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Ch 46: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 46: 4th Instance (End) (part 3 of 4)

We’ll certainly meet again

“No one has ever been able to leave this place.” The owner of the island softly said, then raised Gu Wuji’s chin who was before him, a sharp blade had already appeared on his other hand, but the voice contained an implicit gentleness, “Of course, you are not exempted to this as well. You are, my one and only hand picked prey.”

Gu Wuji wanted to struggle, but couldn’t exert the slightest strength.

Although it was initially just a memory, but as long as long as you think about it, in the event that something bad happens here, it would certainly be not much better than in reality…… What’s more, this memory realm should have probably been tampered by the power of the boss since long ago.

That sharp blade had already been pressed against Gu Wuji’s chest, but the other person’s ice-blue eyes which was looking at Gu Wuji seemed to be dyed by a slightly gentle feeling. He then lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss on Gu Wuji’s forehead, “Rest assured, this process will not be too painful. By the time you wake up once more, you’ll always be able to stay by my side.”

Gu Wuji: “??”

Isn’t this statement filled with gay feeling somewhat off?

Wrong, now is not the time to be tangled with this issue. If he fails to struggle free, then he will truly be trapped in this island.

Gu Wuji quickly racked his brains at this moment. However, because this place was not reality, all the items were completely useless…… So he actually felt a helpless feeling for a moment.

Move! Damn it, if only he could move, he’ll definitely be able to——

As Gu Wuji was thinking of this, a burst of burning sensation suddenly erupted in his arm, that made him look over with a bit of shock.  

The blood red veined pattern that had been nowhere to be found at the beginning, had unexpectedly started to gradually appear once more. The appearance of these veined pattern quickly brought about a few changes in this space.

It’s the mark of the evil god!

Even if Gu Wuji couldn’t understand what was happening, but he was finally able to instantly regain the strength of his body. He immediately pushed off the blonde young man in front of him at once, the sharp blade that had originally been pressed against his chest had finally fallen to the ground as well.

The owner of the island looked at Gu Wuji with shock, but his mood darkened soon after, and wanted to continue what he had started.

But Gu Wuji did not run away as he thought of, but had rushed over instead, pushing the blonde haired young man directly to the ground.

Island’s owner: “??”

“I know.” After thinking that his action just a moment ago might have been too imposing, Gu Wuji held the other side’s chin, then looked at him steadily, “Even if you had already turned into a malicious spirit, but you actually haven’t completely changed inside. You still want to find a companion for yourself. After all, living in such a place, doing these kind of things day after day, doesn’t provide you the slightest pleasure at all.”

The expression of the island’s owner was implicitly shaken a bit.

“This is also the reason why you were targeting me. Your reason for killing wasn’t because, some dark history of yours had been touched upon, but simply because I caused you to remember your innermost memory. You don’t know whether you want to believe or reject, that such a kindhearted person like me still exist in this world.”

Gu Wuji said praises about himself like this, without a tinge of embarrassment. After all, he is really quite pleased with himself.


“I know your past, and really sympathize with you. If you really want me to stay, it’s also not impossible for me to stay with you.” Gu Wuji declared.

Of course, the matter of engaging in a male to male relationship was another issue, as he is really very unwilling to be in a male to male relationship.

“But, is this really what you truly want?” Gu Wuji lowered his head a bit more, shortening the distance between both their faces, that it almost became within reach, “Everything in this island does not have the slightest importance to you. You had long wanted to leave this place right? It’s alright, I will set you free, not just you, but this entire island as well. I will completely release all of you from your bondage.”

The blonde haired you man couldn’t help but stare in Gu Wuji’s eyes. He could only see sincere emotions from Gu Wuji’s eyes, and not the slightest trace of deceit existed in the words the other party said.

The words Gu Wuji said were truly correct.

Upon witnessing the behaviour of the other party, his heart had truly been affected. He didn’t even dare to believe that such a kindhearted person could still exist in this world. But even when Gu Wuji was tested again and again, his way of handling things remained unchanged. He didn’t even care if the other people would return the favor to him, but only wanted to do so.

As for his enmity from such a long time, those had more or less been forgotten by him in the passage of the very long years, only his remaining obsession kept him trapped in this place.

During the time his hand was being held by Gu Wuji inside the memory before, he could clearly feel the warmth emanating from the other person’s body.

If it is this person in front of him, he’ll certainly be able to……

The blonde haired youth softly said, “Alright.”

“What?” Gu Wuji didn’t expect his words to actually be of any use, he initially just wanted to say something refreshing, before being completely defeated by the other party soon after.

“Go ahead, do what you want to do.” The owner of the island reached out, and softly caressed Gu Wuji’s cheek, the ice-blue eyes seemed to melt like snow, revealing warm emotions.

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