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Ch 48: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 48: The scene that appeared before him has truly surpassed his imagination (part 4 of 4)

Xia Yangshuo was hiding behind a car at this time, with a forehead full of cold sweat. He didn’t even dare to breath too deeply, as he cautiously observed the scene at the back from the side mirror of the car.

The voice of that security guard continued to echo elsewhere. Without a doubt, after the discovery of his true appearance, he no longer put on a facade. The words coming out from his mouth was like a looming death.

“Don’t hide, quickly come out! Do you think you can escape? Don’t worry, the pain will be over soon……”

It was simultaneously accompanied by other loud noises. The security guard who had gotten a hold of a steel pipe from who knows where, made sounds when brandishing it towards the places he felt suspicious. His impressive strength, was able to smash a pit on the cement wall.

When had Xia Yangshuo ever encountered such a terrible event like this for the past years? Fortunately, that security guard’s ghost seems to have a not so good eyesight. So long as he could quickly move forward, he should be able to stay clear from the other side’s attack range.

This was originally a very easy thing to do, but was too difficult for the Xia Yangshuo’s current frame of mind. He was incapable of achieving his usual level because of fear. His legs even felt weak when running away, that his location was almost noticed by the security guard several time.

“Damn, the mobile phone ran out of power.” Xia Yangshuo held a tight grip on his mobile phone, and could only hope that Gu Wuji would come save him. But he also clearly understood, that this hope was very slim.

After all, the place he is located in right now, was no longer the original basement of the apartment building, but inside some strange and unknown place.

Just at this moment, the sound of something being dragged against the ground echoed.

This sound had originally been overshadowed by the loud sounds created by the security guard when smashing things. But at this time, it nevertheless sounded extremely clear beside Xia Yangshuo’s ears.

Why does this sound so familiar?…… Xia Yangshuo instantly trembled all over. He suddenly remembered, that after he ran out of the elevator, such a sound echoed from inside the elevator!

That’s right, there is more than one ghost in this place, there is still that ghost in the elevator!!

“How can this be? Where could that ghost be?? I mustn’t be found by them, damn it……”

Just at this moment, Xia Yangshuo suddenly came to realize, that such a sound could never be present under normal circumstances…… This sound, should be the sound of that ghost crawling on the ground.

Xia Yangshuo who realized this point, immediately lowered his head, to look at the gap at the bottom of the car.

In the next instant, an enlarged version of the ghost’s face suddenly appeared before him.

“Ah h h h h h——”

The scene was truly too frightening, that Xia Yangshuo let out a blood-curdling scream. So frightened, that he stumbled down to the ground, he quickly shifted several steps back, then staggeringly stood up once more.

The security guard on the other side had also noticed the activity here, as the sounds of heavy footsteps rapidly drew near.

At this moment, had it not been for his will to survive, Xia Yangshuo might have already passed out in fright. He gritted his teeth and ran forward, then suddenly noticed the emergency exit.

“There is actually an exit in this place?!”

Even if Xia Yangshuo was aware of the existing dangers at this time, but he also didn’t have time to manage it, as he quickly dashed towards that place. His hands immediately pulled the door several times. But realized that something seems to be blocking the other side of the exit, that it couldn’t be opened.   

There was no longer any place to run to on either side. This emergency exit was nothing more but a ruse to draw people to their deaths.

He could only turn around, and look at the two ghosts closing on him with a desperate expression.

“Am I really going to die here today……”

That security guard who had already revealed his real appearance, appeared very malevolent. The stature looks even burlier than before, with a steel pipe in his hand. The pair of eerie eyes locked onto Xia Yangshuo, as he quickly rushed straight towards his direction.

Xia Yangshuo who had seen the scene when this security guard smashed the walls, felt the fear in his heart finally reached the most extreme point.


A loud banging sound resounded.

But this wasn’t the sound created by the steel pipe’s smash. But the sound coming from the door behind Xia Yangshou which had suddenly been kicked open by a person instead.

Xia Yangshuo’s weakly fell to the ground, looking at the beautiful young man who suddenly rushed in from the outside with a shocked expression. The Cheng family’s second young master followed right behind the other like an attentive little brother.

Xia Yangshuo was certainly very familiar with this beautiful young man. He was the one who personally instructed other people to spread a scandal of Gu Wuji. Later, he also learned from the other person about the probability of him running into ghosts. In the end, not only did he never believe the other side’s words, he even demeaned him.

He never expected, that Gu Wuji would really appear to save him. Xia Yangshuo’s simply had all sorts of mixed feelings well up in his heart, while simultaneously feeling infinite remorse. Feeling that all the things he had done were truly too unethical!

But no matter which angle he looks, this figure of Gu Wuji would not be enough to contend with that burly security guard. Even if Gu Wuji has some mysterious method, if he isn’t careful enough, he might also……

Taking notice of the security guard over there once again, Xia Yangshuo subconsciously warned, “Gu dashi, be careful!! That security guard isn’t easy to handle——”

His words still hasn’t been said completely, when the rest of his words were stuck on his throat.

After all, the scene that appeared before him has truly surpassed his imagination.

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