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Ch 51: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 51: Was that picture there before? (part 3 of 4)

Soon after, the bed shook again. The monster pinned underneath clearly wanted to overthrow the bed. Everyone held their breath once more.

This time, Gu Wuji quickly rushed over. And once again, under everyone stupefied expression, tenaciously pressed down on this bed.

The monster that had still been struggling right from the start, was unable to take a single step for a time, so, it could only keep on roaring. The body’s impact on the floor caused tremendous noises.

The others: “……”

“Sun Dage, are you alright?” Only Jin Yu would still express his worry for Gu Wuji who was almost as terrible as the monster.

“Still fine. It’s just a bit strenuous. This monster’s strength isn’t weak at all.” Gu Wuji said, as sweat ran down from his forehead at the same time.

The others: “……” How the hell is it only a bit strenuous? This thing underneath is a very f*ckingly strong monster, okay! In spite of that, this actually only makes you feel a bit strenuous?

They all started feeling fortunate for not directly expressing any words that could humiliate Gu Wuji before. Otherwise, they would probably have been crushed the instant he took any action.

But even if Gu Wuji had the strength to pin it down, this bed wouldn’t also be able to last too long, as faint cracks had already started to emerge.

“What are you still hesitating for? Take this chance to run!” Gu Wuji turned to the others and reminded them.

The other people returned to their senses. Escaping from the door was too slow and inefficient, so, Hong Ge immediately made a decision, and directly climbed out from the broken window, then looked back at Gu Wuji with a slightly apologetic expression. “You should also be careful!” Saying so, he then turned and ran away.

He greatly admired Gu Wuji’s behaviour. But inside the instance, the most important thing was to safeguard one’s life after all. If the other really died sacrificing his life in this instance, after he gets out, he would definitely let everyone know what happened here! To make everyone remember this good man named Sun Shi.

After having witnessed the shocking performances of Gu Wuji, the remaining several people already held a bit of awe of him in their hearts. But this would never be enough for them to stay here. So, they too, immediately followed Hong Ge’s action.

Jin Yu had undoubtedly opted to stay behind. After xiao Liu and her companion looked at each other, the two of them also decided to stay.

Gu Wuji looked at them with a bit of astonishment, “Why haven’t you guys left yet?” He was also very conscious of the current situation after all. He wouldn’t kick up a fuss even if all of them ran away.

“I want to stay with Sun Dage. Sun Dage has always been helping me right from the start.” Jin Yu hurriedly said: “Now that something has happened, I also want to be of use.”

“That’s right, this is also what we have in mind. We’re really very grateful for what you have done before! But the two of us can’t return the favor at all.” Xiao Liu too, nodded her head at once. She and her companion were now brimming with gratitude towards Gu Wuji, so, there’s no way they’ll leave him behind.

Gu Wuji nodded, and looked at them with a pleased expression, “Then you should head down first and wait for me there. There should still be something to look into below. I’ll catch up in a short while.”

The other thing is, Gu Wuji feels that the third floor is really dangerous. Immediately heading up without getting sufficient information would be too reckless. Not to mention, that the two people on their side already had corpses showing up which was similar to a foreshadowing.

The other three nodded at once. The image they had of Gu Wuji in their hearts were already so high up, that they would immediately execute whatever he tells them.

Seeing that the rest of the people had reached a safe place. Gu Wuji also thought of finding ways to get away, but was instantly taken aback the moment he searched around the interior of the ward. There was actually a picture hanging on the ward’s wall.

Because of the very dim surroundings, even Gu Wuji could only have a clear look of the lower portion of the picture. It seems to be a portrait of a young man, who could be regarded as someone to be extremely handsome from the lower half of his face.

“Was that picture there before?” In any case, having such a portrait inside a ward was also too strange.

Without waiting for Gu Wuji to have a clearer look, the bed broke apart loudly. The monster below glowered at Gu Wuji very fiercely, and swiftly rushed towards him, with the intention of biting his neck.

When the three people waiting beside the head of the flight of stairs saw this scene, their heart almost jumped to their throats.

At this critical juncture, Gu Wuji immediately opened his pocket watch. All the things around him seemed to have instantly come to a standstill, as a golden silhouette of a man appeared before Gu Wuji.

Without knowing whether it could be his misconception. But Gu Wuji always felt that every time the pocket watch was used, this figure became more and more tangible than before. Could it be hypothesized that this item would also gradually grow?

The appearance of the golden silhouette caused that monster’s action to momentarily stagnate. Gu Wuji thought of leaving at first, but a bold idea suddenly popped in his mind, that made him stop on his steps.

The three waiting people, who saw this scene, wanted to anxiously rush over and ask why was he still not running away at such a critical time! Even if he had a lot of extra items, it still shouldn’t be wasted this way!

But in the next instant, their expression stiffened, and were almost stiffly looking at the scene happening before them.

Gu Wuji took out the blood-stained rope from his possession, and took advantage of time while the pocket watch was still in effect, and agilely tied the neck of the monster in front of him.

The ability of the item soon faded away. Before that golden silhouette faded away, it gently glanced at the person before him, then instantly turned into countless speck of lights.

The moment that monster regained it’s mobility, it instantly became stunned when it realized that a great portion of it’s original strength had unexpectedly been lost. It roared and wanted to bite Gu Wuji, but could only make a weak sound similar to a kitten or puppy.

“As expected, this rope could also be used on monsters.” Gu Wuji nodded, and also tugged on the rope in his hand, then reached out to touch the top of the head of the agitated monster.

The monster had startlingly been unable to make the slightest movement under the strength of Gu Wuji. Much of it’s strength had been greatly restrained by the rope after all…… It’s eyes which originally held the intention to kill, was now looking at Gu Wuji with shock.

“Be good, you should properly listen to me now, understood?”

The voice was obviously very gentle, but this words gave this monster a slight sense of dread for some unknown reason. Apart from that, the other end of this rope was still on Gu Wuji’s hand. So, it could only submit to this human for now as well.

To actually witness Gu Wuji tame this monster, had already stupefied those three people over there.

“I heard you guys say that Hong Ge is very powerful. Can he also do this kind of thing?” Jin Yu quietly mumbled.

“No.” The other two had still been unable to take in what they had actually witnessed. Xiao Liu expressionlessly said, “Hong Ge would definitely be unable to do, this, this……”

Ordinary players wouldn’t even have enough time to run away when coming across a monster like this, okay? So, how could such shrewd moves still be done? Aside from their lack of ability to accomplish such matter.

Xiao Liu and her companion suddenly felt that their choice to follow Gu Wuji was truly wise. This person before them was definitely more powerful than Hong Ge! Those people who immediately followed to escape with Hong Ge will certainly be regretting their choice.

Although they had never heard of the name Sun Shi before, but this should probably be a pseudonym, right? So much so, that the two people had already started fantasizing. Maybe Gu Wuji was some high-ranking player, who went into this instance because there’s a matter that needs to be done, and had also saved their lives in passing.

The handful of people saw Gu Wuji enter the ward once more. They slightly hesitated for a moment, but still followed his steps. In the final analysis, there is no safer place other than by Gu Wuji’s side in this instance!

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