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Ch 47: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 47: Unexpected scandal (part 1 of 4)

[To congratulate the player for successfully passing the intermediate instance, which is also the fourth instance, obtain the 500 guaranteed points.

Because of the excellent performance of the player within the instance, having accessed the most important information of the instance, and for repeatedly rescuing the other players, 900 reward points.]

[For the player who unraveled the real truth of the instance, accomplished the most complete ending of the instance, in addition to having liberated the entire island, 2000 reward points.]

A series of notification sounded one after another right after Gu Wuji woke up. This bountiful harvest could arguably be the most anticipated moment for him after the conclusion of each instance.

[Because of the other player’s transfers, the player now has a total balance of 15000 points.]

Sentimental tears gathered at the rim of Gu Wuji’s eyes. These transferred points were almost equal to the points he had originally accumulated, everyone was really so nice, ah.

[To congratulate the player for additionally completing the hidden task, 1000 reward points. Along with receiving the reward of the instance boss which is the ability —— Heal.]

[Heal LV1: Capable of healing up to a certain degree of injury, but can only alleviate serious injuries, and is also incapable of recovering amputated limbs. Slight healing effect to the ailments in reality. This skill cannot be purchased, and can only be obtained through lottery or instance.]

Gu Wuji was shocked for a moment, even though it had been previously stated that the last person standing can get a promise from the island’s owner, but because he purified the other person…… So he didn’t expect to still be able to obtain a skill.

Not only could it be seen that this healing skill was very useful inside an instance, but could it be said that this was really in accordance with the character of the other side? It even gave a special mention to the amputated limbs. It looks like even the amputated limbs can be restored after the upgrade of this ability, which was really too wondrous.

“Anyway, system, what is this lottery mentioned in the description?”

[Because the player has cleared the intermediate instance, and have officially become an intermediate player, even more functions of the system has now been unlocked.]

[1, Lottery function: The player can use 5000 points to draw once. The content received is completely random. It is possible to obtain extremely precious skills and items, or just some worthless items as well.]

[2, Virtual space: The intermediate players can upload their consciousness through the system, to enter the virtual space, in order to communicate with the other players more conveniently. The current ID of the player is the default setting of random numbers.]

[3, Friend function: Provides more details than before. You can even view the teammates who have participated in the previous instance together with you (Limited to the intermediate players only. Furthermore, due to some privacy issues, the player can choose to only let the other party remember the virtual world image, and not the real image of the player)]

Gu Wuji felt that this system was becoming more and more like some sort of large-scale online game, he also started to feel a bit of interest towards the lottery.

[Due to the remarkable performance of the host inside the intermediate instance, the purification skill has leveled up to LV7.

The host can now forcibly purify some intermediate ghost with consciousness. If a cost is paid, even the ghost that are just a step away from turning into a malicious spirit can be purified. In addition to being able to see the light about the origin of the resentment when coming up against with a ghost in the first-level Ghost King.]

[Because of the host’s performance inside the instance, the ghost control skill has leveled up to LV3. There are not much changes compared to before. At most, the summoning has become relatively easier, with an increase in success rate, and being able to summon at anyplace.]

Gu Wuji felt that the level up rate of the ghost control skill, the first skill he acquired, was too bleak. But he is the type of person who respects the wishes of the ghosts after all, and would never implement force on them.

Gu Wuji soon after got up to freshen up, then came out with a better and revitalized appearance. Only then did he prudently unlock his mobile phone, and was able to successfully pass through ten rounds of the game in succession.

“I actually drew a pair of ssr. It seems that my luck is pretty good this time.”

So Gu Wuji opened the system’s interface, and quickly located the lottery button, then chose to draw once.

Together with the burst of gorgeous special effects, a few pieces of memo papers fell onto his palm. Gu Wuji looked down, not only does this memo paper looks very trifle at best, but it also exudes a very old-fashioned feeling.

[The Love god’s memo paper: Can make the written name of the target fall crazily in love with the host. Because of the 24 hours duration, caution is needed when the target is a malicious spirit, as it may directly usher the BE in an instance.]

Gu Wuji: “……” Would anyone actually write the name of a malicious spirit on this memo paper? He had never thought of such an operation.

But since the system has specially pointed it out, perhaps quite a lot of players had lost their lives because of this. After all, when thinking about it, if a person is liked by a malicious spirit, could the other side still make it out alive?

“It looks like my European gas* had already been squeezed dry by the the pair of ssr drawn.” Gu Wuji put away the memo papers.

*Extremely good fortune

At this time, the notification suddenly sounded. Gu Wuji looked at the system’s screen, an email notification had appeared above the the mailbox, then this number continued to rise soon after, causing an endless noise.

[It looks like the player is very popular! To receive a lot of emails from other players inviting you to enter their organization. There are also people who would like to try develop discordant relationship with the player…… To actually send in their own nude pictures, they’re really so courageous.]

Gu Wuji initial intention to open the emails to take a look was eliminated by the words of the system.

“I’ll just take a look at the emails later, I should go down to eat breakfast first.”

If possible, he didn’t want to accidentally see the other people’s sexual harassment emails so early in the morning, ah.


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