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Ch 51: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 51: Was that picture there before? (part 2 of 4)

In one of the several graffiti under this bed, was astonishingly a rough outline of the monster’s figure drawn with a charcoal pencil. It can be discerned from this drawing that the creator was being very casual. But just from looking at this simple outline, it can be identified that this is an exact replica with that monster outside.

Underneath was a sign that looks just like a signature. But the characters were completely indistinguishable, making it appear more like a symbol than a signature.

A few words were casually written next to it on the board.

‘This is a monster, you must never be caught by it. Otherwise, bad things would surely happen.’

Underneath, is the corresponding simple line drawing of the monster tearing people to shreds, clear and simple. But can make the people’s scalp numb just from looking.

‘But what should be done if you get caught? It’s alright, the monster is afraid of–’

This line was cut off and left unfinished. It just so happens to cut off at such a crucial place, causing people to be on edge.

Gu Wuji stared at these several drawings very closely, looking quite focused. Jin Yu, who was beside him couldn’t help but speak, “Sun Dage, did you see anything else? Did you figure out the weakness of this monster?”

“I was thinking, that this person is really good at drawing.” Gu Wuji said with a tone of admiration, “Take a look at how smooth this line is. There would actually be such talents in this psychiatric hospital.”

Jin Yu: “……”

Jin Yu changed the topic of the conversation: “Sun Dage. Who do you think actually drew on this? Why would he know about this monster?”

“I don’t know.” Gu Wuji mused, “But whatever the reason. The monster outside must have a connection with the graffiti artist.”

Most importantly, such monster would definitely not be formed from a ghost, and would most probably be a byproduct of a resentment. The person who drew this graffiti, would certainly have the greatest possibility of being that person.

Gu Wuji bore in mind the drawings he saw. At this time, he could already hear the panting sounds and crawling movements of the monster by his ear. The moment the mobile phone was put away, everything instantly returned to darkness. The two people’s hearing at this time became much more sensitive.

The vibration generated from the monster’s movements reverberated as it crawled on the hallway’s floor. Then came to a standstill right in front of the ward’s window.

Everyone held their breath, and only hoped that the monster would quickly go away. Especially the two people hiding under the bed next to the wall. They could practically sense that monster which was just a single wall away from their position with clarity. Feeling so frightened and apprehensive that the monster might notice the slightest bit of anomaly.

But during this time, one of them suddenly covered his mouth tightly.

The person next to him looked at him in shock. But everything was already too late, even if this person tried his best to hold it back, but a sneezing sound had still been made.

In an instant, all the people’s heart were suddenly strung up.

Almost at the same time, the sound of breaking glass followed by the miserable scream of that man sounded at the same time.

“F*ck!” The other people no longer had any time to complain, as they immediately came out from their hiding places, for fear that they would die without knowing what had happened.

Everyone instantly saw that the hand of xiao Liu’s male companion had been caught by the monster. He had a very terrified expression on his face, as he looked towards the others: “You guys, please save me. I still don’t want to die–”

His companion, xiao Liu who was next to him looked at him with panic, and hastily tossed out an item, “Use this quickly!”

But just as she had thrown it to that man, this item was instantly crushed by the monster’s extended claws.

The reason xiao Liu and her companion could persist until now was mostly due to luck. They could only get the guaranteed points, and wasn’t even capable of buying any reliable items. At this moment, it would be even more impossible for them to muster the slightest resistance against this monster.

A look of despair had already appeared in the two people’s eyes.

The expression of the other people became unsightly. Even Huang Ge could only grit his teeth. Wanting to rescue someone from such a monster, would obviously be a very difficult thing for him to accomplish as well. It would be better for everyone to take this opportunity to escape, rather than to do such things without certainty.

“Nobody move.” Gu Wuji suddenly spoke up.

The others had not been able to retort anything yet, when they startlingly witnessed Gu Wuji suddenly lift a bed up, then promptly threw it at the monster. He was even able to accurately avoid hitting that man.

Under everyone’s stupefied gazes. In conjunction with a loud bang, that monster was smashed so fiercely, that the grip of it’s claw immediately loosened, and that man who had initially been caught fell to the floor. He still had a look of panic and incredulity on his face, as he stumbled and swiftly fled to create a little bit of distance from that monster.

Xiao Liu’s eyes were completely red, as she quickly stepped forward to grab a hold of the other side’s hand. A look of guilt appeared on the man’s face, which was obviously due to his previous shameful behaviour of alienating the other side.

The others were struck dumb.

What the heck did they see just now?! This feels just like crossing over from some horror film to an action movie! More importantly, why can a seemingly, thin and weak person actually have this kind of strength?

Especially after doing this move. Gu Wuji didn’t even have to gasp for breath, as if doing this kind of thing was very normal for him.

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