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Ch 47: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 47: Unexpected scandal (part 3 of 4)

As for Gu Wuji’s personal microblog, the style was completely different.

“It must have been that shameless xiao chief Cheng who forced our Gu Wuji. He must have been forced to go through those unspoken rules and didn’t have any way out.”

“I see that this certainly has nothing more aside from a brotherly feeling. How could he still act this arrogant if this was really a romantic entanglement!”

“But the face value of that xiao chief Cheng isn’t that bad at all, ah. I think I can touch on this cp or something.”

“What raising|keeping, which person sees this as being raised|kept! This must be a beautiful fleeting love.”

Gu Wuji: “……”

He really didn’t expect that he could appear in so many hot searches in such a short time, especially when he had just worked arduously to save people in the selected instance!

Cheng Jia looked at Gu Wuji with a deathly pale face, “Gu-, Gu dashi, I definitely have nothing to do with this!”

Even if he longed to speak the truth about this news, but what should be done if such things written by the other people infuriates Gu dashi?  

“En, I believe in you.” Gu Wuji nodded

Cheng Jia immediately felt touched, then burst in another fit of anger soon after, “Damn! Who truly wants to be die by a thousand cuts? How dare they actually do underhanded tactics against me?? Even if they want ti do underhanded tactics against me, they must never be allowed to slander Gu dashi as well, ah!”

The other people looked at Chen Jia, and couldn’t help but feel the emergence of slightly complicated feelings. Perhaps this is the legendary thing people refer to as a lapdog……

Cheng Jia immediately ordered his subordinates to look into it. If this were just the general paparazzi, even if they had the capability to take photos, they would never dare to send it out so blatantly like this. Not to mention, the arrangement of the internet water army and hot searches. In addition to the photos being this detailed, with a single look one will know that this was premeditated to a certain extent.

The results were soon brought over. Cheng Jia instantly gnashed his teeth, “It’s actually that damn bastard of the Xia family!”

“So it was like that.” Gu Wuji said, as person involved in the entertainment circle, he would naturally recognize the Xia family. Not only was the influence of that family about the same with the Cheng family, but the relationship between the two families were also very tense.

The Xia family’s young master, Xia Yangshou was also a hedonistic son of rich parents, and even has a long history of bad blood with Cheng Jia right from the start. This was also a very well-known matter.

“Rest assured, Gu dashi. I will never allow him to tarnish your name!” Cheng Jia hastily declared, “I will immediately open a press conference to make things clear, how hateful……”

But in the next second, Cheng Jia received another message, and couldn’t help but have a change in complexion. He then instructed the servant to go and turn on the TV.

On the TV, a well-dressed young man who conducted himself in a very mature manner immediately appeared, but had an arrogant gaze that considers all the other people beneath him, in addition to having a perfunctory tone.

Beside him was a very reputable looking middle aged man. This seems to be a hype for some sort of movie.

The TV anchor at the side expressed: “I heard that chief Xia has invested in the film 《Abandoned xx psychiatric hospital》 of the well known director Wu Dao, are you very optimistic about this movie?”

“This is only natural.” Xia Yangshuo affirmed, “I greatly admire Wu Dao since before. That I got in touch as soon as I heard of this project. This movie script which has already been polished for so many years, will absolutely give everyone a unique feeling.”

“What?” Cheng Jia had a dreadful look on his face once again, turning to the subordinate beside him, “Isn’t this the film I said I wanted to invest in before! How did you handle this matter?”

The subordinate replied with fear and trepidation: “I’m also helpless against this matter, ah. Not only did the Xia family acted much quicker than us, but the amount invested was sufficient enough as well, that they simply refused to accept our investment now.”

“Damn it.” The gaze Cheng Jia looked at the TV was as if he wanted to commit murder. He intended to give the male lead role of that movie to Gu Dashi, ah! But it had unexpectedly been snatched away by the Xia family like this now. What face does he still have to face Gu Wuji with, ah?

