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Ch 46: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 46: 4th Instance (End) (part 4 of 4)

We’ll certainly meet again

The darkness enveloping them completely dissipated at this moment. The two finally returned to the middle of the forest where they were at before going into the memory.

The first light of the day had already arrived. As the rays of the sun descended, not a sound could be heard from the surroundings, and was enveloped in a rare calmness.

Gu Wuji closed his eyes, then used the purification skill on the person before him once more.

This time, there was no longer that feeling of having hit a wall like before. He could clearly sense, that the other’s soul is welcoming his purification skill. Even if Gu Wuji’s purification skill wasn’t originally enough to purify a malicious spirit of this extent, but if the other side wished for this, then the result would naturally be different.

The body of the island’s owner slowly became transparent.

The island’s owner caressed Gu Wuji’s cheek, and profoundly looked at him, then appeared to gently laugh while saying: “We’re brought by fate. So, we’ll certainly meet again.”

When the sound of the voice descended, he completely turned into countless light spots, disappearing before Gu Wuji’s very eyes.

“See you again.”

Gu Wuji silently whispered, watching the light spots in the air. He realized that he had not been able to completely purify the other party.

The owner of the island is a boss in the ghost king level after all, and was not just a simple malicious spirit. His purification skill was only able to remove the other party’s obsession on this island.

Of course, just doing this was sufficient enough to complete his hidden task.

[Hidden task: Lift the curse in this island has been completed.]

[Because the most terrible existence in this island has already disappeared. In the absence of obsession, this island that was originally created from nothingness, will fade away from this world from here on. Only those people who have escaped, would never forget what had happened on this island.]

[Mainline task: Head to the ship on the dock, in order to leave this island.]

All players were already stupefied. Even if the live broadcast had been disconnected before the purification of the island’s owner, and all they were able to see was that Gu Wuji seemed to have been doing something to that villain boss…… Who would have imagined that the task would immediately be completed afterwards?

What the heck did Gu Wuji do in the end?! Even the malicious spirit boss could be taken out by him. Just how shocking is the existence of this person in the end, ah!!

For a moment, everyone felt the joy of being able to escape from death’s door. Fortunately, they were directly overwhelmed by Gu Wuji before, so nothing irreversible had happened.  

Peng HaoCang was even more at a loss, as he pondered over just how strong Gu Wuji’s strength actually was at this point of time. As for his traumatized companions, they felt like they had just brushed pass death.

As for what the had boss promised, no one even dared to think about it. After all, the malicious spirit boss was already gone!

“We should quickly head to the dock.” Lu YuanZhou got up, then turned to remind the other people: “If I’m not mistaken, if we can’t get to the ship within the specified time, then we will disappear along with this island. I don’t think anyone would want that to happen, right?”

The other people had naturally thought of this, and got up one after another, then quickly headed to the dock, as it takes quite a lot of time to reach the dock from this area. The very difficult mainline task had finally been completed. It would just be too miserable to die halfway through because of such a thing.

Lu YuanZhou looked towards the forest. He knew what Gu Wuji had done, the other person must have purified this malicious spirit…… At any rate, Gu Wuji is the first one to be able to use the purification skill to this extent.

“When the time comes for us to meet again, I will let you know the good news.”

The organization he is affiliated in will certainly not mind such a talent joining in.

As for the issue whether Gu Wuji would be able to reach the dock in time, Lu YuanZhou did not need to think of this. Because of the other party’s extraordinary physical capability, even if none of them could reach on time, Gu Wuji would definitely have no problem at all.


The guests inside the mansion on top of the overhanging cliff were momentarily silenced, the development of the matters were really beyond their expectations.

“I didn’t expect that my first participation to a hunting game will end with this island’s owner being purified himself.”

“It’s really amazing, ah. I’m slightly looking forward to the prospects of meeting him in my world.”

“But it’s a bit of a shame to think that there will be one less entertainment from now on. I need to look for a new source of entertainment, ah.”

Following the words of these people, their figures gradually disappeared from inside the hall as well.

What originally came into this island, were only the projection of their consciousness.

After the disappearance of the island’s owner, everything in this island, including the bodies of those attendants, slowly turned transparent, after realizing this point, they turned their gazes towards the direction of Gu Wuji with grateful expressions.

These attendants were originally the preys who brought to this island after being taken captive, and had finally regained their freedom at this moment.

Gu Wuji who had initially been hurriedly rushing through the forest to the boat, was stopped halfway by that attendant called Zuo Yi.

Zuo Yi fixed his eye on Gu Wuji and spoke.

“Before leaving, I have something I want to give you.”



In the last second, Gu Wuji hurriedly jumped onto the ship on the dock, following his action, that island behind him collapsed and fell apart without warning, and slowly dissipated into the void.

Lu YuanZhou pulled Gu Wuji to the side, allowing Gu Wuji to firmly stand on the ship, in order to avoid any unfortunate events.

The surprising thing was that this ship was sailing onward in the midst of the darkness, and no one knew where it was actually heading.

At this time, there were only more than 10 people left aboard this ship. Even though the number were much smaller than before, but this was already considered as a miracle, compared to the initial quota of only 10 people surviving before.

Everyone looked at the island that gradually turned into light spots. Thinking back to what occurred in the past few days, made everyone feel as if it were just a dream. This was the first time they experienced the repeated changes of the mainline task in an instance, and the cause of all of this, was Gu Wuji whom they originally looked down upon.

This is really too terrible, is this guy some sort of paragon?! Everyone is obviously a player, so why is he so powerful, ah!

Gu Wuji watched the island disappear, with a very emotional feeling, then suddenly turned to the other people, “That’s right. Aren’t you guys forgetting something?”

Because of the feelings of inner awe, everyone’s scalp instantly tightened, as they quickly spoke up one after another, “Boss, I didn’t forget! In order to thank you for this life-saving grace, I will give you all of my points!”

“Gu ye*, I accidentally spent too much before I came. I now only have a few hundred points, can I use items to balance it out?!”

*respectful address

“I don’t have anything, but I promise that I will certainly work like an ox and horse for you after going out. I still have a lot of companies in reality!”

Gu Wuji looked at them with a touched expression, then removed the items he had been wearing, and said: “I originally just wanted to tell you guys that you forgot to take your items back. But I didn’t expect everyone to be this enthusiastic and feel very compelled to send me a lot of things…… I will simply be too impertinent If I refuse this sincerity of yours.”

Everyone: “……”

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