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Ch 53: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 53: This person is the real monster! (part 2 of 4)

Just as the male ghost had been forced to retreat to the end of the hallway, a white figure suddenly appeared at that side.

“Xiao Liu?” Gu Wuji looked over in shock. Xiao Liu could surprisingly be seen walking up to the third floor as if being manipulated by something.

She had just sobered up from her trance-like state, and immediately noticed the monster and malicious spirit rushing towards her. Her complexion paled with fear, as she subconsciously took several steps back, until she already had her back to the edge of the window.

In the next instant, the malicious spirit, who noticed another person’s presence over there, immediately rejoiced, and was about to suddenly rush over. Xiao Liu backed away in fright once more, but suddenly lost her balance and was about to fall down in the next instant.

Moreover, this position, just happened to be facing the area they came in from, and is the place where that corpse had fallen.

“Not good.” Hong ge expression grew solemn. In his opinion, that female player called xiao Liu, was already good as death. After all, in such a life-and-death situation, it’s too late for anyone to rush over and save her–


Gu Wuji’s voice suddenly sounded.

In this critical juncture, the monster actually gave up on chasing that male ghost, and immediately bit on xiao Liu’s clothes.

The male ghost took advantage of this chance and disappeared at the stairs leading up the fourth floor.

Gu Wuji and Hong ge hurriedly rushed over as well, and was able to successfully pull xiao Liu back in.

After just having passed through death’s door, xiao Liu was still undeniably frightened. At this moment, when they looked down from window once more, the corpse downstairs had already faded away.

“What happened?” Gu Wuji asked.

“I don’t know either.” Xiao Liu’s face was pale, “We were originally waiting on the second floor. But then we suddenly saw your figure. Jin Yu and Peng ge gave chase, I also followed…… But without knowing what was going on, I couldn’t catch up at all. It was just like hitting a ghost wall. By the time I regained consciousness, I was already here.”

The group went downstairs to look around. Aside from the ghost of the patients on the hallway, the other areas were empty. Even when Gu Wuji called upon ghosts for questioning, the other side also had no idea what had happened.

“This is an intermediate instance after all. It’s impossible for there to be a safe place.” Hong ge shook his head, with a very solemn look.

Gu Wuji heavily sighed, “I didn’t do well enough. I should have told them to follow me upstairs before. But……at least, xiao Liu and Hong ge’s problem had been solved.”

The three people went back upstairs, and continued to explore the third floor. They soon came across the hanged corpse of the female teammate that Hong Ge had seen before. Gu Wuji wanted to purify her at first, but soon realized that the her soul seemed to be bound somewhere else.

“The portrait.” cold sweat dripped from Hong Ge’s face, “Her soul should be bound inside that portrait.”

The group hurriedly went back to the ward Hong Ge hid in before. The portrait hung on the wall exuded a very strong sense of grievance, making people horror-struck with just a glance.

“In reality, rather than some foretelling of the future. I feel like these portraits are more like the artist’s obsessive-compulsive behavior.” Gu Wuji said with some thought: “This can actually be considered as a good thing from a certain angle. After all, since the malicious spirit here insists on us dying in accordance with the portrait, then we should be able to find a way to avoid it.”

But for some unknown reasons, he always felt that these painting had no other purpose aside from inducing fear. Which made people have a feeling that this person should not be some well-know artist.

Hong ge’s forehead were full of cold sweats, “Actually, I saw some words written with blood in the cabinet I hid in a while ago……”

“What was it?” Gu Wuji quickly opened the cabinet. But the inside was empty, without even a single word.

“No, not right.” Hong ge frowned as he said: “In such a dark space a moment ago, I also had a very hard time trying to clearly see those blood-stained words…… but now, I can’t seem to remember what I had specifically seen.”

“Hong dage, can you really not remember anything at all?” Xiao Liu said: “That may have something to do with the truth in this instance of ours, ah!”

“I can just recall a bit……” Hong ge furrowed his brows, “It seems to mention something like-, a picture frame…… or something……”

“Picture frame?”

The people couldn’t think of anything at all with these two words alone.

Gu Wuji remembered the matches he received from the system before he entered the instance. This match should presumably be the key to leave this instance. Could it be telling him to burn a certain painting?

But there are obviously a lot of paintings in this instance. More importantly, a lot of it contains human souls. If they made a mistake in burning, the consequence would definitely be unimaginable.

“Let it be, compared with those, it would still be much faster if we head to the director’s office.” Gu Wuji said: “The truth in this instance can certainly be found in the director’s office. If we can smoothly clear this instance, Jin Yu and the other, who had been trapped somewhere, should also be able to safely escape.”

The other two nodded in agreement. Before they realized it, they had already regarded Gu Wuji as the leader among the three of them. Even Hong ge had been completely won over by him.



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