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Ch 47: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 47: Unexpected scandal (part 2 of 4)

At this time, in a luxurious and private dining room inside the virtual space. Lu YuanZhou’s brows were knitted as he looked at his system’s mailbox.

This is so vexing! He had been too absentminded inside the instance before, and forgot to bring up the issue of the organization with Gu Wuji. As a result of this, he could only send out an email afterwards, but in the end, it seems like the other party didn’t even notice it……

Naturally, Lu YuanZhou could no longer remember the exact appearance or name of Gu Wuji at the moment. So he could only search for him in the randomly generated ID number from within the system’s list.

The rest of the people around the table immediately showed a somewhat intolerant look. As a matter of fact, they were already annoyed towards Lu YuanZhou’s proposal right from the start. They felt that even though that Gu Wuji appears to be someone powerful, but that was just nothing than an intermediate instance, so the strength may not actually be that amazing at all.

Not to mention, their organization in the first place only has a single vacant position left, and they already had some ideas about this position as well.

“I see it. He’s just an intermediate player, but already thinks he’s so amazing. With this kind of attitude, there’s no need to let him come anymore.”

“There’s no need for our organization to do works of charity at all.”

Lu YuanZhou could only sigh upon hearing the words of these people. Not only was he very optimistic about Gu Wuji, but he also felt that Gu Wuji would definitely be able to exceed their expectations after proper development.

But it’s quite evident, that these people in the organization thought that Gu Wuji was socially climbing through them. Perhaps, Gu Wuji not noticing his email could still be considered as a good thing, right?

The person seated next to Lu YuanZhou was someone he could never get along with. This person with the game id Soaring Eagle glanced at him with a sneer, then spoke soon after: “Speaking of this matter, in this time’s instance, I unexpectedly stumbled upon a player with a healing item!”

Everyone who were originally thinking about this vacant slot, immediately pricked up their ears upon hearing this sentence.

It is important to know that in the instance’s world, having a healing ability practically means having an extra life! But since this happens to be the rarest. Who would not be held high by all kinds of high level organization?

Moreover, precious items are bound to the soul of the players the moment they exit, and could not be transferred at will. Killing the other side will very likely cause damage to the item. So even if the player only has a healing item, they would still be very well-received.

“What are you talking about! Our organization must draw in that person at all cost!”

“That’s right, we must never be preempted by the other organizations.”

When Lu YuanZhou heard this, he realized that the matter of drawing Gu Wuji in has completely gone cold. After all, in the presence of a healing item, all the people will step aside. Hence, even if Gu Wuji were to come over today, he will probably only be humiliated here.

“I should still send out an apology email without delay. To avoid letting his happiness go in vain.”


Gu Wuji was completely unaware of Lu YuanZhou’s entanglement over there, and was casually enjoying his breakfast at this moment.

Next to him was Cheng Jia, who behaved just like a little brother as he attentively poured a cup of tea for Gu Wuji and catered to his every whim, making the other servants in the villa incapable of looking straight after seeing it.

How could they have thought that Cheng Jia was raising|keeping Gu Wuji before? This was basically complete nonsense. Looking at this current scene, everything is almost the the other way around!

Even the servants were unable to understand, in how Gu Wuji could come over and be automatically entitled to live here…… So much so, that even the steward, the second madam and the others would treat him with an incomparably welcoming attitude. That even the third laoye and his wife were very hospitable and enthusiastic towards Gu Wuji. Apart from that single day, there were basically no other dog blood plot scenario they thought would happen.

As for the young master Cheng Qing who actually wields the power of the family, he seems to suddenly have some official business to deal with, and would temporarily have a hard time in coming home for a while.

Although the servants were unclear about the truth, but they already had quite an understanding with the food chain in the Cheng family. What’s more, Gu Wuji also had a very good temperament right from the start, and had naturally earned the favorable impression of the servants, who in turn had an extremely respectful attitude towards him.

Fang HuiHui sat on one side while looking at her elder male cousin’s attitude of kissing up, with a very complicated mood.

She drank her tea while surfing on her mobile phone, but instantly spurted her tea out upon reading a certain news.

“Jia ge, you-, you have to see……this news! There’s actually——”

“Can’t you see that Gu dashi is still having his breakfast? What are you making such a huge fuss about?” Cheng Jia was very displeased towards this behaviour of Fang HuiHui, but still took out his mobile phone to have a look, his body immediately stiffened, as he frantically broke out in cold sweat.  

Gu Wuji didn’t ask him, but unlocked his own mobile phone and realized that he had also received a news.

Unexpectedly, the leading topic of the microblog today was ‘A certain male actor actually went in and out of the residence of xx entertainment corporation on a frequent basis, and also had a lot of intimate photographs taken!’. After taking a look at the contents, even though the face had already been coded, but irregardless of whichever angle, the two people involved in this news are him and Chen Jia.

Moreover the photos also had a certain pattern. The two people were obviously just having a normal conversation, in addition to going out together, but the angle it was shot gave off a type of amorous feeling.

So much so that in just a single night, this already became the hottest topic, which even caused a shock to numerous people.

“I already said so. How could countless black materials of Xu MingJun suddenly come out when the shooting was going well before. No wonder……”

“What’s going on with the celebrities these days? Each and everyone of them doesn’t want to act properly, and would rather sell their ass to some high-ranked person. This is simply too disgusting!”

Apart from this, a huge amount of passer-by were also shocked. There were even comments of some people who may or may not be a fan who announced that they will take off their powder*. In short, this style was the similar to buying an internet water army.

*no longer be a fan

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