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Ch 48: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 48: The scene that appeared before him has truly surpassed his imagination (part 1 of 4)

The instant he stepped into the elevator, for some unknown reasons, Xia Yangshuo suddenly thought of the those words of Gu Wuji that were conveyed through his assistant a little while back.

Apart from the extreme quietness of the surroundings at this time, along with the fact that the parking area is underground, which made the atmosphere become unsettling.

He had still been very contemptuous about it before, but Xia Yangshuo actually felt chilly for no reason at all this time. Along with the constantly nagging feeling that the surroundings environment had turned eerie.

“It’s just nothing but some nonsensical words. I have nothing to worry about. How could such a feudalistic superstitious event possibly happen?”

What’s more, even though Xia Yangshuo had previously invested in Wu Dao’s movie in order to deal with Cheng Jia, but he has also placed a lot of great efforts for these movie, and horror movies make up a lot. So he did not feel the slightest fear towards these things, since it was all fake anyway.

As Xia Yangshuo thought of this, his heart became much calmer. But as he gradually entered the elevator, he felt even colder, that his body uncontrollably shivered, making him feel that the temperature of the air conditioner was too low, that he couldn’t resist but open his mouth to complain.

“I really wonder where all those money they received went to.”

The elevator’s door soon started to close, Xia Yangshuo absent-mindedly raised his head, but his pupil shrank when he noticed the doors of the elevator in front of him.

The reflection of a person could be seen from the stainless steel door, but it also reflected the scene behind him.

The rear portion of the elevator should have originally been an empty space. However, a hand with a deathly pale color unexpectedly appeared right behind him, and was slowly reaching towards his shoulder.

“What is this?!” Xia Yangshuo’s face was filled with cold sweat, but was unable to see anything upon looking around.

The sense of crisis made Xia Yangshuo quickly take several step forward, at this moment, that hand being reflected on the elevator’s door actually vanished, as if there was nothing there right from the start.

Was it just his illusion before? Could it be that because he heard Gu Wuji’s words, that he became overly suspicious up to the extent of having illusions?

Xia Yangshuo couldn’t help but have such an idea. However, the instant that the elevator’s door had completely closed, he actually saw, the elevator door had unknowingly become stained with blood.

“Not-, not good! There must be a problem here! I mustn’t take this elevator!”

Xia Yangshuo’s body stiffened due to intense fear. He quickly rushed to the elevator’s door, and kept pressing on the open door button, “Quick-, quickly open, ah!”

His face filled with cold sweat, and completely lacked the courage to look around, for fear of seeing something that should not be there.

A strong hunch emerged within Xia Yangshuo at this moment. If the elevator’s door really closed like this…… Wouldn’t he be stuck with a ghost in an enclosed space? Moreover, this elevator is a direct elevator, and would not stop midway.

He’ll die, he’ll definitely die here!!

Perhaps Xia Yangshuo had reacted fast enough, the elevator’s door began to slowly open, at the same time as this, a pair of extremely ice-cold hands had ultimately touched his shoulder as well.

Without waiting for the door to open completely, Xia Yangshuo swiftly squeezed his way out from the elevator’s door with a deathly pale complexion. Looking back, he shockingly saw a deathly pale figure appear inside the elevator.

Just a single step wrong, and he would have been caught by that ghost!

After noticing Xia Yangshuo’s gaze, that figure actually raised it’s head bit by bit, exposing a terrifying appearance, that pair of eyes was even staring straight at him.

“F*ck.” Xia Yangshuo no longer dared to look again, as he turned around and broke into a run. He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen the moment he stayed in the elevator a bit longer and if he was caught by that figure.

Come to think of it, he should thank Gu Wuji for warning him. Otherwise, he would never have been so vigilant like this, and was even less likely to notice the strangeness inside the elevator.

But who is Gu Wuji in the end? Wasn’t he just some small third-rate star being provided|kept by Cheng Jia? What reasons does he have for saying those sort of things? Is this just a mere coincidence or does he really have that ability?

Moreover, he had heard that Cheng Jia always refers to Gu Wuji as Gu dashi. He thought that this was just the taste between those two in the past, but thinking of it now…… Could Cheng Jia be in a good relationship with Gu Wuji just because of these matters as well? There really were talks of him being hospitalized before due to suffering from an unreasonable fright.

The sound that abruptly came from the back disrupted Xia Yangshuo’s line of thought, it sounded just like something was moving across the ground.

“Oh no, I need to quickly leave this place.” Xia Yangshuo was inwardly startled, and only realized that the surrounding area had completely become different from the time he entered before.

The space of the current parking area had unknowingly stretched several times compared to the usual. Not only did it become more dilapidated, the lights had also become extremely dim. The light bulbs also produced crackling noises from time to time, making the whole place become something creepily forbidding beyond compare.

“How did this happen? Where the hell is this place? Where’s the exit?” Xia Yangshuo was afraid that the ghost behind him might catch up, and was also afraid of the strange things which might also appear in the parking lot, that his entire body was immediately filled with cold sweat.

If he hadn’t been going to the gym to work out on a daily basis, perhaps he would have already collapsed in exhaustion at this time.

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