightly, as if he wanted to tell him something.

Gu Wuji froze on the spot, without waiting for him to react, the other party could no longer hold on due to excessive blood loss, the hand clinging on the mountain wall had also began to loosen.


At this critical moment, Gu Wuji no longer had the time to think, as he grabbed the other person’s hand in accordance with his innermost instinct.

That hand was startlingly ice-cold.

The encompassing scene seemed to freeze at this time, everything was soon enveloped in darkness.

The ice-blue eyes fixedly looked at him, as a voice accompanied with a slightly gentle laugh sounded, “As I predicted, you would certainly reach a hand out.”

“What?” Gu Wuji had just realized that this situation seemed to be unfavorable and wanted to pull his hand bank. But the grasp was too firm, and he couldn’t exert a bit of strength at all.

“You are a gentle and kindhearted person after all. That’s the reason why, you can’t watch other people meet any mishap.” A soft sigh echoed, as a blonde haired young man with a cloak draped over his shoulder stood in front of Gu Wuji.

His current appearance was exactly like how he looked before with just two differences. Besides his temperament which underwent great changes, his skin also had a very pale complexion, which could never be seen on a living person.

“No, you are wrong.” Gu Wuji said.


“I didn’t save you because of my kindheartedness.” Gu Wuji looked at the other and said with a very sincere tone: “It’s because I admire you very much.”

Of course, him being a good person was also a part of the reason.

The blonde haired young man before him unexpectedly looked a bit at a loss for a moment, then calmly spoke to Gu Wuji once more: “Inside this memory, as long as you help me, a connection will be immediately formed with me, binding you to this island. It’s already impossible for you to leave anymore.”

Right from the start, this memory have been secretly set for Gu Wuji, and took advantage of his nature in order to completely restrain him.

And he succeeded. The moment Gu Wuji came in contact with the blonde haired young man within the memory, means he had already defaulted to the rules of this realm.

Gu Wuji: “En??” What is this feeling of being cheated of his money*?

*popular scheme that uses sex to seduce victims.

“Next, I’ll take you to see the rest of the things.” The island’s owner leisurely mentioned.

The scene which appeared before the two of them was just like a slide show. The nobles were shown to be celebrating inside the mansion, they were still drinking at the time, but had suddenly stood still.

In their eyes, the reflections of the other people had suddenly changed into evil spirits with malevolent appearances. No friendly feelings existed between those nobles right from the beginning, so in the face of danger, they immediately raised and open fired the weapons around them without any hesitation.

A lot of the people died due to internecine strife. As for those people who survived by a stroke of luck, on that same evening, they also encountered the most terrible thing in their entire life, which was being hunted down by countless evil spirits.

By time dawn had arrived, the island no longer had even a single living person.

The current perspective switched to an overlooking angle, and gradually shifted to the outer part of the island, which provided the view of the arrival of the boat that had turned back. That had the former companions of that blonde haired young man.

They thought they could leave this island alive by selling off their companion, but never expected that by doing this, they would later become a part of the island’s curse from then on. Everyone died of fear and inner torment, their souls were also permanently trapped in the island.

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