The TV host put forward another question: “May I ask Wu Dao if the protagonist of this movie has already been decided?”

That Wu Dao immediately nodded, “We’re using veteran actors and a few newcomers with quality. The situation where that sort of person without any talent and relies on strong backing will never happen.”

The TV anchor who heard this, in addition to receiving the hints from Xia Yangshuo’s meaningful glances at the side, inquired on the spot: “The person without talent that you spoke of, could your words be referring to someone?”

Wu Dao seemed a bit embarrassed, but answered soon after: “It’s just that there are some people who used the purpose of investing before, to demand the role for an internet celebrity actor who shot similar themes to come be our male lead. But thanks to chief Xia’s support, only then we were able to rid off from this kind of predicament.”

“The sole person who I think will fit this status, should only be that newcomer Gu Wuji, right?”

Generally, a TV host would never make offensive remarks about other people like this to this extent. But it was very evident, that this host received some prompt from Xia Yangshuo. If not, how could such provocative remarks appear?

“I can’t comment on this.” Even though Wu Dao said this, but as long as a person has a normal IQ, anyone can realize who he is referring to just from looking at his meaningful expression.

Truth be told, Wu Dao has never seen any TV drama Gu Wuji has done at all. However, he certainly has prejudice when seeing such people like Gu Wuji who looks very good and seems to only be a pretty face. In addition to feeling very resentful because of Cheng Jia wanting to set the male lead through the investment before.

What’s more, a scandal of Gu Wuji with Cheng Jia broke out at this time. Making Wu Dao even more determined about his line of thoughts.

The TV host immediately nodded in understanding, “Then there’s nothing to be done in this case. Does chief Xia still have anything to say?”

Xia Yangshuo had still spoken with a devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, “Even though there are certain persons who believe that they can do everything with money. But I despise this type of person the most. I will never let such excellent domestic films be affected by such a person!”

“F*ck!” Seeing this, Cheng Jia simply wanted to rain down curses in the street, as both his hands shook in anger. He then quickly turned to Gu Wuji, “Gu Dashi, you mustn’t mind these rubbish words. I, ironically used to have a good impression on that Wu Dao in the past, but never thought that he would actually be such a person! It doesn’t matter if the rubbish movies he films are liked by other people. There are still a lot of other films we can choose from!”

But Cheng Jia soon realized that not only was Gu Wuji not irritated by the interview of the two people in the TV, but was pensively looking at them instead.

“Gu Dashi, what’s wrong?” Cheng Jia cautiously inquired, as he couldn’t fathom what was Gu Wuji’s current state of mind.

Gu Wuji picked up the teacup on the side, while speaking with knitted brows, “I keep feeling that the yin surrounding this Xia Yangshuo is so strong, ah. Who knows whether some unethical methods were undertaken. But it looks like something unexpected will happen soon……”

But talking about this, the actions of the other party right now was quite unethical.

As for the matter of the other party’s ridicule which were geared towards him, was something Gu Wuji didn’t care at all. Whether or not he can act well, was naturally something only he can prove. Cheng Jia’s words were also correct, even without this film, the other films were also good enough.

“What?” Cheng Jia had once berated Gu Wuji the first time he heard this kind of words from him, but soon had a miserable encounter with a ghost on his way home afterwards, “This is even more better! Since this guy invited his own disaster, then we’ll just wait for him to drop dead. This is simply the best for everyone!”

“But it’ still better to give a proper reminder, ba. ” Gu Wuji looked at Cheng Jia, “This is still a human life after all.”

“Gu Dashi……” Cheng Jia was very moved. In fact, the aspect he admires the most is still Gu Dashi’s benevolence, otherwise, he would have been the first one to die before. That being the case, it’s proper to give that cheap person in the Xia family a chance.

So Cheng Jia resolutely called his subordinate to search and dial the number of Xia Yangshuo’s assistant.



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